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Are you an admirer of the Peanuts gang? Then check out these Snoopy and Woodstock tattoo ideas that will fascinate you as much as their bond fascinates us!

snoopy and woodstock tattoo
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Ever since the launch of ‘The Peanuts’, the bond between Snoopy and Woodstock has won the heart of millions across the globe.

Snoopy is a happy beagle who is portrayed as a fun-loving and loyal character. This character was first created by Charles M. Schulz and emerged in ‘The Peanuts’ on October 4, 1950.

Woodstock is Snoopy’s dearest friend. It is a tiny yellow bird who loves Snoopy and follows him everywhere, just like his assistant. Their relationship is showcased beautifully in the comic strip, where we can see both of them are extremely loyal to each other. Their closeness and random funny acts filled our childhood days with merriment. While children enjoy The Peanuts comics, you can definitely opt for a Snoopy and Woodstock tattoo to keep the child in you alive. The best areas to ink Snoopy tattoos are the wrist, ankle, hands, behind the ear, finger spaces, and shoulder blades for women, while for men; leg, biceps, chest, neck, forearms, and back are equally stunning areas for showcasing this candid body art.

No matter how old you become, the love for comics and cartoons never fades. In fact, a tattoo of Snoopy with Woodstock will serve as a reminder of the carefree days of childhood. Simply by looking at the ink, the happy memories of childhood will pop up, reminding you of the great gift by Charles M. Schulz. In fact, it is the cheerful memories that keep us going in this hectic life. So here’s presenting a bunch of Snoopy and Woodstock tattoo designs for the big Peanuts fans!

Woodstock Hugging Snoopy Tattoo

woodstock hugging snoopy tattoo
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Woodstock hugging Snoopy tattoo is the next best thing besides watching the whole Peanuts gang together. This ink is reflective of the beautiful relationships in life that bring peace. Snoopy, the favorite character of all the Peanuts lovers, has been in huge demand among all the cartoon enthusiasts.

The bond between Snoopy and Woodstock can be portrayed just perfectly with this simple tattoo. It will also serve as a reminder of being in touch with your loved ones. This non-toxic relationship between the cute beagle and the li’l Woodstock would look awesome when inked at the right place. The most popular areas of inking this body art are the inner side of the left leg, or right above the ankle, and on the wrist.

Cool Snoopy and Woodstock Tattoo

cool snoopy and woodstock tattoo
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Who is not an admirer of Snoopy and his cool poses? With all his charm, Snoopy and Woodstock chilling together wearing sunglasses would surely look dashing. This tattoo with Snoopy and Woodstock riding on an airplane imparts a cool and confident vibe to the wearer.

One can also add a variety of elements to this tattoo to make it look more vibrant and classy. For example, you can try out the spikey hair on Snoopy and Woodstock, or simply add a surfboard with Snoopy enjoying the ride on it. This would bring out the wearer’s adventurous and fun-loving sides. After all, you can just add about anything to your favorite Peanuts tattoo.

His n Her Matching Snoopy and Woodstock Tattoo

his n her matching snoopy and woodstock tattoo
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How about portraying your romantic side with the trendy Snoopy and Woodstock couple tattoo? These look amazing on the wrists of the couples as well as on the arms.

While one can ink the Snoopy tattoo holding a small red heart, the other can opt for the cute bird Woodstock, accepting the little heart. When showcased together, this will definitely look out of the box and will make you fall in love with your cartoon character even more. The interesting point with this tattoo is that it would look great even without your partner, with either Woodstock or Snoopy tattoo. There are hundreds of couple Snoopy tattoo ideas, not only with Woodstock but also with Charlie Brown, the owner of Snoopy. You can ink out your favorite pictures from the Peanuts tattoo page.

Small Snoopy Tattoo With Woodstock

small snoopy tattoo with woodstock

A tiny tattoo of Snoopy holding Woodstock will look more interesting than you think. A small Woodstock hugging Snoopy tattoo on the ankle or on the inner side of the finger is quite a unique choice to go for. This simple yet meaningful tattoo can look amazing in other body areas as well including the side of your wrist, or the shoulder.

The happy face of Snoopy will surely uplift your mood in bad times and will remind you of all the good memories of your childhood days. It’s not just a basic tattoo but also helps the wearer to diverge from reality in the moment of heat.

Hawaiian Snoopy and Woodstock Tattoo

hawaiian snoopy and woodstock tattoo
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Are you a fun-loving and enthusiastic soul? Then what’s better than the chilling Snoopy tattoos with Woodstock? This tattoo gives a complete beach vibe and evidently makes the observer’s and the wearer’s spirits high. Snoopy relaxing on the beach with his best buddy is quite a jolly sight.

It will be interesting to see the artists bringing out the best version of chilling Snoopy tattoos with added elements of sassy sunglasses, flower garlands, and skirts made of leaves. This portrays a complete beach look and makes us happy to witness the best friends enjoying their vacation the most. If you are looking for a modish inspirational ink design, then the Hawaiian Snoopy and Woodstock tattoo should be on your list. It would bring out the energetic and winsome side of the wearer.

