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Are you enchanted with the mystery of the universe? Take a look at these out-of-the-world space tattoo forearm designs and select your pick!

space tattoo forearm
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Space tattoos are a spectacular genre that keeps getting better every day!

Well, not a surprise, right? A cool space tattoo on the forearm is an experience forever.

Outer space remains an unsolved mystery to human beings. The fact that planet Earth is one in a gazillion others that accommodate life is surely an overwhelming feeling. Some people are awed by the beauty of the universe and some use this powerful place to gain perspective. Either way, the fascination for the universe and space is shared by us all. So much so that it has led to a separate genre including a superb show of colour. Space tattoos are also worn as a tribute to NASA and other space programs that attempt to discover more about the vast universe. Want to know the many ways you can bring the universe down to your body? Keep reading to find out some out-of-the-world space tattoo ideas that you can never get enough of!

Watercolour Outer Space Tattoo Ideas For Guys

watercolour outer space tattoo ideas for guys
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Want to levitate from the normal world to the uncharted space? This small tattoo on your wrist is a perfect reminder of the dark unknown that envelops Earth.

This watercolour tattoo is an abstract piece of the sky splashing a beautiful colour gradient of blue and purple. The artist draws a contrast with white ink mixed with grey shading to paint the astronaut. If you are looking for small outer space tattoos near the hand then this style might fit your tastes. Try incorporating a sky full of stars or planets to get a more detailed space tattoo.

Space Tattoo Ideas With Laika

space tattoo ideas with laika
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Laika, the first animal to orbit the Earth, opened up doors for astronomers to venture out of the periphery of the planet. This space tattoo is a memorial for the stray mongrel who lost her life for human curiosity.

Here, the tattoo artist paints a contrasting picture by inking the dog’s body and head differently. The head is inked with realistic sketching while the body is plainly outlined in bold black. The colours in the background portray a blotch of the colours that we associate with the universe. The golden stars further add to the embellishment of the design. You can get these small space tattoos on the forearm or upper arm for a better chance of exposure.

Beautiful Sleeve Tattoo Featuring Astronaut

beautiful sleeve tattoo featuring astronaut
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This tattoo design just literally stepped up the space tattoo game! This grey and black tattoo produce an interesting meaning that keeps line work separate without using any colour. The astronaut has left the planet but is now stuck in the loop of time. The portrayal is perfect in detail and makes the astronaut tattoo appear ethereal on the forearm. The tattoo artist also makes use of the phases of the moon, butterflies, and the map to further intensify the meaning and aesthetics of this impeccable space tattoo.

beautiful sleeve tattoo featuring astronaut ideas
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Similarly, this astronaut floats between the earth and the moon. The tattoo sleeve is so intricately inked that the details of the spacesuit, the fumes of a rocket ship taking off, and the patterns on the planets are clearly visible. This space tattoo sleeve is indeed a bold decision but also something that will never grow old!

Realistic Forearm Space Tattoo Designs For Guys

realistic forearm space tattoo designs for guys
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If you are not much into sleeve tattoos, try this compact design that is equivalent to the best sleeve tattoos. Fine line tattooing is crucial while drawing cool tattoos with a space traveller. This tattoo comments on the style and records the space enthusiast stuck in the void. The beauty of this lettering idea looks particularly appealing within the dark rectangle.

realistic forearm space tattoo designs for guys ideas
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Or catch the astronaut in their full ensemble but with an added twist. The artist associates an obscure symbol with this space tattoo. The golden balloon surely looks out of place but adds a pop of colour to these kinds of forearm tattoos. You can place these cool astronaut tattoo ideas on your upper arm or forearm, or anywhere with a decent exposure.

