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Are you planning on getting inked with a gorgeous black butterfly? Here is a curated list of black butterfly tattoo designs that will touch your aesthetics!

Solid Black Butterfly Tattoo
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Black butterfly tattoos are symbolic of rebirth, transformation, and new beginnings.

Black butterflies are quite fascinating for their uniqueness along with the mystery associated with them. They are a popular theme for tattoo designs and look beautiful on the skin of the wearer.

Butterflies never fail to attract the attention of the onlooker with their dazzling beauty. Butterfly tattoos are often portrayed flying amidst a group of flowers. You can also ink a bunch of flowers growing out of the wings of a butterfly. The colour of its wings plays a deep role in its symbolism. A blue butterfly tattoo stands for peace while a butterfly with purple wings signifies a divine connection. You can accentuate the beauty of your solid black butterfly tattoo by portraying it with a touch of realism. Black butterflies can be paired with a bright sun or crescent moon tattoo which adds to its symbolism. You can ink your butterfly tattoo in a watercolour inking style or layer its wings with tribal detailing. You can also ink a kaleidoscope of black butterflies along the length of your arm or collarbone. Famous celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey, Queen Latifah, and Britney Spears sport the butterfly tattoo on their skin. Take a look at these elegant black butterfly tattoos, paired with unique designs, and the meaning associated with them!

Floral Black Butterfly Tattoo

Floral Black Butterfly Tattoo
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It seems like a bunch of purple flowers have grown out of the wings of the black butterfly. Its left wing is beautifully shaded in black with minimal details. The floral wing is intricately designed with delicate purple flowers, highlighted in white ink, along with small leaves. You can place this pretty butterfly tattoo on your arm and flaunt it in style!

Floral Black Butterfly Tattoo ideas
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The wings of this black butterfly are detailed with red petals. The combination of red and black ink creates a stunning visual in this tattoo art. The butterfly tattoo, combined with floral motifs, is emblematic of immortality. You can pair your floral butterfly tattoo with stars to further enhance its beauty. This half flower and half butterfly tattoo symbolizes growth in life.

Solid Black Butterfly Tattoo

Solid Black Butterfly Tattoos
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This clean design of a pair of black butterflies attracts attention with its simplicity. The butterfly is inked in an intense black ink on the skin of the wearer. If you want you can detail the design with white ink to create a contrast. You can place these solid black butterflies on your shoulder like the one shown in the picture. You should definitely ink this design on your skin if you’re a fan of blackwork tattoos.

Solid Black Butterfly Tattoo ideas
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The black butterfly is placed on an infinity symbol in this charming tattoo design. The word ‘love’ is inked in one corner of the infinity. The fluttering wings of the butterfly are beautifully shaded in black. The infinity tattoo signifies limitlessness, while the butterfly represents love. Together, they represent a love that is never ending. This simple yet unique design can be easily placed along the length of your arm.

Realistic Black Butterfly Tattoo

Realistic Black Butterfly Tattoo
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It seems like the dazzling black butterfly is about to sit on the arm of the wearer. The realistic illusion of this tattoo design is enhanced by the shadow inked below the black butterfly. The outer corners of the wings of the butterfly are highlighted with white dots. You can pair this realistic black butterfly tattoo with a red rose to accentuate its charm.

Black Butterfly With A Dagger Tattoo

Black Butterfly With A Dagger Tattoo
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Pairing a butterfly tattoo with a dagger is a popular theme for tattoo art. It appears like the butterfly has found its favourite spot on the dagger. The pair of eyes, inked on its large wings, add to the air of mystery surrounding the design. Moreover, the crescent moon inked on the butterfly bring a striking contrast to the monochromatic design. The gradient of colours used in portraying the moon look absolutely stunning.

Black Butterfly With A Dagger Tattoos
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A shining black dagger is paired with a stunning butterfly in this unique design. The piercing eyes inked on the wings of the butterfly enhance the appeal of the design. Combining butterflies with daggers is a popular tattoo choice and has a significant meaning attached to it. Perhaps, it represents the courage and fighting spirit of an individual. It also signifies the end of a phase in one’s life and a journey towards transformation.

Black Butterfly With Crescent Moon Tattoo

Black Butterfly With Crescent Moon Tattoo
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A tiny butterfly tattoo design is placed beside a red crescent moon on the arm of the wearer. The delicate wings of the butterfly are shaded in a greyish hue with intricate black work detailing around the corners. The crescent moon is beautifully shaded in red which enhances the aesthetics of the design. Perhaps, the butterfly signifies growth while the moon tattoo represents transformation. Together, they represent positive change in one’s life.

