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Every tattoo tells a story, but what if you can hear that out loud- the answer is a soundwave tattoo. Find out some exciting designs here.

soundwave tattoo ideas
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Tattoo artists are bringing the art of soundwave tattoos to the 21st century, by using data from augmented reality.

The soundwave tattoos are inked by encoding the soundwaves in the skin motion app or website followed by generating the stencils. Then the scanning process in the app will recognize the shape of the soundwave tattoo and will playback the audio clip.

You can choose your favorite music clip or audio file and follow the process of how to simplify soundwave for a tattoo; then hand over it to the tattoo artist and rest assured, your target will be accomplished. It is a very passionate and spiritual Tattoo Design that might contain some last words, some first words, a favorite music track, or some inspirational quotes in the form of audio clips. Nate Siggard, a certified soundwave tattoo artist said that soundwave tattoos work so intensely that when people visited him for a tattoo and the moment they left they were different kinds of people. Some out-of-the-box ideas for soundwave tattoos are:

Rose Soundwave Tattoo

rose soundwave tattoo
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A rose blooming from a soundwave can be classified under perfect tribute tattoo creations. When you are thousands of miles away and you want to listen to the voice of your favorite person anytime but in a more saucy way, you need nothing but a soundwave tattoo. Just use the skin motion app for encoding your favorite sound clip or voice recording and receive the stencil which serves as the tattoo generator.

This forearm tattoo in black ink not only holds a beautiful monochromatic design of a rose but also an encoded voice of a mother. It acts as a tribute creating a beautiful display of body art and the scan and play feature will reminisce all the happy moments. The placement of the soundwave along with the rose tattoo can be anywhere on the skin, depending on the user who either wants to make it public or wants to keep it confined.

Chest Soundwave Tattoo

chest soundwave tattoo
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Chest tattoos are most popular among gym freaks and for a few men they act as a hallmark of masculinity. Although chests are one of the most painful areas to get inked, the wide areas act as a canvas to fit a plethora of tattoo designs. If you are in a dilemma about where can I get a soundwave tattoo, the chest is one of the ideal options.

The wing-shaped soundwaves are a very simple but subtle design. Keep your favorite sounds or audio clips embedded and use one of the scanning apps to play and adore them for the rest of your life. You just need to find a skilled tattoo artist for the creation of this sublime work of art on your skin.

Abstract Art Soundwave Tattoo

abstract art soundwave tattoo
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Abstract tattoos can often be seen as a way to express oneself artistically and can be used as a way to visually represent an individual’s innermost thoughts and feelings. It depends on the user but some general meanings that could be associated with abstract tattoos include the sign of freedom, creativity, and nonconformity. The same adjectives can be clubbed with soundwave tattoos and there are plenteous designs to choose from.

The soundwaves in this tattoo are majestically matched to the color of the skin tone. The splattering of black ink gives it the form of abstract art and the entire tattooed area does nothing but create phenomenal body art. It will be staggering when you use your phone to scan this elegant tattoo and play your favorite audio file.

Soundwave Frequency Tattoo

soundwave frequency tattoo
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One of the latest posts that got viral recently is a soundwave tattoo coming out as frequency waves from a record player. Just as an audio player turns the signal data into sound frequencies, the skin motion app aids to transform your favorite audio clips into soundwaves.

This tattoo properly shows how does a soundwave tattoo wave work. The excellent tinge of a black-colored record player from which the soundwaves are bursting out breaking the player, and a name inked at the end of the waves puts in place a heavenly creation of forearm tattoo.

Embroidery Soundwave Tattoo

embroidery soundwave tattoo
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Embroidery tattoos are amusingly delicate and even incorporate loose stitches for a hyper-realistic look turning your body art into a tapestry. They create 3D illusions and patchworks of minimalist shapes of flowers, animals, or birds, and the tattooed area turns into a sewn thread-like effect. Embroidery tattoos stand out idiosyncratic when paired with soundwave tattoos and can be synchronized as one of the paramount tattoos developed by a tattoo artist.

The sweet melody of a bird and the sweet voice of your favorite person is the main theme of this tattoo. One of the sophisticated tattoos with vibrant colors representing the soundwaves and a singing bird is one of the quirky creations of music tattoos. Scan the soundwave for the encrypted audio file using the skin motion app and enjoy the real essence of what is a soundwave tattoo.

