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If you are struggling to find the perfect snake tattoo designs to get tattooed on yourself, here are the top 10 best snake tattoo sleeve ideas for you.

snake tattoo
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Since the early days, snakes have been known to represent strength, rebirth, desire, and also fruitfulness or fertility.

Snake design tattoos can be coiled or even combined with various objects while getting inked to give different meanings to it, based on the different designs. A snake tattoo design is also a great symbol of the power of transformation.

Snake tattoos also fall among the most trending tattoo ideas all over the world, as the snake tattoo design can be explained in a variety of ways according to the needs of a person. Since the very beginning of history, the snake has been a symbolic representation of both good as well as bad or evil. The main reason behind snakes being a symbolic representation of rebirth is that they can replace or shed their skin with new skin. The best place for the placement of a serpent tattoo on your body for both men and women is your sleeve i.e., your entire arm.

Small Snake Tattoo Design For Sleeve Tattoo

small snake tattoo design for sleeve tattoo
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Talking about the small snake tattoo, a common tattoo design from the Japanese snake tattoo ideas that comes to our mind is the Ouroboros tattoo where the snake is seen to swallow its tail which symbolizes the cycle of life- life and death i.e., it symbolizes infinity. However, a small tattoo also symbolizes that despite being small, a tattoo can still be elegant and powerful.

Japanese snake tattoo ideas are usually multi-element tattoos that can attract the attention of a lot of people who have an interest in objects like a skull, eagle, and many others, as a single Japanese snake tattoo contains various other objects within it with a deep meaning. However, snakes also have certain negative implications in society as it is pretty natural that people fear snakes primarily because of their venom, and their agility or fast movement. If you are planning on getting a snake tattoo design and also do not want to cover up an entire body part with it, do check out this small sleeve tattoo design for your sleeve tattoo.

Snake Sleeve Tattoo With Flowers For Forearm

snake sleeve tattoo with flowers for forearm
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The reason for getting the snake tattoo inked as a forearm tattoo is that the snake tattoo is a long one that requires a long space like the arm, for its proper placement. It can also be placed in other areas like the chest, and back each of which carries different meanings.

Flower tattoos can also be said to be among one the most widely used tattoo designs all over the world. Unlike snake tattoos, flower tattoos also have a varied number of meanings based on their designs. Flowers are also considered good luck, and also believed to have a connection with god. A rose tattoo and a snake tattoo when combined symbolize desire. Thus, forming a tattoo design with a deeper meaning where the snake is ferocious and a rose is elegant. If you too want to get yourself inked with a sleeve tattoo design that is both ferocious as well elegant at the same time, do check out this tattoo design.

Half Sleeve Snake Wrapped Around Arm Tattoo

half sleeve snake wrapped around arm tattoo
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Snakes are known all over the world for their ability to shed their old skin and start afresh which can also be known to be a symbolic representation of rebirth as well as healing in different cultures, including the Native American tribes.

Many traditional Japanese tattoos are generally inspired by snakes. These kinds of Irezumi tattoos are high-quality and high-quality tattoos because of the ink that the tattoo artist uses in the process of inking it into the skin. A snake tattoo wrapped around your arm gives a bold and fearless look. Thus, if you too want to get inked with a sleeve tattoo that will symbolize the same, try out this snake wrapped around your arm sleeve tattoo design.

Vibrant Colors Snake Sleeve Tattoo

vibrant colors snake sleeve tattoo
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Other than the designs, snake tattoos also have various meanings based on the color of the tattoo. In general Japanese snake tattoos are bolder and more colorful as compared to snake tattoo ideas of all other cultures. Black-colored snake tattoo designs symbolize a person with dignity and wisdom, whereas red-colored snake tattoo designs symbolize power, as well as protection. White-colored snake tattoo design symbolizes Goddess Benzaiten.

Hence, if you too want to get inked with such a vibrant colored sleeve tattoo, do check out this vibrant colored snake sleeve tattoo design.

