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Looking for an easy and simple skull Tattoo Design? Here are ten amazing Skull Tattoo Easy ideas that you will fall in love with.

skull tattoo
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Skulls are one of the most popular tattoo subjects of all time.

Skull tattoos have been around for the longest time. And people seem to love them.

Skulls are also a very versatile tattoo subject as they can be done in any style. Be it traditional, neo-traditional, realistic, colorful, black and grey, or new-school, you can find a skull tattoo in all styles. But what about really easy and simple skull tattoo designs? Simplistic tattoos have a charm of their own that cannot be denied. They also look amazing on anyone. Simple tattoos are also good if you are on a tight budget as these designs are very easy to make and that is why do not cost too much. Or it might just be that you like simple and minimal tattoos. Whatever your reason may be, we have got you covered. Here we have a list of ten simple skull tattoos that vary from designs you can make yourself to professional but still simple and detailed designs that look artistic. So if you want a cool and simple skull tattoo, you can choose any one from the list.

Simple Skull in a Bottle Tattoo That You Will Love

simple skull in a bottle tattoo that you will love
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This Tattoo Design is very simple but also fun. In the tattoo, we can see three small, red skulls floating in a bottle full of black liquid. The cork on the bottle is bright yellow. The drawing is pretty simple but it looks really amazing. Part of the reason is that the tattoo is done in a traditional style, and uses the color palette that this style is famous for. This simple skull drawing will look amazing on anyone. If you want a tattoo of a single, easy skull, then you can have it drawn in this style which is very simplistic and fun. This is an easy skull drawing that anyone can do.

Easy Skull Tattoo Outline Designs

easy skull tattoo outline designs
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Usually, outline tattoos are very minimalistic tattoos that have a bold outline but not a lot of details in the tattoo itself. And this one is no different. There is barely any shading in the tattoo, but the skull is still pretty well-drawn and the outline is very striking on the skin as well. There are some additional details in the tattoo that make it look amazing. There is a flower in the mouth of the skull which is also done in a very simplistic style. There is also a text at the bottom of the tattoo that reads ‘you ok?’ in a simple font. You can also choose to have other flowers in your tattoo and change the text to something that you prefer. This tattoo is a blank canvas and you can add whatever you want to it. Or you can ask your artist to draw a simple skull and get a much simpler tattoo if you want.

Minimalistic and Simple Skull Tattoo Designs

minimalistic and simple skull tattoo designs
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If you are looking for skull drawing easy ideas, then you cannot go wrong with this one. The tattoo itself is very simple. It’s a picture of a submerged skull on what looks like a dark black leaf design. But it has a unique design element to it that makes it stand out from your usual skull tattoos. There is a lot of black ink work in the tattoo, which means that it is going to hold up well over time. This tattoo is also perfect for both men and women. Even though the design is very easy, there is an artistic quality to it that is very striking. If you like more colorful tattoos, you can also use the color red instead of black, and then the tattoo will have a completely different and vibrant look to it.

Fun Traditional Small Skull Tattoos For You

fun traditional small skull tattoos for you
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If you are looking for a really easy skull tattoo, then you cannot go wrong with this funny and cute traditional black and grey skull Tattoo Design. The tattoo is so simple that anyone can draw it and even a novice artist can mane a fantastic flash tattoo in this design. Traditional tattoos usually have really bold, black lines, and this one is not any different. The design is pretty cute and very simple. You can also add some funny text or other fun elements like a hat to the tattoo. This design is really cool if you like fun tattoos more than very intricately designed ones.

Simple Animal Skull on Hand Tattoo

simple animal skull on hand tattoo
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Animal skulls are also a really cool subject for tattoos. They are vastly different from human skull tattoos but look equally cool and badass. For example, this tattoo here is very simple and yet looks amazing. The tattoo features an open animal skull on someone’s thumb and forefinger joint. The placement makes the tattoo look even cooler as whenever the person opens their hand, it will look like the skull’s mouth is also opening wider. Animal skull tattoos have some really good meaning. They symbolize accepting the natural cycle of life and greeting death as naturally as life. It is a representation of our wild, animalistic instincts. If you are someone who likes to live a wild life sometimes, this tattoo will be perfect for you.

Amazing Skull and Roses Simple Tattoo Designs

amazing skull and roses simple tattoo designs
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Skulls and roses are a very famous tattoo subject across all styles. It is very popular in American Traditional tattooing, as well as in neo-traditional and realistic tattooing. This design does not have roses coming out of the orifices of the skull like usual skull and rose tattoos are, but the flowers in it are drawn on the surface of the skull. A skull and rose tattoo symbolizes both life and death together. It is a sign of defeating your enemies and hardships and the beginning of a new life full of hope. If you want a simple and hopeful Tattoo Design on your body, then this skull tattoo idea is perfect for you.

Fantastic Neo-traditional Simple Skull Tattoos

fantastic neo-traditional simple skull tattoos
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Neo-traditional skulls are all the rage right now. This style of tattooing is very famous as it features the bold lines and bright colors from the American traditional tattoos but in a more modern and vibrant style. This tattoo, however, is done in black and grey, which adds to its simple charms. This tattoo shows a stem full of flowers and leaves and on top of the stem, where the main flower should be is a human skull. Skull tattoo designs have a deep meaning. It is a sign of overcoming difficulties and starting a new life. It basically symbolizes the death of an old life and the birth of a new one. Letting go of all the evil in your life and starting anew.

Simple and Fun Skull Tattoo Designs You Will Love

simple and fun skull tattoo designs you will love
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If you are a fan of fun and simple designs, then you might want to take a look at this tattoo. The picture is of a small skull with a cute hat on its head. The design is very easy and yet has the professional touch that makes it look like a piece of art. If you like simple but detailed tattoo designs and ideas, then this is something you can try out for yourself. The tattoo is also really easy to draw and the quality of the tattoo is also very good. There are a lot of details in the tattoo but you can always skip them and go with a much more minimalistic design for your own tattoo. This is also a very fun Halloween tattoo idea.

Beautiful Golden Small and Simple Skull Tattoos

beautiful golden small and simple skull tattoos
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Golden-colored tattoos that look like they have a gold sheen on them have become really popular now. People get tattoos of golden Crosses, crowns, and yes, even skulls, as is evident from this tattoo right here. The coloring of the tattoo makes it look like the skull is made out of real gold. The tattoo looks pretty realistic and even though it is a simple design, it will not be easy to draw for novices. There are a lot of details in the tattoo and only a professional can make a tattoo like this look so realistic. If you want a tattoo like this one, you should definitely visit a pro tattoo artist who specializes in these golden tattoo designs. This tattoo is perfect for both men and women.

Very Simple Skull Tattoo with Bone Designs

very simple skull tattoo with bone designs
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Coming back to extremely easy and simple skull tattoos, we have the last tattoo on the list. This tattoo features a skull and two bones. This design is usually seen in the flags of the pirates in all the pirate movies and comics. The design is very well known and so simple that anyone will be able to draw it. This tattoo is one of the most common flash skull tattoo designs. If you are a fan of pirate movies and want a piece of that on your skin, then this tattoo idea will be absolutely perfect for you. You can also add more details and make it a higher-quality tattoo.

Did not find your perfect tattoo match in the article? Do not worry as we have some more cool ideas in store for you.

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