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If you are looking for skull back tattoo designs, we hope you stumble upon some ideas from the list of back tattoos mentioned below.

skull back tattoo
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Skull tattoos are a great form of symbolism that holds immense significance in both tattoos and culture.

A skull back tattoo can mean many things ranging from the afterlife, death, rebellion, or even the renaissance. Although you can have a skull tattoo on any body part, like the legs, arms, neck, and so on, it will look extremely eye-catching as a back piece.

Masculine ink ideas that include skulls make excellent tattoos for men. When engraved on the skin, they can impart a number of ideas based on the placement of the tattoo. However, the main theme of skull tattoos revolves around and symbolizes death, hence making them appear scary and awe-inspiring both at the same time.

It is entirely up to the tattoo artist how he will make the bones appear realistic and badass. It depends on the wearer if they want to create personalized skull tattoos by including symbols like wings, flowers, snakes, and so on. Based on the kind of elements used in the tattoo, it can either appear feminine and suitable for women, or the back piece can be designed so we can come across some of the best tattoos for men! Be it a sugar skull tattoo or a rose tattoo with a skull, each of the tattoos have a story to tell.

Bluish Hue Full Back Skull Tattoo

bluish hue full back skull tattoo
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If you are looking forward to having body art that will be spread all over your back, this will be an excellent tattoo that you can have. The skull used in this tattoo is awe-inspiring. However, what is even more noteworthy in this tattoo is the ambiguity that floats through the tattoo.

You are going to love the bluish hue and shading in this skull tattoo. The use of floral and round patterns impart a primitive feel to it. The mandala-like design that is present at the top of the design has been done with sheer precision. It extends to the scalp; nevertheless, it is totally at the discretion of an individual whether he wants to extend the tattoo to the scalp or limit it to the back region.

Skull Encompassed In Mandala Back Tattoo

skull encompassed in mandala back tattoo
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This skull tattoo covers the whole of your back. However, the skull art has not been kept simple. The tattoo artist has put a lot of effort into incorporating intricacies into the Tattoo Design. The bony eye sockets in this skull tattoo have a leafy effect. The skull seems to be encompassed in a mandala, which peeps out through the forehead and the sides of the skull. 

You can get as innovative as you wish with this tattoo. The tattoo can also be elongated to your arms. You can also insert a text of your choice. You can either keep the design small or increase the size as much as you wish; the choice is yours!

Skull With A Crown Back Tattoo

skull with a crown back tattoo
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This is one of the most wholesome skull tattoos that you will come across. One cannot deny the fact that it looks absolutely royal! You are going to love the regalia that oozes out of the crown that sits on the head of the skull.

With so many elements in it, the tattoo looks full. Not only does it have a single large skull, but a number of smaller skulls with their heads decorated with crowns. However, the crowns seem to be in shambles. The tattoo definitely has a story to tell! It may signify the rise of a new monarch. There is also a wolf and a sand clock. All the elements amalgamate together, complete the picture and add a character to it.

Simple Skull Full Back Tattoo

simple skull full back tattoo
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Unlike the other skull tattoos, this is simpler and not stuffed with many elements. Nevertheless, the excellent play of light and shade makes the tattoo worthwhile and stunning. Every raised and lowered portion of the skull has been brought out excellently!

The eyes’ sockets have been kept dark to impart an unfathomable hollow-like effect. It looks almost realistic! This tattoo will also look great as a full-arm or leg sleeve tattoo. Style it the way you want.

The Eye Of Providence Skull Back Tattoo

the eye of providence skull back tattoo
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Some images are extremely popular and hold tremendous importance to mankind. One such image is the Eye of Providence. The Eye of Providence, also known as the All-seeing Eye of God, is an image that represents an eye enclosed in a triangle. The eye is surrounded by rays of glory, which is a representation of divinity.

This tattoo shows an excellent juxtaposition of something as divine as the Eye of Providence and a sinister skull image. Other striking features of the tattoo are the circular mandala inside the eye sockets and other patterns that complete the picture!

Skull Full Back Tattoo With Om

skull full back tattoo with om
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The savagery of skull tattoos like this is something that will take your breath away. The artist has put in hours of hard work to maintain precision while incorporating the details in the tattoo. You are going to love the steadiness of the strokes used in the tattoo! All the lines are perfectly connected to one another, making the tattoo appear whole!

The Tattoo Design can either be limited so that it can be used as a back tattoo or extended along the sleeves. The “Om” on the forehead of the skull imparts a sense of spirituality to the tattoo. What a tremendous amalgamation, isn’t it? This can also make an excellent cover-up tattoo!

Skull Underneath A Tiger Face Back Tattoo

skull underneath a tiger face back tattoo
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You will probably not come across a better-looking and more realistic tattoo than this one. The skull is placed underneath the face of a tiger. The precision that has been put into making this tattoo is striking. The tattoo artist has incorporated the use of light and shade in a brilliant manner. It is evident in how the upper part of the skull, which is encompassed inside the tiger’s face, emerges out of the dark.

The best thing about such skull tattoos is the ambiguity that floats through them. You will not be able to clearly able to demarcate where one component ends and where the other begins. You can fine-tune the size of the tattoo as per your desire. You can also add other elements to the tattoo, increase its size, and make it appear fuller. You are going to love how the eyes of the tiger dazzle!

Skull And Spine Gothic Full Back Tattoo

skull and spine gothic full back tattoo
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This tattoo shows the epitome of creativity that one can express while drawing a skull tattoo. It looks extremely gothic. You are going to love how the slimy effect has been brought out throughout the tattoo with the help of precise strokes.

The tattoo begins at the shoulder, with three skulls placed adjacent to one another. From the skull at the center, a spine-like structure elongates, extending along the spinal cord and merging into a wider skull structure towards the hip. The play of light and shade has been brought out beautifully in the tattoo! Of all the tattoos that are mentioned in this article, this skull tattoo along the back is the most awe-evoking.

Black And Gray Skull Back Tattoo

black and gray skull back tattoo
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If you want to see what wearing a story feels like, this tattoo is it. Both the bony sockets of the skull show two pictures: one shows a sniper posing against the forest backdrop, and the other shows a soldier running towards fuming flames. In place of the lower jaw is a graveyard.

This can serve as a great tattoo that shall keep reminding you of a war that holds importance in your life. Over the skull, a hawk (or a majestic bird of the same category) hovers over the entire picture, making it look even scarier.

Unicorn Skull Tattoo

unicorn skull tattoo
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This is probably the most unique out of the lot! The tattoo incorporates an excellent unicorn skull. The mane has been kept flowy and is embellished with three roses. You will also come across some leafy patterns on top of the head!

You can either keep the tattoo small or elongate it so that it covers the whole of your back. You can also incorporate a few more elements in the skull tattoo or make it a part of a larger picture so that your Tattoo Design has a story to tell.

Hope this article has taken you through some of the best art designs that you can consider while getting inked. Based on the meaning that you want your tattoo to have, get in touch with a reliable tattoo artist and get your desired design inked on your skin.

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