Snake With Skull Tattoo For Upper Sleeve Tattoo

snake with skull tattoo for upper sleeve tattoo
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In western cultures, the snake with a skull tattoo is known to symbolize death or even physical destruction. A skull tattoo has positive and negative connotations attached to it. Much like snake tattoos, skull tattoos are also believed to protect the people wearing them. Other than death, a skull is also a symbol of power and wisdom. The combination of a skull tattoo along with a snake tattoo makes it an indeed powerful tattoo idea to get it inked into your skin.

If you too want to try out a combination of both snake and skull tattoos in one single tattoo design, do check out this sleeve tattoo design.

Intertwined Snake Sleeve Tattoo

intertwined snake sleeve tattoo
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A coiled serpent or a coiled snake tattoo design has a mixture of positive and negative meanings to it. A snake coiled around a rose symbolizes eternal life, a snake coiled around a tree symbolizes the awakening of energetic energies or forces, a snake coiled around a sword symbolizes fertility and power together, and a snake coiled around a dagger symbolizes the constant battle that one has to fight in his/her lifespan. A snake coiled around a cross symbolizes both good and evil as the snake is a symbol of evil whereas the cross is a symbol of Jesus Christ.

If you too want to get a snake sleeve tattoo done and want it to make a statement, then do try out this beautiful intertwined snake tattoo design.

Snake Skeleton Tattoos For Sleeve Tattoo

snake skeleton tattoos for sleeve tattoo
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A snake skeleton tattoo is chosen by those who want to tell the world that their presence will be felt through bones even if their skin leaves this world, and that is exactly what a snake skeleton tattoo symbolizes. If you abide by such a thought, then do try out this snake tattoo design with a unique snake tattoo meaning.

Realistic Snake Tattoo For A Half Sleeve Tattoo

realistic snake tattoo for a half sleeve tattoo
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The most commonly seen, fearsome, and most popular styles of snake tattoo are those where the snake is in an upright position with flared neck and bared fangs, ready to strike.

Venomous snakes are those type of serpents that produces venom and uses it for various purposes like catching and killing prey, self-defense, and even digesting their prey. These types of snakes inject venom into the body of their prey with the help of their sharp fangs, although some of the snakes lack proper fangs. Some of the most famous venomous and dangerous snakes in the world are- the king cobra, black mamba, coastal taipan, banded krait, and many more. You too can try out this sleeve tattoo design that shows the beautiful work of the tattoo artists to bring out your masculine features beautifully.

Medusa Snake Tattoo Design For Upper Sleeve Tattoo

medusa snake tattoo design for upper sleeve tattoo
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Snakes or snake tattoos represent various meanings in various cultures. In the Japanese tattoo cultures, snakes represent good luck, power, and change. It even symbolizes protection against bad luck. Although the culture of getting a tattoo is banned in Japan as it is linked with the crime world, still many people who wish to get inked with a tattoo on their body usually get it done in such a position where it will remain completely covered like the chest. Some of the popular Japanese tattoo designs are the Japanese snake tattoo, the Japanese dragon tattoo, and many more. In Greek cultures, snakes are known to symbolize medicine. In African cultures, snakes are known to symbolize fertility, and they are also a symbol of protectors of the planet earth. Similarly in the Chinese culture, snakes are known to symbolize good fortune and longevity and are also considered honorable animals. In the Egyptian cultures where Apopis or Rerek is known to be the god of snakes, a serpent is known to symbolize fertility and rebirth.

Medusa is a Greek female character in Greek mythology who is believed to have lived with snakes on her head in place of hairs, and those who looked into her eyes turned into stones instantly. She was believed to be a dangerous warning or threat that is used to cut out other dangerous warnings or threats. If you too are interested in Greek mythologies, you can try out this sleeve tattoo design on yourself.

Two-Headed Snake Tattoo Design For Sleeve Tattoo

two-headed snake tattoo design for sleeve tattoo
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The two-headed snake tattoo is a symbolic representation of the many changes that one goes through during his/her lifetime. It is also a sign that represents the person who has gone through all these changes in their lifetime and can deal with anything and everything.

Hence, if your life too is filled with such hardships, you can try out this sleeve tattoo design to symbolically represent it.

Here are some more snake tattoo designs for you.

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