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Looking for some trendy designs on mushroom tattoos that are cool and cute? We got you covered with some amazing small mushroom tattoo ideas perfect for you!

small mushroom tattoo
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Mushroom tattoos are versatile tattoo designs that can hold different meanings for different people.

For some people, a mushroom reminds us of our beautiful nature, while for others it is a memorial tattoo that brings back fond memories of either a video game are a story. There are different styles of mushroom tattoos but the most prominent one is black and grey small mushroom tattoos.

In real life, mushroom comes in a variety of different bright colors. The brighter the mushroom it tends to be more poisonous. In many cultures, mushroom tattoos are a representation of power. It is also a constant reminder and inspiration to become more powerful in life. There are a lot of people who like to get magic mushroom tattoos on their bodies. Magic mushrooms are also known as psychedelic mushrooms, and they provide a mind-altering psychedelic trip experience to anybody who has ever taken it. In a lot of cartoons and films, mushrooms are seen as magical things that can take you on magical trips. According to some stories, mushrooms also represent love. Certain cultures associate mushrooms with good luck in life, especially if it’s made in visible places on the body like the wrist. Mushrooms are also a part of nature and are connected to trees, which is why they represent the circle of life. According to many European fairy tales, mushrooms are a cause of happiness and rejoicing in life. There are also some cultures in which mushroom tattoos are seen as a form of enlightenment. Mushrooms in general represent masculinity and are a symbol of immortality.

With the amazing significance of mushroom tattoos, it is only right that you get one for yourself. Check out this list of 10 amazing small mushroom tattoo designs just for you.

Cute Mushroom Tattoos

cute mushroom tattoos
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Although mushroom tattoos are a great way to incorporate a lot of bright colors, several people like to make small mushroom tattoos in just black ink. The most common way to make small mushroom tattoos is using fine lines of solid black ink. A lot of people also like to try dotwork art for these tattoos.

This mushroom tattoo is very small and adorable. It has been placed on the ankle. It shows a small rabbit-like creature with a mushroom head and the gilled portion of the mushroom is visible. The creatures holding a strawberry. The entire design has been made in black and grey color, with some portions in white. If required, colors can be added to this design to make it look more appealing.

Mushroom Ankle Tattoo

mushroom ankle tattoo
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This design is of a small mushroom tattoo placed on the ankle. This design has been made with simple strokes of black ink. It appears to be a traditional mushroom with small portions of grass. The head of the mushroom has small dots to make it look original. These mushroom designs are not very illustrative in nature. However, if you add wonderful colors to the design, it will look equally pretty. Several people get mushroom tattoos as a sign of spiritual rebirth, and several people like to get them as a sign of connection with nature. The meanings may differ from person to person. However, Mushroom tattoo designs always look classy and elegant.

Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoos

psychedelic mushroom tattoos
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Mushrooms are said to have magical properties in them. Their significant symbolism in different cultures has made them popular tattoo designs amongst teenagers as well as adults. The most common choice is a psychedelic mushroom. These mushrooms are said to have magical and perspective-shifting properties that transfer you into a psychedelic Galaxy full of bright colors and mythical creatures. Consuming such mushrooms can make you excited and confused at the same time. People who get psychedelic mushroom tattoos on themselves want to be inspired to be more powerful in life. This particular tattoo is a small, colorful design of psychedelic mushrooms. The main part of the mushroom body has been made with fine lines of black ink and the head of the mushroom has been made in shades of red and brown. A small butterfly is sitting on the head of the mushroom. This is one of the most beautiful mushroom designs for trippy times.

Small Mushroom Tattoo

small mushroom tattoos
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This tattoo is a very small and simple mushroom. Mushrooms are a versatile Tattoo Design and generally, these tattoos are made with wonderfully bold shades of bright colors. Sometimes the classic red and white head of the mushroom is also used as a common design. However, making a simple mushroom Tattoo Design can also hold significant symbolism in any culture. It is deeply meaningful and is a classic Tattoo Design. This particular tattoo has been made with simple strokes and fine lines of black ink. The tattoo has been placed right above the elbow. However, such small tattoos are usually placed on areas that are very visible, like the wrist or the hand.

Simple Mushroom Tattoo

simple mushroom tattoo
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This design is again of a very small cute mushroom tattoo. Instead of going with the original red and white, the artist has made the head of the mushroom with a fine line of black ink and used some dot work hard to make the circles within. This tattoo has been placed on the abdomen of the person. However, this design is such that that can be placed anywhere on the body and it will still look adorable. To make the design more appealing, you can add smaller elements like grass or stones beside the mushroom. You can also use some bright colors to complete this design.

Mushroom Boy Tattoo

mushroom boy tattoo
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This sweet Tattoo Design is the tattoo of a mushroom boy. Mushroom boys’ term generally referred to a character that has the body of a creature and the head of a mushroom. In this design, the creature appears to be walking. The head of the mushroom has been made with a fine line walk of black ink. There are some white dots added to the head to make it appear more realistic. Below the head is the guilt-shaded region of the mushroom which has also been made with fine lines and black ink. The entire tattoo is very small in nature and can be placed on any part of the body.

Matching Mushroom Tattoos

matching mushroom tattoos
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Matching tattoos have become a very common trend these days. Such tattoos do not have to be between couples only. Pairs of friends or parents or children can also get matching tattoos. This particular tattoo has been made on the shoulders of two people. On one shoulder appears to be a mushroom boy holding a small flower. And on the other one, there appears to be another mushroom creature sitting down. Both of these mushroom heads have some circles on them to make them look realistic. Both mushroom creatures have tiny faces as well. The purpose of these two tattoos could be to heal a broken connection between two people. You can also mix colors or add unusual colors to make this tattoo more appealing.

Custom Mushroom Tattoo Ideas

custom mushroom tattoo ideas
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This mushroom Tattoo Design is of a custom-made mushroom. Instead of the small circles generally placed on the mushroom head, this one has small hearts. These hearts represent love and passion. There are two mushrooms in this design which could mean that it is a sign of love between people because according to some cultures, mushrooms also represent that. To add more elements to the design, the artist has added grass below the mushrooms, some four-pointed stars on top, and a Crescent moon. The moon and stars are also a representation of love and guidance. This entire tattoo has been made with fine line work of black ink. The hearts within the head of the mushrooms have been shaded with solid black ink, and some areas have grey color as well.

Little Mushroom Tattoos

little mushroom tattoos
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This small mushroom tattoo can be considered a tribute to The Smurfs. The smurfs lived in a small house in the forest and the head of the house was that of a mushroom. This tattoo also has the head of the house in a mushroom format and the bottom part is a house. The entire tattoo has been made with black ink. Below the head of the mushroom, others shaded gills made with black and grey ink. The tiny door on the back of the mushroom has also been made with fine line work of solid black color to add more elements to the design. The tattoo artist has added little grass on the site and some stones on the pathway. This is a beautiful, small and simplistic design. If you are looking for a small mushroom tattoo.

Simple Small Mushroom Tattoo

simple small mushroom tattoo
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Mushrooms have had a character of their own, be it in fairy tales or cartoons. In some stories, they are considered to be magical, while in other stories they are considered to be very significant to life in general. These tattoos are also a way to show the natural bond between a person and the cycle of life. This beautiful tattoo has been made with a fine line walk of black ink. All hearts and stars have been added beside the mushroom to make it look more appealing.

Small mushroom tattoos are adorable small designs that can fit on any part of the body. With the different kinds of symbolism it has in different cultures, these tattoos can mean a lot to different people. We hope that you liked our curated list of small mushroom tattoos. If you would like to explore further, you can also look at –

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