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Do you want to get a cute-looking tattoo on your arm or at the back of the elbow? Here are some small butterfly hand tattoos with classic and timeless design.

Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo
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When it comes to tattoo designs, one of the most common and requested tattoos is the butterfly tattoo design.

Be it the delicate gossamer image of the butterfly or the bold butterflies, all of them look great when tattooed properly. The success of a small butterfly tattoo on hand relies on its finesse.

One of the most advantageous parts of a butterfly tattoo is the tattoo artist can experiment with the design. However, not only is the butterfly tattoo known for its vibrant colors, but also for the varied meanings that these small butterfly tattoos hold. To enhance the tattooed butterfly more, one can add a small flower tattoo along with it. To make a cute butterfly tattoo, it is suggested to add some relevant elements to it.

Different meanings are associated with different butterfly tattoos. According to the culture of the East, butterflies denote joy and happiness. On the other hand, in Aztec culture, butterfly tattoos denote the lost souls of the warrior who had passed away. So, according to the Aztecs, butterfly outline tattoos are used majorly to pay homage to the dead warriors. Further, butterflies also stand for good luck, impermanence, and beauty.

We all are aware of how a butterfly is formed. Since the caterpillar grows and becomes a butterfly in the future, the butterfly tattoos symbolize transformation or metamorphosis. Indeed, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, the beauty that a colorful butterfly tattoo holds is undeniable. Below is a list of some butterfly tattoos that are apt for the hands.

Monarch Butterfly on Forearm

Monarch Butterfly on Forearm
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If you are not interested to get a colorful butterfly tattoo then this is the best design that you have at hand. This is a realistic black butterfly tattoo that can be done both on the triceps and biceps of the hand. The intricate designs in black ink on the butterfly’s wings make them all the more natural-looking. The colorful butterfly design here in black ink can be substituted with some colors as well, provided you want to make the tattoo design stand out.

Monarch Butterfly on Forearm ideas
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Of all realistic tattoos with butterfly designs, this is another one that tattoo artists prefer doing. Many tattoo artists believe in simplicity while tattooing butterflies. According to them, the butterfly itself is a beautiful creature. Adding too many elements or a lot of designs to it can make the butterfly tattoo look clumsy. This simple black butterfly tattoo in bold lines enhances its beauty.

Floral Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Floral Butterfly Hand Tattoo
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If you are looking for a simple butterfly tattoo, this watercolor tattoo is apt for you. Here, the tattoo artist has used only black ink to tattoo the butterfly and the floral designs to maintain the simplicity of the tattoo. In the tattoo world, most artists prefer getting colored flower tattoos. But when you aim to create simple body art, use only black ink for the tattoo.

Floral Butterfly Hand Tattoo ideas
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Another similar wrist tattoo with butterfly designs is this. Not only does this wrist tattoo make your hand look beautiful, but also grabs a lot of attention. This is a tiny butterfly tattoo. To augment the image of the butterfly, the floral designs are added to its side. This monarch butterfly can be made beautiful by adding some relevant colors to it.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo With Rose

Pink Butterfly Tattoo With Rose
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Generally, pink butterfly tattoo tattoos symbolize compassion and love. This is a watercolor butterfly tattoo whose one half has the body of the butterfly and the other half has pink and red roses. The roses are placed in such a way that gives the complete shape of the tattoo in the form of a butterfly. Such tiny butterfly tattoos are suitable to be placed at the back or right above the elbow.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo With Rose ideas
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This butterfly tattoo is a true replica of the ‘Salvador Dali: Flordali II (The Butterfly Rose).’ Here, the use of primary colors is more. Also, the tattoo looks more like a fresh rose plucked from a garden. The elements added to the tattoo are not just colorful butterfly wings, but also monarch butterflies, bees, and leaves. This is a small hand butterfly tattoo that’s perfect for the upper arm.

Tiny Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Tiny Blue Butterfly Tattoo
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The blue butterfly tattoo is not just charming to watch but also symbolizes good luck. Such tiny tattoos with blue butterflies not only are a great idea for the hand but also apt as an ankle tattoo or chest tattoo. The delicate lines on the turquoise blue wings is a beautiful artwork. If you are about to get your first tattoo, this classic design can be a great option.