Black Butterfly With Crescent Moon Tattoo ideas
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It seems like three tiny butterflies are flying in the night sky. The moonlit sky is detailed with twinkling stars in this beautiful design. The transparent wings of the butterfly are intricately inked with thin black lines. You can pair this design with beautiful flowers in a vibrant hue to add a contrast.

Minimalistic Black Butterfly Tattoo

Minimalistic Black Butterfly Tattoo
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If you’re looking for a simplistic design then you can opt for these fine line butterfly tattoos. The crisp detailing of the wings of this simple butterfly tattoo has a unique charm. It seems like the tattoo artist has completed the design with a single brush stroke.

Black Butterfly With Skull Tattoo

Black Butterfly With Skull Tattoo
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The wings of the black butterfly tattoo design are detailed with an impression of a realistic skull. The shading on the skull has definitely brought it to life! The wings of the butterfly are shaded with dot work detailing and emboldened with black stripes. Your back will be the perfect canvas to portray with a lot of finesse.

Black Butterfly With Skull Tattoo ideas
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This can be a great alternative to a black butterfly skull tattoo. A tiny skull is inked near the neck of the butterfly. Its wings have a spider web pattern at the edge which gives the design a unique look. The skull symbolizes death while the butterfly represents a new life. Perhaps, the design indicates the existence of an afterlife. You can ink this classic design on your thigh or shoulder.

Unique Black Butterfly Tattoo

Unique Black Butterfly Tattoo
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The incorporation of the burning flames with this black butterfly tattoo makes it stand apart. The butterfly is designed with symmetrical patterns on its wings. The tiny red flames rising from its wings are inked with dot work detailing.

Unique Black Butterfly Tattoo ideas
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The wing of the black butterfly features a portrait of a woman in fine lines. The portrait beautifully accentuates the design with its unique detailing. The left wing is inked with thin strokes of lines and minimal shading around the corners. You can ink this gorgeous black butterfly on your arm where it will be easily visible.

A pair of Black Butterflies Tattoo

A pair of Black Butterflies Tattoo
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A pair of black butterflies are flying around a bunch of pink flowers. The petals of the flowers are highlighted with a yellowish hue. The colour of the leaves matches the wings of the butterfly. A pair of butterflies are considered to be the perfect emblem of love. In many cultures, a pair of butterflies are symbolic of a long life. This design will accentuate the femininity of women with its elegance.

Black Butterfly With Sun Tattoo

Black Butterfly With Sun Tattoo
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It seems like an elegant black butterfly is flying in the sky on a bright sunny day. The traditional black butterfly has beautifully shaded wings. The sun is inked in a crimson red hue and stands in contrast to the monochrome design. The sun tattoo is symbolic of inner strength while the butterfly represents freedom. Together, it signifies the freedom of the soul by following the path of resilience.

A kaleidoscope Of Butterflies Tattoo

A kaleidoscope Of Butterflies Tattoo
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Instead of going for a single butterfly tattoo, you can opt for a flight of butterflies like the one shown in the picture. A group of stunning black butterflies are placed on the hand of the wearer. This clean and neat design of the black butterflies is highlighted with specks of white near the corners of the wings. You can also place this butterfly tattoo near your collarbone to complement its beauty.

A kaleidoscope Of Butterflies Tattoo ideas
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You can ink the butterflies with a touch of realism to enhance the beauty of your tattoo design. The shadow beneath the butterflies accentuates the realism of this tattoo art. It seems like they are flying above the shoulder of the wearer. The delicate wings of the butterflies are shaded in black.

A butterfly is one of the popular tattoo choices for women as they highlight the femininity of the wearer with their elegant design. However, butterfly tattoos paired with skulls or burning flames can be great tattoo ideas for men as well. A black butterfly is not only mysterious but also a popular theme when it comes to tattoo art. They represent hope, uniqueness, and rebirth. In tribal culture, a black butterfly represents the temporality of life. A black butterfly can also be transformed into a memorial tattoo art to commemorate a loved one.

  1. Black butterfly hand tattoo with realistic detailing
  2. Tattoos of flowers and butterflies on the back in vibrant hues
  3. Solid black heart butterfly tattoo on the shoulder
  4. Cover up solid black butterfly tattoo on hand
  5. Simple butterfly design in fine lines on the chest
  6. Black semicolon butterfly tattoo on wrist
  7. Black and grey butterfly tattoo with a flower on the shoulder
  8. Delicate black butterfly ankle tattoo
  9. Realistic tattoos of a pair of butterflies inked on the collarbone
  10. Solid black butterfly tattoo with white floral motifs
  11. Small butterfly tattoos with a moon on the arm
  12. Tiny black butterfly tattoo with small stars tattooed on the back

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