How To Chill Snoopy and Woodstock Tattoo

how to chill snoopy and woodstock tattoo
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There is no end to Snoopy and Woodstock chilling around! Tattoo artists love to ink Woodstock and Snoopy tattoo for fans. Both of them are iconic characters of The Peanuts and are an inseparable duo. You can’t name one without the other. As we all know that Snoopy enjoys his life and believes in relaxing all the time, so there is really no one better than him to teach us how to chill! Throughout the Peanuts comic, we get to see a number of Snoopy pictures relaxing with Woodstock.

Why not etch out a simple yet cool Snoopy tattoo, which can give the observers and the wearers the impulse to chill when life hurls lemons? This is perhaps the best possible reason for all the Snoopy and Woodstock fans to opt for this tattoo. This can be designed in endless ways, be it Snoopy chilling with a bottle of coke, or clicking photos with Woodstock, which can represent all the lazy and introverted ones. Or you can simply etch out dashing Snoopy with a bold black jacket and pair of shades. This is typically chosen by the male wearers, which makes them look confident and cool. You can fit it just anywhere on your body.

Snoopy Eating Icecream With Woodstock Tattoo

snoopy eating icecream with woodstock tattoo
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Another popular picture of Snoopy and Woodstock is them enjoying ice cream, and it would surely look great when inked on the arms, neck, shoulders, or left leg. This tattoo gives a summer vibe and reminds the wearers and the observers to relax. By simply watching this tattoo, one might feel the urge to grab an ice cream and enjoy life just like the Snoopy and Woodstock cartoon.

If you are the one who loves tattoos as well as ice creams, then this should be on the top of your inking list. Snoopy holding a cone of ice cream with four big scoops is probably the next best thing one might look at during the scorching summer months. You can easily customize the colour of the ice cream, or make it more cheerful with Snoopy sharing it with Woodstock. A Snoopy tattoo depicts kindness and love, and so, inking it will certainly represent the wearers’ kind heart. This can also make you immerse in joyous recollections of childhood, which will definitely bring out a hint of a smile on your face.

Classic Forever Friends Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock Tattoo

classic forever friends charlie brown, snoopy and woodstock tattoo
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While Snoopy loved Charlie Brown, there has always been a special attachment between Snoopy and Woodstock. Woodstock loved Snoopy and followed him everywhere like his assistant. Although Snoopy became irritated at first, gradually he started to understand Woodstock’s language. Later, they became best friends, and their special bond touched all our hearts.

A tattoo with Woodstock hugging Snoopy or the duo sitting and spending quality time together are classic ideas to opt for. Since most children nowadays are not aware of The Peanuts, you can surely get a child in a house intrigued to look at this Peanut tattoo. Another classic forever friends Snoopy tattoo is the flying Woodstock peanuts tattoo, which is certainly Instagram-worthy. If you are getting the first tattoo being a Peanuts fan, then this is the one you should go for! There are more such ideas on the Peanuts tattoo page for you to choose from.

Bold Black Snoopy With Woodstock Tattoo on Forearm and Ankle

bold black snoopy with woodstock tattoo on forearm and ankle
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A tattoo on the ankle and the forearm is indeed a spirited choice. With the bold black Snoopy tattoo on the ankle, the wearers can easily depict their love for Peanuts. This simplistic tattoo can bring out the innocent side of yours and can convey the emotions of an adult Peanuts fan.

There are a number of elements that you can add to your tattoo, including shoes on baby Woodstock and Snoopy, or make it more meaningful with Charlie Brown tattoo. It will certainly grab your Instagram attention. You can also add your favorite comic theme from the Peanuts, with Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown sitting side by side with their conversations highlighting the reality of life and the unnecessary stress of the future. This will bring out the expressive and thoughtful side of the wearer.

Ultimate Peanuts Gang Tattoo

ultimate peanuts gang tattoo
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A perfect way to remember the good old days is by watching the Peanuts gang spending quality time with each other. We all were in love with this popular gang, that appeared on the television from the famous Peanuts comic strip. Their strong bond and funny notions saved us from the daily hustles. The most notable members of this gang include Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock. For the ultimate Peanuts fan, this tattoo will be a major hype if inked at the right place by the right artist. The arm and the neck are the perfect places for positioning this tattoo.

Apart from these tattoo designs, there are a number of other tattoo ideas to choose from. You can showcase your love for the classic Peanuts comic by choosing any of them and getting it inked by the right tattoo artist. Here are some more Snoopy and Woodstock tattoo ideas for you to check out:

  • Snoopy with Woodstock on the red baron tattoos
  • Snoopy dancing with Woodstock tattoo
  • Chef Snoopy and Woodstock tattoo on the forearm
  • Nostalgic Snoopy and Woodstock tattoo
  • Snoopy playing guitar with Woodstock tattoo on the shoulder

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