Tiny Blue Butterfly Tattoos
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If you are looking for a butterfly tattoo that can capture the visual interest of many, this artistic tattoo can be a great choice. The bright colors and the geometric lines of the butterfly’s wings make it a perfect butterfly hand tattoo small yet elegant. Such tattoo ideas demand skilled tattoo artists to ensure that they are perfectly done.

Butterfly Tattoo On Elbow

Butterfly Tattoo On Elbow
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Not all prefer grand tattoo designs. For those who prefer tiny tattoos, here is a beautiful and charming blue butterfly tattoo that is perfect for you. The perfect canvas for such a tiny tattoo would be the back of the elbow. Although two butterflies are tattooed here, one can get more if one wants. The visually stunning appearance of the blue butterflies stands out due to their intricate detailing.

Butterfly Tattoo On Elbows
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Like all tiny butterfly tattoo designs, this is another small butterfly tattoo in blue. This can be a great thigh tattoo, provided the artist is capable of maintaining the precision and wing shape of such delicate insects. Such colorful designs represent beauty and are a mark of eliminating negative space.

Blue Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Hand Tattoo
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Do you think only having long nails make your hand look pretty? Well, maybe you are not aware of the power of butterfly tattoos. In this butterfly tattoo, multiple butterflies are tattooed to cover the whole hand. To make the wings of the butterfly look real, white ink is used. Therefore, it can be rightly said to be a white butterfly tattoo as well.

Blue Butterfly Hand Tattoos
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Butterfly tattoo designs in blue can make a great small butterfly tattoo hand art as shown here. Instead of a black outline, blue ink is used to portray the extravagance of the tattoo. Such butterfly tattoos not only look great on the hand but also on the forearm as well.

Red Outlined Butterfly Tattoo

Red Outlined Butterfly Tattoo
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If you are considering getting a red butterfly tattoo, know that they have a lot of meanings underneath. Red butterflies generally mean a good omen. According to some Native Americans, watching a red butterfly means something great is about to happen to you in the near future. Again, a red butterfly also stands for passion and love.

Red Outlined Butterfly Tattoos
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Here is another similar tattoo in red where only the outline is seen. This is a tiny tattoo. Hence, one can get such tattoo outlines on any part of your body. The placement of the tattoo is important as it enhances the body’s natural form. Also, if you want your tattoo to go unnoticed, such a cute and feminine tattoo is a great choice.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo With Quotes

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo With Quotes
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Butterflies stand for freedom and independence. If you are a free and liberated soul and would prefer proclaiming it to the whole world, nothing can be better than getting a butterfly tattoo done. Adding a quote or an impactful word to the tattoo makes it more meaningful. In this tattoo, the word ‘Breathe’ is tattooed. Interestingly, the ‘B’ of the word ‘Breath’ resembles a black butterfly.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo With Quotes
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If you want to create a simple tattoo with butterfly designs this black butterfly tattoo design is a wonderful idea for you. Since black butterflies, when tattooed, look simple, quotes are added to them to make the tattoo more interesting. Here, the semicolon is tattooed neatly to make it look like a butterfly.

Black and Grey Butterfly Skull Tattoo

Black and Grey Butterfly Skull Tattoo
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If you are looking for a fatal and deadly tattoo idea this skull tattoo with a butterfly is a perfect choice. The image of the skull is imprinted in the wings of the butterfly. To maintain the simplicity of the tattoo, only black and grey inks are used.

Black and Grey Butterfly Skull Tattoos
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Another one in the same category is this butterfly tattoo with the face of the skull in it. To make the tattoo appear more realistic, the skull is done in a shadowed format. Here again, only black and grey inks are used. The geometric pattern in the wings of the butterfly makes it look more accurate.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo ideas
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When you are hunting for tattoo designs, traditional designs are the ones that get the maximum priority. Here is a traditional bright and bold butterfly tattoo. The colors used in this tattoo make it look radiant.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoos ideas
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If you want to get a bold tattoo, what else can be better than using black and red colors! Here is a butterfly tattoo in red and black. The image of a bullet is used to showcase the body of the butterfly. In short, the tattoo is bold and beautiful.

To sum up, the butterfly tattoo is a common tattoo design not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for the various meanings that it carries. When you are determined to get a butterfly tattoo, make sure you trust experienced hands to get the best results.

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