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Are you a fan of the wild west and want some cool tattoos related to it? We have the best collection of small Western Tattoo ideas that you will love.

small western tattoo ideas
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Western tattoos are very popular amongst fans of the Wild West.

The Wild West Mostly refers to the time period of 1865 to 1895. These thirty years left a huge impact on the generations to come.

We have all seen at least one movie about the glorious Wild West. Even though it was mostly happening in Southern America and the actual period only lasted for three decades, the time let a huge impact on the minds of future generations. It was full of cowboys, horses, guns and whatnot. There are numerous books written and movies made about the time but it is still not enough. The age has inspired not only media and literature but also fashion and has become a lifestyle. If you are also a fan of the time and want a really cool Western tattoo to proclaim your love for all things wild and free, then here are a few small Western tattoo designs that you are going to love.

Amazing Cowboy Boots and Snake Tattoo Designs

amazing cowboy boots and snake tattoo designs
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You all remember Woody from the Toy Story movies, right? He was a cowboy toy and the protagonist of all the films as well. His catchphrase was ‘There’s a snake in my boot!’ Well, this tattoo brings that vision to life. It is a tattoo design made in the American Traditional style, which is very appropriate for our theme here. The boot is a very ornate cowboy boot, and there is also the head of a very ornate snake coming out from the inside of the boot. There is also a flower in the tattoo but if you do not want that, you can choose to get rid of it. The colours on this tattoo are really bright and help bring the image to life.

Beautiful American Traditional Cowgirl Tattoo Ideas

beautiful american traditional cowgirl tattoo ideas
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Cowgirl tattoos are extremely popular amongst tattoo fans, especially the ones made in the American Traditional style. There is a charm about this style that no other can replicate. It is one of the oldest tattoo styles that became famous in the United States. Even though, before, it only used very few bright colours because no others were available, now it has become a trademark. These tattoos have bold black outlines and bright colours that bring them to life. This tattoo is a portrait of a very pretty cowgirl. The tattoo artist captured the essence of her beauty perfectly through this style. She also has a cowboy hat and a bandana around her neck which is very appropriate for the age it is trying to capture.

Fantastic Western Skull Tattoo Designs

fantastic western skull tattoo designs
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Skulls are a recurring theme in both Western and American Traditional tattoos. However, even though this tattoo is not made in the American Traditional style, it is still a Western skull tattoo because it has a cowboy hat on. The tattoo is made in a semi-realistic style in black ink. The details on the tattoo are amazing. In the tattoo, the skull has a full head of hair, in the style that was popular amongst cowboys. But if you want just a simple skull with a hat tattoo, you can ask your artist to make that for you. But if you are looking for a skull tattoo made in the American traditional style, then you have to go to an artist who has specialized in it. You can get a black and grey skull tattoo or ask them for a more colourful one as well. This tattoo will look good on anyone’s arm or forearm.

Beautiful Cowboy Hat Tattoo Ideas for You

beautiful cowboy hat tattoo ideas for you
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Cowboy hats are a staple in western fashion. They are so famous that people still wear them and they look really badass and cool. They come in many sizes and designs. In this tattoo, we can see a very pretty cowboy hat that is probably meant for a woman as it has butterflies on it. That does not make it any less cool. There are some amazing details on this tattoo that we absolutely loved and we think you will as well. This tattoo is done in black and grey, but you can always ask your artist to draw a more colourful tattoo design for you. Cowboy hats are one of the staple country tattoos. Many country singers wear them to this day. The southern culture is very closely related to the country music that we hear today. You can also ask your tattoo artist to add more elements to the tattoo if that is something you want.

Fantastic Cowgirl with A Horse Forearm Tattoo

fantastic cowgirl with a horse forearm tattoo
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Cowboys or cowgirls and horses always go hand in hand in the western style. If you know anything about the wild west, you will know that they used to ride horses there all the time for various purposes. This beautiful American traditional tattoo features a very pretty cowgirl and a horse. The tattoo uses very few colours to bring life to the tattoo and also make it look super cool. There are some amazing details in the tattoo that we cannot overlook. Like the flowers in the bottom that tie the whole tattoo together. But if you are a fan of horses and just want a horse tattoo in the same style, then you can ask your artist to do just that. Add or subtract the elements that you think will make the tattoo more suitable for you. You can also add a quote here that you think will match the theme of the tattoo.

Small Western Desert Cactus Tattoo Ideas

small western desert cactus tattoo ideas
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No Western tattoo list is complete without a cactus tattoo. The desert has a lot of cacti and they also make for really amazing tattoos. Just like this one. This is a very minimal and small tattoo for people who love the West and also cacti. The tattoo features a black ink cactus done in a minimal style. There is also a small black crescent moon above it to tie the whole scene together. But you can also add a red sun there instead of the moon if you want your tattoo to have just a little splash of colour. Even though the tattoo is pretty small, the inking here is perfect. You can also add more details to the tattoo to make it look more interesting.

Stunning Western Bull Tattoo Designs

stunning western bull tattoo designs
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The bull symbolizes many aspects of humans. It is a symbol of courage, masculinity, leadership, protection, confidence, fearlessness and power. That is why many people get bull tattoos. Bulls also make for amazing tattoo designs, as is very apparent from this. This tattoo has a watercolour style, which is very hard to achieve. There are many colours in the tattoo that make it absolutely stunning. The tattoo also has a lot of details that do not get lost because of the colours. The colours are really bright and look amazing on the person’s skin. This tattoo idea is perfect for you if you love colourful tattoos. You can also get any other animal done in the same style. Just find an artist who can make stunning colourful tattoos like this on your skin. This tattoo will look amazing on your chest.

Colourful Western Gun Tattoo Design

colourful western gun tattoo design
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Guns are a common and recurring theme in Western tattoos. They are also a very common element in all Western movies. I mean, we have all heard about the very famous duels right? Well if you are also a fan of very beautiful guns, then this tattoo will be an excellent choice for you. The tattoo is again done in the American traditional style and that is why it has some amazing detail as well as bold colours. There is a very beautiful sunset picture drawn on the handle of the gun which enhances its beauty even more. But you can also go for a black and grey gun tattoo if that suits you more.

Colourful Western Postcard Tattoo Design

colourful western postcard tattoo design
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This amazing polaroid postcard tattoo captures the beauty of the West perfectly. It has the desert, the mountains, the sun and the cacti all in one place. It also has some really beautiful flowers around the main picture to make it more vibrant and stunning. If you want a tattoo that captures the scenic beauty of the desert, then this tattoo is just what you need. People love getting postcard tattoos because they have a personal and vintage feel. You can also choose to get some other designs in your tattoo if you feel like it. Just talk to your tattoo artist about what you want and have them draw the perfect tattoo for you. This tattoo will also look great on your arm, leg or chest.

Small Western Cowboy Tattoos for You

small western cowboy tattoos for you
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As we already said, cowboy tattoos are very famous amongst people who love western tattoos. This tattoo is incredibly simple, as it only has the side face of a cowboy in a hat. But still, the artist was able to capture the true essence of a cowboy in the tattoo. You can get this tattoo in black and grey as it is shown in the picture, but a coloured version of this tattoo will also look stunning on anyone. The bold black outlines really bring the tattoo to life. You can also add other elements to your tattoo if you want to.

Did not find your perfect tattoo idea in this list? Well, you have nothing to worry about. We have some more tattoo ideas just for you.

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