Psychedelic Art Soundwave Tattoo

psychedelic art soundwave tattoo
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Psychedelic art is fathomed by the modern generation and indeed a deep meaning is created if want to upload your favorite sounds and ink them as soundwaves. Much patience and detail are required to create this type of design, especially from the stencil received after the audio upload process through the requisite app.

A blend of geometric and abstract art with a hint of splashy colors makes this tattoo look gorgeous. The soundwaves look conspicuous on the back and when you scan the encoded data, your favorite audio is being played.

Soundwave Hand Tattoo

soundwave hand tattoo
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Hand tattoos are always conspicuous and if you are perplexed about where to get a soundwave tattoo to divulge them among the crowd, don’t give a second thought, hands are the best option. Hand tattoos create the perfect art when coupled with soundwave tattoos and on the account of this bold utterance of the wearer a perfect medley of melody, love, and high-spirited esteem is created.

If you fancy some love for moments of music and want anybody to scan and ready to hear for playback a soundwave hand tattoo is a preeminent idea. The soundwaves ranging from the upper wrist to the middle finger dispersed with music notes like the Greek letter Pi is a creative Tattoo Design and reflects a striking appearance at the first glance. You know the drill, just scan the waves using the skin motion app and enjoy the playback.

Soundwave Back Tattoo

soundwave back tattoo
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A big back tattoo piece defines the fact that there is so much room for activity and you can ink anything because there is such a huge space due to the flat surface. You can indulge so much detail in the back tattoo from a portrait tattoo to other designs creating the entire canvas to look mesmeric. The back tattoos can also be kept secret and when you want your favorite audio with a personal touch for playback, you can unhesitatingly ink soundwave tattoos on your back.

This creative soundwave tattoo might be of a simple structure but its stencil holds the last words of a mother. The tattooed area might hold meaningful recorded sound and can easily be kept confined and you can listen to your audio clips by just using an app.

Roman Numerals and Soundwave Tattoo

roman numerals and soundwave tattoo
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Roman numerals themselves shower so much inner meaning and when paired with a soundwave tattoo an excellent medley is created. Roman numbers are used hundreds of years back and in today’s archaism, they are used to symbolize some important dates say anniversary or birthday. Such a memorable day, inked on the skin as a tattoo when clubbed with a soundwave tattoo will result in the creation of a very florid tattoo idea.

The roman numerals representing the figures 12, 9, and 1953 are a combination of a birth year of a special person of the tattooer. The soundwave tattoo above it is the encoded sound clip of the person whose memory only remains at this moment. When you might miss or get drowned in the memories of your favorite person associated with an important date this tattoo can be the ideal ink on your skin that you might cherish forever.

Soundwave Scenery Tattoo

soundwave scenery tattoo
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Landscape tattoos are a common sight these days and they are usually inked on the muscular areas of the arm, torso, or back. A picturesque display of mountains or other scenic beauties can be presented depicting the wanderlust nature of the tattooer. A forever favorite sound clip through a soundwave can be inked along with nature’s best topographies to form one of the best soundwave tattoo ideas.

The pencil ink tattoo comprising the sound frequencies is a perfect example of a wave tattoo. It goes by the saying that nothing lasts forever, but the earth and the mountains; but this can be countered with a soundwave tattoo where you just need to upload and play your forever favorite sounds by generating a stencil through the skin motion site.

Soundwave tattoos might not be of that spectacular appearance unless they are designed with another tattoo, but the concealed sound clip can provide ample meaning to the wearer. As Nate Siggard said the soundwave tattoos became a medium for people to express their love, sorrows, and connections, they are one of the divine creations of tattoos which are elemental by structure but when you look deep down into it you can simplify the actual meaning. Other forms of soundwave tattoos are:

  • Needle Shape Soundwave Tattoo.
  • Music Band Soundwave Tattoo.
  • I Love You Soundwave Tattoo.
  • Harmonica Soundwave Tattoo.
  • Minimalist Soundwave Tattoo.
  • Rainbow Soundwave Tattoo.

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