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Are you looking forward to a way to tribute a body art design to your sister? Here is a list of sister tattoo ideas and designs that you’d love to ink on your body.

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Getting a tattoo on your body dedicating it to your loving sister is one of the most unconditional ways to express your love for your sister.

A sister-like sibling is considered to be a blessing in disguise. And getting something permanently inked on yourself just to prove your unconditional love towards her is one of the purest forms of communication.

Honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness are attributes that a good sister shows. She keeps in touch with her siblings and remembers what’s important to them. She is there for you in times of need and in times of joy as a sister. Simple deeds can reflect your want to be a better sister even from afar. A sister tattoo can signify that all those values are amplified in yourself and reflect out to be a greater person. And also, it can be a constant reminder of how worthy of the tattoo your sister is.

You can express your love and emotions with the best possible sister tattoo designs according to your personal taste. Read ahead to look at some beautiful and deep-meaning tattoos like small-sister tattoos that will make the whole process a lot more worthwhile.

Identical Designs For Big Sister & Small Sister Tattoos

identical designs for big sister & small sister tattoos
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A matching tattoo sends across the message of the special bond that you share with your sibling. Having the same/ similar design or matching tattoos does not mean that both of you have to get it done at the same location. One of you could get it done on their back while the other sibling could get the tattoo on their arm/feet.

Irrespective of the part where the tattoo gets done, there should be symbolism attached to the styling. You could also get a half and a half tattoo. That way, you will have a matching tattoo that fits together. Get half of it drawn on your arm or feet, and then placing your siblings are or feet next to your design, ask the artist to continue drawing it. This way, you will end up with a connecting sibling tattoo.

If there are three of you, then a little more thought needs to be put in before getting a three-sister tattoo. A simple tattoo would be to get roman numerals written on yourselves in birth order. This way, there will be no arguments as to what to draw. Another thing that can be done for a three-sister tattoo is to think of a moment involving all the three siblings and get symbolic sister tattoo designs done. Either way, it has to be a collective decision to get tattoos like flower tattoos.

Elder Sister Little Sister Tattoo

elder sister little sister tattoo
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Tattoos can also denote who is older. The easiest way to do this is to get an older sister and little sister written on yourselves in different fonts. There are a variety of fonts available for the artists to choose from.

Additionally, you could also get your date of birth or the age difference written under the writing or the symbolic design that you and your sister agree upon for your sibling tattoos. Getting the word ‘sisters’ written conveys meanings of love and togetherness, an unbreakable bond of trust. Such a matching sister tattoo can be a great way to show love for your sisters.

Heart Tattoos

heart tattoos
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There are several types of hearts to choose from. You could simply get half heart drawn by the artist on both of you. A more creative way would be to get two hearts (if there are two siblings) and three hearts (for three sister tattoos) made on yourselves and then fill the heart according to your chronological order.

So suppose you are the little sister, ask the artist to draw two (or three) hearts and then colour the last one symbolizing that you are the little sister. These symbolic tattoo ideas can be made creative even further by adding faces or flowers within the heart. These tattoos can be made on the hands as well as on the feet, where they are clearly visible.

Butterfly Sister Tattoo Designs

butterfly sister tattoo designs
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Matching tattoos are always more symbolic and meaningful than different individual tattoos. Butterfly matching sister tattoos are beautiful, and there are a variety of designs to choose from. Butterflies could be flying, showing both wings completely, or the artist could draw partial or single wings overlapping the other one. It could have a long look with designed wings or could be a simple tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos symbolize different tattoos for different people. It represents hope and feelings of love among the siblings. The sister tattoo could also mean that irrespective of the changes around them, they will always be there for each other. It can also be a sign of their relationship transforming and the siblings becoming closer than before. Butterfly or bird tattoos could also be seen as a symbol of freedom when considering matching sister tattoo designs.

Quotes With A Symbol

quotes with a symbol
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Quotes sister tattoos can also be chosen. Big sis could choose a quote related to having a sibling who makes her feel adventurous and keeps her on her toes, while the younger sister could write a quote on the caring and protective nature of the big sis.

Apart from the quote, the tattoo artist can also be asked to make some simple tattoos above or below the quote, such as an animal or flower design. Quote, sister tattoos can be made in a variety of fonts. The word sister could also be written in a smaller font below the quote. Creatively, the stick of the flower below or beside the quote can have the word sisters written vertically.

