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Mustering up the courage for a sleeve chest tattoo is not easy, but if you are ready for that commitment, here are some ideas worth brainstorming!

sleeve chest tattoo ideas
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Chest sleeve tattoos allow a lot of room for experimentation.

It is no more a monopoly for men, as women go for full chest tattoo designs and rock them with equal swagger. Chest sleeve tattoo ideas always look adorning the body with beautiful pictures.

The person themselves turns into an artwork. However, such tattoos demand many things from the person. The tattoos are a big commitment since they cover one-fourth of your body. Besides, if you are going for detailed pieces, you certainly need many sessions and a good budget you can work with. In the end, though, the results are always worth it.

Flowing River Full Sleeve And Chest Tattoo

flowing river full sleeve and chest tattoo
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This is a great chest tattoo idea if you want to go for something out of the box. There is much more to this tattoo than what meets the eye. A bold blue flowing river covers the chest and arms with chrysanthemum flowers in shades of red and orange on every corner. The colour contrast certainly makes a big impact, and whether men or women, anybody will turn into artwork with this tattoo.

While it may look like one of the simple chest tattoos, the true mastery of the tattoo artist comes to light when you pay closer attention to the river. The river and its streams look complete on each arm by themselves, however, when you put the arms together, they make another complete river of themselves. Also, flowing rivers are powerful symbols of the flow of life. The person with this tattoo wishes to be as carefree and flexible as the river, which keeps flowing through creaks and crevices, no matter what.

European Artwork Full Sleeve Tattoo

european artwork full sleeve tattoo
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If you love European paintings, then this is a great idea to show your love through a tattoo. The inspiration for this tattoo is namely two men, the Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci, and the Baroque artist, Peter Paul Rubens. Their brilliant works have been showcased over the entire arm and chest area. Da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine”, “Vitruvian Man”, and “The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne” can all be recognised on the left arm. On the other hand, Rubens’ famous “Daniel in the Lions’ Den” stands vibrant in spread across the chest. The tattoo is indeed a great way to pay respect to some of the greatest works of art in history.

Since this is extremely detailed work, we suggest finding the best tattoo shop at your place, so the tattoo can do justice to the original piece.

One Shoulder Hannya Mask Full Sleeve Tattoo

one shoulder hannya mask full sleeve tattoo
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This chest piece tattoo tells a story. The hannya mask was worn by women who were passionate in love and faced betrayal. Hence, the wearer is a fighter. The meaning behind the tattoo is often associated with good luck which can ward off evil. The sprinkle of red and golden on the otherwise monochrome tattoo makes it stand out. Along with a woman wearing the mask, peonies can be noticed. On the lower arm, a traditional sake bottle is seen as well.

Peonies in the Japanese culture stand for honour and bravery, while the sake symbolises peace. All these qualities can be a reminder to be a better person through a beautiful sleeve tattoo.

Geometric Shapes Chest Half Sleeve Tattoo

geometric shapes chest half sleeve tattoo
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This chest and half sleeve tattoo might be one of the best tattoo designs to try out for the ones who are sensitive to needles. Since the tattoo will cover only half the sleeve, you will certainly avoid some of the pain. Besides, this unique tattoo is a strong contender if you are looking for one of the sleeve tattoos which takes up less skin. Even though the geometric pattern looks easy, do not think it can be completed in one session. The half sleeve tattoo is completed as a dotwork tattoo, which might test your patience.

Among chest tattoos for men, this is certainly a cool piece to get tattooed. With nothing but black ink, the artist has shown their skill by completing an interesting pattern. If you have an artistic bent of mind yourself, you can try out your pattern too.

Gothic Spring Full Sleeve Tattoo

gothic spring full sleeve tattoo
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If you want to go for one of the dainty pieces, this chest piece tattoo is one of the tattoo designs you can consider. The entire chest and sleeve tattoo is covered with flowers against the background covered with black ink. In the centre of the chest, there is a detailed image of a bee. Taken together, the tattoo seems to suggest the time of spring, however, one that compensates for all colours with the skilful use of the black pigment. Shading helps give this piece an added depth.

