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Want a cute and small tattoo that might also bring you luck? These amazing small four-leaf clover tattoo ideas are just what you need!

small four leaf clover tattoo
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The four-leaf clover, as you all know, symbolizes luck and good fortune.

The four-leaf clover is much rarer than its common variant, the three-leaf clover. And it is also thought to bring good luck to anyone who finds it.

But you do not have to wait until you find a stray four-leaf clover to bring your luck. You can get a lucky four-leaf clover tattoo and good luck will be with you forever. Four-leaf clovers symbolize good luck and that is why so many people like to get tattoos of them. They usually contain a small green stem and four leaves of the four-leaf clover. Since the idea is so simple, you can always add much more elements to your tattoo and make it a more interesting and stunning piece. On the other hand, some people just prefer a tiny and simple small four leaf clover tattoo. No matter what you like, we have all types of small tattoos related to this lucky symbol in this article just for you.

Minimalist Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Small

minimalist four leaf clover tattoo small
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Minimalist tattoos are all the rage right now. People love getting small and adorable tattoos on their skin. They are also popular because they take much less time and hurt a lot less than larger tattoos. But it is also hard to get the right details in a smaller tattoo. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of small yet colourful minimalist tattoos, then this tattoo idea is just for you. The tattoo is really simple and tiny but the colours still look very pretty and vibrant. You can get this tattoo on your wrist, forearm or shoulder and it would look perfect.

Cute and Small Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Designs

cute and small four leaf clover tattoo designs
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Instead of realistic tattoos, if you are a fan of more of a cartoonish style, then this tattoo idea is just what you need. It is said that one out of every ten thousand clovers actually contains the fourth leaf. It is really rare in nature but that does not mean you cannot have it. Getting a tattoo of a four-leaf clover is also considered lucky by a lot of people. You can bring luck to your life through this small and cute tattoo. This tattoo contains a four-leaf clover and a three-leaf clover as well. But if you want a tattoo of just a four-leaf clover, then you can get that as well.

Small Four Leaf Clover Wrist Tattoo Ideas

small four leaf clover wrist tattoo ideas
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Wrist tattoos are always very popular. It is an easily visible place and it also does not hurt as much to get a tattoo on a wrist. If you have always wanted to get a wrist tattoo, but could never decide on what to get, why not give a very cute four-leaf clover tattoo a try? This tattoo is really tiny and adorable, but still, the green in it is very vibrant. Four-leaf clovers are also supposed to bring you a lot of good fortune so it is a win-win situation for you!

Small Heart Shaped Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Ideas

small heart shaped four leaf clover tattoo ideas
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Four-leaf clover tattoos look really great, and one of the reasons behind that is their cute heart-shaped leaves. If you want a tattoo that clearly shows all the heart-shaped leaves of the clover and also looks beautiful and realistic then this tattoo is perfect for you. It is said that the four leaves of a four-leaf clover are supposed to signify four things. The first leaf is a symbol of love and the second one symbolizes faith and hope, while the third and fourth are the lucky ones. The symbols can vary from culture to culture. But since it symbolizes love, it is perfect to get a matching heart-shaped four-leaf clover tattoo with your partner as well. The tattoos will symbolize your love and bring luck into your relationship as well.

Small Black and Grey Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

small black and grey four leaf clover tattoo
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Minimalist tattoos are very popular right now. The whole minimal aesthetic looks very clean and eye-pleasing and so do minimal tattoos. We already mentioned a minimalist four-leaf clover tattoo previously, but this one is for the black and grey lovers. The tattoo is a line tattoo and is as simple as it gets. It has a four-leaf clover and also a small butterfly on top, all done with a very clean and beautiful line. Minimalist black and grey tattoo lovers will enjoy this tattoo very much. Even if you do not believe in the myth behind a four-leaf clover, you can enjoy the beauty of this tattoo nevertheless.

Cute Back of the Neck Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Ideas

cute back of the neck four leaf clover tattoo ideas
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The back of the neck is a really popular area for tattoos as it looks really stunning. If you have longer hair, you can hide it at any time. Then you can tie up your hair and show it to people whenever you like. But if you are looking for ideas about what to get as a neck tattoo, then we have the perfect solution. The tattoo in the picture is not just of one four-leaf clover, but there are two three-leaf clovers as well. Together, it makes a stunning picture. The tattoo is done in amazing detail and it also flows very well with the curves of the neck. The art style is also stunning and really suits the subject of the tattoo.

Intricate Black Ink Four Leaf Clover Tattoo for Women

intricate black ink four leaf clover tattoo for women
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There are people who enjoy black and grey tattoos more than colourful ones, and we understand. The classic black ink tattoos are something that can never be replaced and they look good on anybody. But if you also want a black and grey four-leaf clover tattoo but cannot find it, do not worry, because we have found one for you. The tattoo is very intricate as the clover leaves are all done in light grey and every leaf has intricate floral designs inside it. It is a small but very intricate tattoo that will look amazing on anyone’s arm, wrist or shoulder.

Colourful Flower and Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Ideas

colourful flower and four leaf clover tattoo ideas
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Are you someone that wants a four-leaf clover tattoo, but also wants to add something more to it? Then we have the perfect tattoo idea just for you. We understand that some people will not be happy with just a four-leaf clover tattoo and want it to be a little more unique and complicated. Well, this tattoo has multiple clovers as well as beautiful and vibrant yellow flowers that make it stand out amongst all the rest. The colours are vibrant and the art style looks amazing. This tattoo is done right above the person’s elbow but you can get it anywhere on your arms or wrists and it will look stunning.

Small Discrete Four Leaf Clover Tattoo on Shoulder

small discrete four leaf clover tattoo on shoulder
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Do you want a good luck charm but also do not like to show off your tattoos all that much? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. This really small but cute and detailed four leaf clover tattoo is just what you need. In the picture, the tattoo is done right below the person’s shoulder, which is a really easy place to hide with sleeves. But you can also get it on your waist or hipbones if you want to be even more discreet. This way, you can get your good luck charm but also avoid all the questions!

Cute Four Leaf and Three Leaf Clover Tattoo Ideas

cute four leaf and three leaf clover tattoo ideas
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