Birds Symbolic Of Freedom

birds symbolic of freedom
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There are many types of birds that are present in nature. Depending on the talent of the tattoo artist, you can get as detailed a bird as you want. Brother sister tattoos could be simple black birds, an eagle, hawk, or even a parrot. There are several sister tattoo ideas that you can look into. You could have black-inked birds flying up your arms, around the neck, or even on your back or wrist. The tattoos can also be colourful. Birds tattooed on the skin are symbols of independence and freedom. They can be as detailed as you like.

You may even add certain words that are meaningful to you and your sibling; these could be in any language. The bird(s) can be sitting on a branch, playing with its friends, flying in a group or alone, or even eating. It can demote mystery, potential, or the unknown. Irrespective of what bird symbols mean across the globe, sister tattoos convey meanings special to them.

You can have matching tattoos for your little sister. Parrot tattoos also look very chirpy and joyous. Different shapes, sizes, and locations of tattoos convey different meanings which can be correctly understood only by you. The tattoo can be really small or really large, depending upon your desire.

Celtic Sisters Knot Tattoo

celtic sisters knot tattoo
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Celtic tattoos are very artistic. They can also be seen as soul sisters tattoos. The variations provide a unique cryptic look. These brother-sister tattoos convey different meanings which only you know of. These tattoos look really cool at the back of the neck but can be made anywhere you want.

You could also place a star tattoo inside it to mark it as a symbol of your better friend. These can be coloured, semi-coloured or simple tattoos in black. One sister can choose the tattoo design in colour with the birth year masked inside it, and the other sister can get the same tattoo with a different year.

You could also get shoulder sister tattoos showing a continuing Celtic design. These look cool and, at the same time, bring your big sister closer. Sometimes a simple tattoo can convey meanings deeper than words.

Artistically Designed Flowers

artistically designed flowers
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Sister flower tattoos are very artistically designed. The young sister may get a smaller tattoo, while the older sister gets a relatively big one. Floral designs are quite common these days. They can be made around the wrist like a bracelet or around the ankles. They can also be made as a bunch of flowers or a single flower of a particular kind.

Soul sister tattoos can be artistically designed with flowers around them. Brother and sister tattoos could include quotes, words, or even symbols that are meaningful only to them within or around the floral design. They could make small tattoos behind their ears as well.

Arrows With A Quote Or A Design

arrows with a quote or a design
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People usually get small tattoos on their feet (or fingers). Forming an arrow on tattoos is a common practice. It could be a small arrow or a large one depending on its location and the mutual choice of the siblings. An arrow could be leading towards a certain text or symbol. It could signify an internal joke between the siblings.

These tattoos can be accompanied by words as well. The straight line from the arrowhead can be a word or set of words that are meaningful only to you and your sibling. You could get matching sister arrow tattoos.

Matching Sister Tattoos For Different Body Parts

matching sister tattoos for different body parts
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There are certain tattoo designs that look good in small sizes. The seashell tattoos and feather tattoos can be made as a memory of three sisters getting together or the best fun trip. Sister tattoo ideas for three would include: The flying birds’ tattoo designs would also mean great sister tattoos. Sister tattoo ideas for 2 for too would include: There is the anchor tattoo and the infinity symbol.

Two sisters tattoos would also include the sun and moon tattoo wherein the sun and moon symbolize something, the moon and star could denote the presence of sisters are eternal, and even if their presence cannot be seen, they are always present. An infinity tattoo can also be made. It can be made either in the form of continuation where half of it is made on one sister and the other half on another sister, or the entire sign can be created on each of them with a simple tattoo design of roman numerals above or below it demoting the birth order. A quote tattoo idea seems good as well, which would even make a three-sister tattoo. Sister tattoo ideas are present in every memorable happy conversation, in every exciting trip and occasion. Stars can also be drawn. It could be a small tattoo of a star or could be a falling star. There are also feather designs available. These can be intricate mandala feathers or simple designs of floating feathers.

Tattoo designs have infinite possibilities; all you need to do is attach some meaning to them. All the above tattoo designs are great and have scope for your imagination and creativity. Getting a sister tattoo done is a big deal, so make sure that you discuss the details with your big sister or younger sister.

Apart from the ones mentioned in the article, we would like to recommend some brother sister tattoo ideas or fun idea tattoo designs that would look really good

  • Celtic sister knot tattoo
  • RIP sister tattoo either as a joke or something you mean
  • Soul sister tattoo
  • Perfect sister tattoo
  • Matching arrow tattoos that would also be foot sister tattoos
  • Butterfly tattoo since the butterfly tattoo symbolizes delicate and fragile

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