Because of how dutiful bees are, a bee tattoo indicates the person’s dedication to the pursual of loyalty. For the ones who love to get flowers, with this full chest tattoo, you can just have undying flowers on yourself all the time. This is one of the best chest tattoos for women.

Japanese Koi Sleeve Tattoo

japanese koi sleeve tattoo

A lot is going on in this full chest tattoo. On one hand, there is a koi fish on the upper arm with chrysanthemum flowers. On the other hand, the upper arm is adorned with a samurai in the background of one of the typical Japanese style dragon tattoos. The bold hues of red, green and orange ink make this piece one of the best chest tattoos for men.

Koi fish are a common motif for perseverance in Japanese culture, for which they have a mythical connotation with dragons as well. Hence, the person with this tattoo has persevered and turned into the dragon. Moreover, this idea is driven home with the addition of the chrysanthemum. These flowers are often used to represent rebirth and vitality. Hence, this is a person ready to fight their way to the top of the stream to become a new and improved person.

Spirit Of Nature Half Sleeve Tattoo

spirit of nature half sleeve tattoo
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For those looking for the uncommon half sleeve chest tattoo ideas, this is worth checking out. Whether it be chest tattoos for men or women, this can fit right in with anybody. This is one of the realistic pieces with a face growing out of a tree-like the visage of Nature herself. Around this face, birds can be seen on the upper arm with branches spreading out. Fitting within a very small area of the body, if you want a quicker session with lesser pain, this chest piece tattoo ticks all the boxes.

To make this tattoo come to life, make sure to not cut on the budget and get the best tattooist you can find. The realistic sketch with the play of highlighting and shading can only be handled by an experienced hand.

Irezumi Style Scenery Sleeve Tattoo

irezumi style scenery sleeve tattoo
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This is one of the simple chest tattoos which covers the best of both worlds. On one side, it finishes as a half sleeve tattoo on the upper arm. On the other side, it is a full sleeve. A crane in the Japanese art style is present on the arm, with a bright full moon as the central figure on the chest amid a cloudy night.

Having the full moon is like wishing for positive outcomes. The full moon specifically, embodies all good things, refusing to bow down to the dark influence of the sky. Added to that, the crane is considered an icon of happiness that brings good luck. Hence, the tattoo can be a reminder to cheer yourself up when things get difficult.

Gothic Half Sleeve Tattoo

gothic half sleeve tattoo
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For minimalist lovers, this is a half sleeve tattoo which might be your cup of tea. With the mirroring effect, this becomes one of the best chest tattoos. Chrysanthemum flowers can be seen on each shoulder which are intermingled with the ravens. The details on this tattoo are extremely realistic.

Though the bird is taken as an ill omen, the symbol hints at insight, hence, connecting the material with the spiritual world. Chrysanthemums on the other hand represent love and happiness in general. Hence, this is a person who has gained insight and been able to find love and happiness in their life.

Koi Cross Dragon Tattoo

koi cross dragon tattoo
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This is one of the most fun tattoo designs for the quirky ones. A hannya mask can be seen on the neck in the form of a necklace with colourful beads. On one hand, a bright red koi fish is swimming upstream. On the other arm, a sea-green dragon is visible. Tumultuous waves in grayscale cover the arms. The tattoo is complete with one mask on each wrist, along with tattooed beads which look like a wristband.

There is of course a story being told through the tattoo. The person has braved the rough waves and metamorphosed from a fish to a regal dragon. The hannya is a representation of someone who found the strength to go on.

Were you able to find inspiration for your next inking appointment? But wait, can there be any end to these amazing ideas? Not yet, so we feel compelled to crunch some more into the list:

  • Half sleeve coiling dragon tattoos.
  • Tribal tattoos on the collar bone.
  • Realistic tiger cross wolf tattoo.
  • Full sleeve skull in ornamental style tattoo.
  • Flowers around the mirror on the chest tattoo.

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