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Are you looking for a meaningful skeleton key tattoo? But stuck at what is the meaning of a skeleton key tattoo? Here are some fascinating skeleton key tattoos.

skeleton key tattoo
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A skeleton key tattoo design represents a way to open a secret or hidden place.

Skeleton key tattoos have been in demand for ages. The tattoo design symbolizes some hidden, dark, and probably haunted places.

Skeleton key tattoos are symbolized as a key to heaven. The symbol also represents a way to open a dark, secret place where no one has ever gone before. These tattoo ideas represent a skeleton skull made on the top of the key, making it a skeleton key design.

A key represents a secret, not wanting to show what is hidden. When a person gets a skeleton key tattoo, they want to hide some aspects of themselves due to some reason. The individual often wants to symbolize that they are a private person and want to stay that way. Skeleton keys were used to open lever locks or some types of warded (curved) locks. A skeleton key may be considered as a master key that can open a variety of warded locks. What does a skeleton key tattoo symbolize? You may have all the answers, but you don’t want to disclose them.

Look for the 10 best skeleton key tattoo ideas to believe the astonishing appearance of them, and then decide which will be the best for you.

Skull Skeleton Key Tattoo

skull skeleton key tattoo
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These types of skeleton key tattoo variations will have a full skull drawn at the top of the key, representing a key to the horror place. The three-dimensional look gives a better and fascinating look to provide a real look to the tattoo design. The skeleton key tattoo idea amazingly depicts the path to open the deepest darkest secret of someone’s heart.

Sin City Skeleton Key Tattoo

sin city skeleton key tattoo
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This skeleton key tattoo symbolizes the key to reaching the darkest and secret places. Most people find these kinds of tattoo ideas cool enough to get inked on their various body parts. This modern skeleton key tattoo is a symbolism to depict that someone is hiding dark secrets in their heart, and this skeleton tattoo is the key to open that hidden feelings or pain.

Girls Blue Inked Skeleton Tattoo

girls blue inked skeleton tattoo
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Tattoo artists show their creativity by creating such a unique look of skeleton key tattoo design. These kinds of skeleton tattoos represent the way to someone’s darker side. In ancient times, a skeleton key tattoo design had a lot more symbolism than just a way to show people that something was hidden in someone’s heart. This modern skeleton key tattoo is beautifully created on tattoo lovers’ skin. The idea is taken from the Harry Potter series. The inspiration helps the tattoo artist to give a more realistic view of the tattoo idea.

Skull Key Tattoo

skull key tattoo
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These types of cool skeleton key tattoo variations are very popular among people. This skull tattoo represents and depicts a horrific version of a person or a place. These skeleton key tattoos depict locked rooms and secrets behind the doors. The idea was taken from the ancient keys used to open treasure doors during World War II. The same kind of keys used to open boxes of treasure and was known as the master key.

Heart And Key Tattoo

heart and key tattoo
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This cool heart and key tattoo have different elements that showcase specific meanings. The heart tattoo with a key opening and its key beside it is a perfect combination that many people use to convey to other people about the pressure they hide inside themselves. People wearing such kind of heart design tattoos find the tattoo as a symbol to relate their life astonishingly. The skeleton key and lock tattoo give a message that tells a story of why a person is the way he or she is.

Botanical Skeleton Key Tattoo

botanical skeleton key tattoo
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A way to someone’s heart and find the hidden secrets is the skeleton key tattoo meaning. The original skeleton keys that are created in these crossed keys skeleton tattoos talk about that there is more than one door to a human’s heart. The crossed keys talk about the number of ways to enter someone’s thoughts and know their feelings. In the skeleton key tattoo, two keys are crossed within a plant life originating from it.

Flat And Modern Key Tattoo design

flat and modern key tattoo design
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These kinds of flat and modern keys represent the variations, and the mechanism changed over the years about how people have changed their lives. This simple key talks about that a person doesn’t need to be sorted enough in life as he shows to the world. Some many twists and turns hold close to their lives. This specific design art is famous and popular in most houses. People find it a great deal to represent themselves to the world without saying anything.

Single Rectangular Tooth Key Tattoo

single rectangular tooth key tattoo
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This simple skeleton key tattoo is a symbolism of the lock and key mechanism to open new doors and ways of your life. Such skeleton keys were also used in ancient times to unlock warded locks. Many people prefer to get such simple and elegant skeleton key tattoos on different body parts. Arm sleeves, wrist, and upper arm are the popular body regions where the skeleton key tattoo art is being made. This skeleton key tattoo is a symbol to represent the curious behaviour of a person. The skeleton key is the perfect key to open many locks in different stages of life.

Crow Skeleton Key Tattoo

crow skeleton key tattoo
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This skeleton key tattoo idea where a crow is holding the skull key symbolizes the ancient form of passing important and precious keys to other people at faraway places. Such keys were used as an important measure to open treasure locks. This skeleton key tattoo perfectly depicts the times of World War II. Famous and powered people used crows and birds to pass on the message to their well-wishers and important announcements.

Small Key Tattoo

small key tattoo
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This simple key skeleton tattoo is very famous among girls. The small key usually created on the wrist acts as a symbol to demonstrate the inner soul of a person. Girls find it attractive at the same time to get a tattoo that talks about their personality to the world in an elegant way. This small key is a symbolism of locks within the heart of the person. And this key is the only way to get to know the deepest thoughts on the person.

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