Super Cool Space Forearm Tattoo Designs For Guys

super cool space forearm tattoo designs for guys
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Space tattoos are no fun if you are only aiming at the solar systems or galaxies of the universe. Instead, take the friendly astronomer and create out-of-the-ordinary outer space tattoo designs that are going to drop jaws! For instance, this planet tattoo features the spaceman sitting on a planet with a fishing rod. The idea looks even better as the planet protrudes out of the rectangular frame, creating a mock 3D effect on the skin.

super cool space forearm tattoo designs for guys ideas
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Similarly, this one mutes off all the noises and enjoys a laid-back time in the vacuum of the space. Tattoo ideas like this look extremely cool when composed of only grey shading. You can add stars and planets to the background to shape a more composed space tattoo on your arm.

Trippy Space Theme Tattoo Forearm

trippy space theme tattoo forearm
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Talking about fun space tattoo designs, tattoo artists have also upped the tradition of space tattoos by the use of vibrant colours. This psychedelic illustration of a wormhole highlights the sheer power of colour blocking. Additional symbols like the two pairs of eyes and the melting planets intensify the visuals even more. If you are a hip girl looking for ideas to etch your funky spirit in a space tattoo, try this on your arm and let the magic of the universe unfold!

trippy space theme tattoo forearm ideas
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The one great thing about space tattoos is that they can accommodate a number of different styles with the same ideas of stars. This astronaut sits by a space jukebox and listens to the universe speak its tongue. The colours are much toned down than the space tattoo above but still create an attractive piece of art. These are some excellent space tattoo ideas for women, and even guys, that show a different way to look up at the sky.

Mini Galaxy Tattoo Ideas On Forearm

mini galaxy tattoo ideas on forearm
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Galaxy tattoos look irreplaceable on the sleeve, encompassing the many elements of outer space. But what if you do not want a full-fledged galaxy tattoo sleeve? Try an abstract approach and customize your galaxy tattoo designs as per your needs. For instance, this tattoo paints a tiny fragment near the wrist with stars and planets. The colour gradient is brilliantly blended and is sure to draw attention when placed on the arm.

However, do not shy away from galaxy tattoo ideas on your sleeve. You can try inking the Milkyway galaxy or the Whirlpool galaxy for these are somewhat symmetrical and will look stunning when placed on the arm.

Interstellar Inspired Outer Space Tattoo Designs

interstellar inspired outer space tattoo designs
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It is a sin to mention space tattoos and not talk about the movie that so vastly popularised space and astronomy. This iconic scene from Interstellar delved deep into the theories related to black holes and time, simultaneously making an extraordinary sleeve tattoo on the arm.

The tattooer uses fine lines and shading to paint the two characters. The partition made by the blackhole highlights its power both in outer space and in the movie. This sleeve tattoo is perfect for guys who cannot seem to get over the frenzy of Interstellar and the many ideas associated with the universe.

Outer Space Themed Forearm Tattoo For Nerds

outer space themed forearm tattoo for nerds
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If you are critical of the portrayal of the universe, this sleeve tattoo presents a bookish visual of a galaxy being devoured by a black hole. The representation is kept three-dimensional to highlight the contrasting details. The galaxy is made of intricate dot work while the black hole is made of plain lines.

Also, you can always go for colour while working on such space forearm tattoos. Appropriate colour grading will aggravate the essence of the universe and paint a more graphic image than a bookish one. The process might be longer but the results are sure to win hearts!

Solar System Inspired Forearm Tattoo Sleeve

solar system inspired forearm tattoo sleeve
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This sleeve tattoo features our very own solar system as represented in science books. The sleeve is entirely covered with planets with added elements like certain geometric shapes. You can opt for such neat tattoo designs on your arm or utilise the entirety of your sleeve to make wrap-around tattoos.

These sleeve tattoos can be worn in a number of ways. All you got to do is to play around with different tattoo ideas and amalgamate them in the context of space tattoos.

Space tattoos are as cool as they can get! These fascinating pieces of art come in all shapes and sizes and are customizable for both men and women. Now that you saw the many ways you can get a piece of the vast space on your body, start brainstorming on your unique tattoo piece! To get you started, listed below are some more space tattoo ideas for men:

  • Upper forearm galaxy tattoos
  • Colourful space sleeve tattoo for women
  • Astrogirl tattoos for men
  • Forearm tattoos with Saturn
  • Creation of Adam tattoo against space

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