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Are you an ardent fan of Star Wars? Here are some fantastic and quirky ideas for a sith tattoo that will upgrade your style statement!

sith tattoo
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Siths are considered to be the ancient enemies of the Jedi who have used the Force and leaned towards the Dark side. 

Siths are well trained in Jedi arts. However, the color of their lightsabers is red, which indicates passion and heart’s desire which has made them lean further towards the Dark side. 

Sith lords have been the biggest threat to the Jedis and the Republic even before the dawn of the Clone Wars. The siths were originally formed thousands of years ago when a few of the Jedi masters went rogue and fell into the temptations of the dark side to gain true power. They gradually relocated to the planet Korriban of outer rim territories and came to be known as the Sith Order. Siths are a common enemy in Star Wars, and they have often been tempting good Jedis to the dark side. The siths are governed by the Rule of Two- a master and an apprentice. The first Sith lord to come into prevalence during the peace times of the Galactic Federation are Darth Sidious, who took up the alias of Senator Sheev Palpatine of Naboo. The sith tattoos are a very common tattoo among the wearers and bring out the fandom of the people. You can get any of these tattoos from the given inspiration and vogue your style statement. 

The famous Sith Lords known to the world are Darth Plagueis, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul. There are other sith lords as well, such as Kylo Ren, who led the new order under the leadership of Snoke. Keep reading for more Star War ideas for cool tattoos.

Sith Lightsaber Tattoos

sith lightsaber tattoos
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The lightsabers of the Sith Lords are way different than the normal Jedi knights. The color of the Sith lightsabers is red, which denotes their temptation and passion for achieving greater power and achieve greatness. There is a sith symbol at the back of the lightsaber. There are leaves given in the background to soften the look altogether.

The tattoo has hints of grunge dotwork done on it, which looks exceptional and beautiful to the wearer. It has been made on the forearm, and there is no visible inflammation found as well. The tattoo is quirky and beautiful. You can get this done on your hand or other preferred body parts of your choice.

Dark Side Sith Half-Sleeve Tattoo Designs

dark side sith half-sleeve tattoo designs
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If you are a fan of half-sleeve tattoos, then this is a good example for you. The tattoo consists of images of the prominent sith lords who were once the apprentice of Darth Sidious. The tattoo is colorful and one of a kind and sets the other tattoos apart from one another. The color palette used for the tattoos is amazing and sets the mood well. The tattoos make a legendary representation of the appearance of the battle and vogues up the styles. The tattoo looks healed and beautiful, and no visible inflammation could be seen on it. If you are a fan of half-sleeve tattoos, this is a fine example for you, and this will set you apart from others.

Kylo Ren Thigh Tattoos

kylo ren thigh tattoos
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If you are an ardent fan of the New Order and the time post the fall of Emperor Palpatine, then this thigh tattoo is a fine example for you. The tattoo is a legendary representation of Kylo Ren, the next-generation lord of the Dark side, who made a commendable appearance in the later George Lucas films. The quote given here talks about how Kylo Ren or Ben Solo, son of Princess Leia and Han Solo, has taken inspiration from his dead grandfather to become as powerful as him. The quote has been made with old English fonts, which style up the entire look and make the tattoo look exceptionally eloquent. The area of the tattoo also looks pretty good, and there is no visible inflammation found here. The tattoo artist has shown their genius in this art, and therefore it looks pretty here. People who want a monochrome tattoo can go for this.

Darth Vader And Darth Maul Tattoo Designs

darth vader and darth maul tattoo designs
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Darth Maul and Darth Vader are the two legendary Sith lords who feature time and again in Star Wars. The appearance of Darth Maul is badass and sets its class apart. The Darth Vader helmet looks half chipped after the legendary fight between him and Obi-Wan. The tattoo gives it an amazing inspiration to tattoo aficionados to make this their next tattoo. The image looks nice and sets it apart from other half-sleeve tattoos. If you are not a fan of full-sleeve tattoos, this tattoo is a good option for you and will never go out of style!

