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Are you looking forward to getting some unique small rainbow tattoo designs? Then, keep reading this article to explore small, colorful rainbow tattoo ideas!

small rainbow tattoo
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Taking the shape of a circular arc or a full circle, the rainbow, a glorious gift of nature, occurs in the sky after heavy rainfalls.

Rainbows have different symbolic meanings in different cultures all over the world. But primarily, rainbows represent hope and a new beginning after a troublesome period.

Rainbows project a spectrum of multicolored lights after being reflected through water droplets. The sequence of seven different colors is a sort of optical illusion that can be beheld by any human being. There are six different kinds of rainbows such as- fogbow, lunar, twin, circle, and super numeracy bow.

A bright, vibrant rainbow has always been associated with passion, optimistic thoughts, and brilliant days ahead. But recently, rainbows have also become an emblem for the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community has a rainbow flag to demonstrate their gay pride. Therefore, rainbow tattoos are often called pride tattoos as well. For gay or bisexuals and those who support this sacred movement of sexual independence, there is a very good reason to get inked with a bright, small rainbow tattoo. 

So, without wasting any more time, browse through this article, select your favorite small rainbow Tattoo Design, and get yourself inked with that design to celebrate pride!

Small Rainbow Heart Tattoo

small rainbow heart tattoo
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If you are one of those people who like simple and elegant designs in their tattoos, then this vibrant rainbow heart tattoo is just what you need. A heart can metaphorically stand for numerous things, but primarily it is an emblem of romantic love, passion, and affection.

In ancient times, the heart was even considered to be the instrument of intelligence that controls the activities of the brain. However, the meaning of heart tattoos can also vary according to their colors. In most cases, people get inked with a black heart tattoo to express their grief and honor towards a dead person. Yellow heart tattoos, on the other hand, represent the wearer’s journey towards a new life.

This amazing rainbow heart looks as though the tattoo artist has used a paintbrush to draw the exact combination of the rainbow colors on the tattoo holder’s skin. Tiny white dots are entrusted on the surface of the brightly colored rainbow tattoo to give it a sparkling effect. This sophisticated rainbow heart tattoo will fit best on your wrist, ankle, or neck.

Small Rainbow Ear Tattoo

small rainbow ear tattoo
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This is probably the coolest rainbow tattoo of this lot. If you are looking for a simple and unique tattoo to adorn your ears, then this little rainbow flag tattoo is just what you need.

This tattoo is one of the best designs for gay or bisexual people since the rainbow on the ear is considered to be an emblem of pride. The tattoo features a tiny rainbow flag in the ear’s lower part. This elegant tattoo alone can enhance your style statement. Therefore, if you are thinking about celebrating pride month this year, then just get this simple yet elegant tattoo inked on your ear.

Small Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo

small rainbow butterfly tattoo
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A butterfly rainbow tattoo can convey a plethora of symbolic meanings. Butterflies are often seen as emblems of rebirth, change, femininity, transportation, and beauty. The release of the butterfly from its cocoon metaphorically stands for the reincarnation of the people who have succeeded in tearing themselves apart from their hectic past life.

In many cultures, butterflies are associated with fortune and good luck as well. On the other hand, rainbows are also seen as a usurer of new beginnings. However, this cute tattoo features an abstract painting of a butterfly with rainbow colors splashed on the wings. The thin outline of the butterfly is drawn using black ink. There are splashes of yellow and orange color exceeding the outline of the butterfly. This small tattoo is bound to look gorgeous on your thigh, ankle, wrist, or neck. 

Small Rainbow Rose Tattoo

small rainbow rose tattoo
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Roses are generally associated with love, passion, and beauty. But the symbolic meaning of roses also varies according to their different colors. For example, a red rose tattoo always symbolizes love and burning passion, while a white rose conveys mystery and purity. 

In this elegant tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn a fine-lined rose tattoo using black ink. A ray of the rainbow has crossed the fine-lined rose to create a very edgy look. You can wear this amazing rainbow rose tattoo on your forearm, spine, or calf. You can also ask your tattoo artist to incorporate a butterfly on top of the rose, which will surely increase the richness and elegance of the tattoo by several degrees.

