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If you are looking for some amazing skull and dagger tattoos, then you are in the right place. Here are some badass skull dagger tattoo ideas just for you.

skull dagger tattoo
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Skull and dagger tattoos are really popular amongst both young and old people.

The subject of a dagger piercing through a skull is really versatile and can be done in many different tattoo styles. There are many meanings associated with the concept as well.

Usually, a dagger symbolises death, while a dagger tattoo can symbolise violence and fighting spirit. When we see the two of them together in a piece, it can have different symbolic meanings. A dagger piercing the mouth of a skull usually means fearlessness and the mentality to take courageous actions. But if the dagger is going through the head of the skull, it means death and endings. A snake, dagger and skull tattoo also has a similar meaning. The skull and dagger is a very mainstream tattoo concept and very popular as well. People often wonder what the dagger through skull tattoo means, the speciality of dagger skull tattoo and how a skull and dagger tattoo (American traditional ones) became so popular. Many people wear these tattoos as a badge of honour and let the shape on their skin define who they are. If you are someone that is searching for some cool dagger and skull tattoo designs, then we have some amazing ideas for you.

Fantastic Traditional Skull and Dagger Tattoo Designs

fantastic traditional skull and dagger tattoo designs
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In the American traditional tattoo style, the lethal weapon dagger becomes a symbol of fearlessness. The skull is also a very common subject that can be seen in many traditional tattoos. In this colourful traditional skull dagger tattoo, we can see a dagger piercing the mouth of the skull. This tattoo has some flowers in the background. You can also add a traditional snake design to the tattoo if you want to. If you want to get a tattoo like this, contact a tattoo artist who specialises in the American traditional tattoo style.

Detailed Dagger Through Skull Tattoo Ideas

detailed dagger through skull tattoo ideas
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Detailed tattoos are becoming more and more popular amongst avid tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo collectors. These tattoos take time and patience to make and it takes time for an artist to master this style of tattooing. In this tattoo, we can see a very ornate skull being pierced by a dagger. The tattoo depicts the dagger piercing through the head of the skull and coming out of the mouth. If you want to get a tattoo like this, find an artist who specialises in realistic black and white tattoos. You can also choose to put colours in your tattoo if that is something you are looking for. There are also some roses in the tattoo, but if you wish to replace that with some other flowers or maybe a snake, you can talk to your artist and have them come up with a custom design for you.

Neo-Traditional Skull-Dagger Tattoo with Flowers

neo-traditional skull-dagger tattoo with flowers
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Neo-traditional tattoos are all the rage right now. These stunning and colourful tattoos capture the attention of people and the details are also mind-blowing. It takes time to master this style. But in the end, neo-traditional tattoos look really cool and people get them all the time. This tattoo does not depict the dagger going through the skull like the other ones but instead depicts the blade of the dagger as a bright red skull. It adds a really creative twist to the usual concept of skull and dagger tattoos. The tattoo also has some flowers in the design that make it more stunning to look at. This tattoo design will look amazing on anyone’s arm or forearm.

‘Death Before Dishonor’ Skull and Dagger Tattoo Ideas

'death before dishonor' skull and dagger tattoo ideas
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Traditional tattoos are famous for having words and phrases in them. As we already mentioned before, skull tattoos usually represent death while daggers are a symbol of mankind’s fighting spirit. This particular tattoo has a dagger piercing a skull and a banner around the dagger and skull that says, ‘death before dishonour’. This is a design for the fearless people who do not let anyone or anything come between them and their honour. This design is really versatile as you can choose any other words or phrases that you like to replace the one in the picture. This tattoo will look really good on anyone’s arm.

Amazing Skull, Dagger and Flames Tattoo Ideas

amazing skull, dagger and flames tattoo ideas
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This tattoo is really stunning and will attract a lot of attention with its flamboyant design. If you are someone that wants a tattoo that stands out, this one is for you. The tattoo has a really ornate dagger going through a skull that is on fire. The colour of the orange and flames in the background contrast really well with the shades of blue used throughout the rest of the tattoo. The tattoo doesn’t have too many colours but they stand out and make it a really eye-catching piece. The shades of black in the background make the tattoo stand out even more.

Detailed Skull, Dagger and Snake Tattoo

detailed skull, dagger and snake tattoo
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Skulls, snakes, and daggers are all really popular subjects in the tattoo world. When a snake is wrapped around a dagger in a tattoo, it symbolises the triumph over something evil. Victory over obstacles is the main theme of these tattoos. A snake and skull tattoo symbolises death and destruction. But putting all three of them together creates a really complex meaning. But it also creates really cool art. The meanings of these tattoos can differ from person to person, but that does not take away from the fact that these tattoos are stunning. In this tattoo, we can see a snake and dagger going through the skull and it creates a really visually appealing design. The sun in the background also highlights the beauty of this black ink tattoo.

Small Black and White Skull and Blade Tattoo

small black and white skull and blade tattoo
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Some people prefer simple and sophisticated tattoo designs over loud and colourful ones. Well do not worry, we have something for you too. This really simple black ink piece depicts a straight dagger going through a skull. The tattoo can be done in an even smaller size because the design is really simple. It is a clean design that will look great on both men and women.

Traditional Dagger, Skull and Roses Tattoo

traditional dagger, skull and roses tattoo
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Along with skulls and daggers, roses are also a very common theme in American traditional tattoos. Combining the three of them together makes for a great tattoo design for both men and women. Roses symbolise beauty and love, while the dagger and skull symbolise bravery and fighting spirit. In this tattoo, the artist has used colours like vibrant red, yellow and green. All three of these colours are really common in American traditional tattoos. The roses and leaves in the background adorn the centre theme of the tattoo and greatly increase its beauty. If you are a fan of the American traditional tattoo style and want to get a tattoo like this, then find a tattoo artist who specializes in this art style and have them create the perfect rose, dagger and skull tattoo just for you.

Spooky Skull and Dagger Black and White Tattoo

spooky skull and dagger black and white tattoo
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Some people tend to like spooky tattoo designs. Even though the subject of skull and dagger in itself is pretty dangerous, you can make it even spookier through designs like the picture we provided. In this picture, the artist has made the skull look decaying. The dagger piercing through the tattoo looks dangerous as well. The faded-to-dark black background of the tattoo makes it stand out on the skin even more. You can go for an even more realistic design if you want a spookier tattoo. This tattoo will look amazing on anyone’s arm or forearm.

Colourful Skull and Dagger Tattoos

colourful skull and dagger tattoos
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Colourful tattoos are all the rage at the moment. These tattoos stand out more and attract the attention of everyone around you. In the picture, the skull is depicted as a blood-red heart. The dagger goes through the heart-shaped skull and makes the tattoo more stunning. The saturated colours bring out the theme of the tattoo. This is a neo-traditional tattoo. But you can also choose to get a realistic tattoo of the same theme and it will look fantastic.

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