Kylo Ren Helmet With Roses Tattoo

kylo ren helmet with roses tattoo
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Kylo Ren is a beloved character in Star Wars, and he is adored by the fans. The portrayal of Kylo Ren by Adam Driver is really beautiful, and so is this tattoo. The tattoo is generally of the helmet that was worn by Kylo Ren to take inspiration from his grandfather. This tattoo is a fine example of flattering Sith tattoos ever made. The rose over the helmet softens the look of the tattoo. The appearance of the tattoo looks nice and vogues up the look of the wearer. The yellow rose is a general symbol of friendship and love. The leaves and the line art on the tattoo vogue up the look of the entire tattoo and make it look nice. Though Kylo was a product of both sides, you can add the Sith logo to proclaim your allegiance to the Dark side.

Sith Tattoo Sleeves Colorful

sith tattoo sleeves colorful
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If you want a full sleeve tattoo on your arm, this tattoo is an amazing tattoo for you. The tattoo consists of Darth Vader on the top and gradually the battle droids of the siths along with the image of Kylo Ren opening his lightsaber to fight Snoke. The tattoo looks stunning. The tattoo artist has outdone himself this time to make this tattoo, and it looks absolutely beautiful. The color palettes used in orange, blue, violet, and red are amazing. The choice of colors is absolutely the best. A sith tattoo does not only consist of hues of red and black. A sith tattoo can be a combination of other colors as well, which sets them apart from other tattoos. This tattoo is a fine example of that discipline, and it will look stunning on the wearer.

Star Wars Sith Tattoo With Sith Symbol

star wars sith tattoo with sith symbol
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Do you love the Sith more than you love the Jedi? Then, look no further. This tattoo is an amazing representation of a sith symbol with distinctive styles of line art and outlines. The tattoo looks minimalistic and vogues up the look of the wearer. The lines are done with abstract art structures, which makes the tattoo look one of a kind. However, there is visible red inflammation on the arm which takes the beauty out of the tattoo. This means that the tattoo is not completely healed, and it needs to be looked after properly. The dotwork structure of the tattoo concentric circles looks nice and upgrades the look of the wearer. If you are a fan of minimalistic tattoos, this tattoo is a fine example for you that upgrades your style.

General Grievous Tattoo Designs

general grievous tattoo designs
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Even though General Grievous is technically not a lord of the Dark side per se, he has been trained in Sith arts by Count Dooku. His main weapons are generally a collection of lightsabers, but he is well versed with other weapons as well. The face of General Grievous is made with hues of black and grey. The tattoo looks realistic and pretty. The sith symbol in the background looks amazing, and the red color enhances the overall look. The tattoo seems to be completely healed and looks mesmerizing.

Japanese Sith Tattoo

japanese sith tattoo
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Are you both a fan of Star Wars and Japanese art? Then this tattoo is a perfect fit for you. The tattoo comprises a lord of the Dark side in a red outfit. Generally, sith tattoos consist of black and red colors as sith lords are known to only wear black for their outfits. The tattoo is vogued up with red color, which is a symbol of the thirst for power and strength among the Siths and their temptation to be on the Dark side. The fusion ink style of this tattoo is amazing and enhances the overall next luxury look of the tattoo.

Darth Sidious Tattoo

darth sidious tattoo
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Darth Sidious or Chancellor Palpatine is a known name to any Star Wars fan. Darth Sidious later became the emperor after overthrowing and demolishing the Jedis (well, not all) and establishing the new Galactic Empire. The tattoo over here is of Darth Sidious using the power he obtained from the Dark side. The tattoo looks unique and realistic and sets the tone magnificently. You are going to love the tattoo if you like to give a realistic effect to your tattoos and make them look one of a kind. This tattoo can be the next luxury look of your style.

Sith tattoos are really cool, and they really provide an impeccable style statement to your tattoos. Star Wars sith tattoos are really amazing and will definitely up your style game. Here are some more amazing inspirations you can take from to upgrade your style. 

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