Small Rainbow Peace Sign Tattoo

small rainbow peace sign tattoo
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As the name suggests, the peace symbol is said to be an emblem of peace, harmony, and friendship. This peace symbol, also known as the CND symbol, first became popular during the 1960s to signify the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has done a wonderful job inking the peace sign with rainbow colors. An associated variety of flowers surrounding the peace sign has made the tattoo look super elegant. This tattoo will also fit best on your neck, chest, thigh, or wrist. 

Small Rainbow Lotus Tattoo

small rainbow lotus tattoo
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Suppose you are looking for one tattoo idea which will be the outer expression of your spiritual and emotional enlightenment. In that case, nothing will be more perfect than to get a vibrant rainbow lotus Tattoo Design inked on your body.

In different cultures, lotuses have different symbolic meanings. For instance, in Hinduism, the “padma” or lotus is said to be symbolizing purity, chastity, beauty, and tranquillity of mind. Lotus is also the sacred flower of goddess Laxmi. This bright and colorful tattoo shows a fully bloomed small lotus that has rainbow-colored petals. The insides of the petals are inked using white and pink shading that has perfectly provided a contrasting effect. You can wear this tattoo over your elbow or on the knee, but it will also look stunning on your neck or spine.

Rainbow Cloud Tattoo

rainbow cloud tattoo
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A rainbow cloud, also known as an iridescent cloud or fire cloud, occurs after thunderstorms. The spectacular iridescence happens when the sunlight gets scattered by water droplets or ice mini ice crystals.

Rainbow clouds are very rare, and they look magical when they appear in the bright blue sky. An Akatsuki cloud has been featured in this amazing tattoo, with rainbow colors drawn on the borders. There is a half moon over the cloud, and some colorful sparkling stars are scattered around the cloud. This is the best design for you if you want a unique rainbow tattoo. Since leg tattoos are very popular these days, you can get this design inked on your calf or feet as well.

Small Rainbow Spiritual Chakra Tattoo

small rainbow spiritual chakra tattoosmall rainbow spiritual chakra tattoo
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In yoga or meditation, the chakras are believed to be the ultimate source of energy in the human body. Chakra is a Sanskrit term that means “wheel” or “disk”. It is said that there are at least 114 chakras located in different parts of the body. But primarily, there are a total of seven chakras or wheels of spinning energy located along the length of the spine, beginning from the tailbone and extending up to the crown of the head.

It is considered that a well-functioning system of chakras can heal the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical energy of human beings. In this tattoo, a human’s outline is depicted sitting in a padmasana or lotus pose. There are seven rainbow dots that are placed along the length of the spine. The root chakra, which is situated at the tailbone, is red. The chakra at the top of the head is inked using violet. In between these two chakras, there is a sequence of five chakras which are also colored, maintaining the order of the rainbow colors. This tattoo will fit best on your chest or back.

Small Rainbow Pegasus Tattoo

small rainbow pegasus tattoo
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Unbar the pegasus inside you by getting inked with this amazing rainbow pegasus tattoo. Pegasus, a mythical horse with wings, is said to symbolize freedom, recklessness, speed, and artistic creativity. 

This mind-blowing tattoo features a rainbow-colored pegasus with its wings stretched as if it has just taken flight. Colors distilling from the body of the pegasus that has made this simple tattoo look incredible. This tattoo is bound to steal anybody’s heart. You can wear it on your shoulder or around your collarbone.

Small Rainbow With Musical Notes Tattoo

small rainbow with musical notes tattoo
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This is probably the best rainbow Tattoo Design for music lovers. Music is a source of happiness, pleasure, and tranquillity, but it can also arouse melancholic emotions in individuals. Music has been a crucial part of entertainment since time immemorial. 

However, there are two amazing wrist tattoos in this picture. On the right hand is a finger peace sign with rainbow dots drawn above it. And on the left hand, there are musical notes drawn across a pride flag. The peace finger sign and musical notes are drawn using black ink to add a contrasting look. Though these two designs fit best on both wrists, you can also wear them on your feet.

A brightly colorful rainbow tattoo can be worn by anyone. The seven colors can add a magical vibe when inked with other wonderful elements like flowers, stars, musical instruments, etc. Therefore, show your colorful self to the world by getting inked with one of the aforementioned rainbow tattoos!

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