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The concept of stars tattoo behind ear has become increasingly popular in recent years. Give your tat an astronomical zing with these great designs!

stars tattoo behind ear
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For those who are curious about trying out different tattooing placements, a meaningful back-of-the-ear tattoo is a perfect choice.

There is no better place to hide tattoos than behind the ear. From the dawn of humanity to the present day, the star has held significant symbolism.

Historically, humans have been fascinated with the heavens or the universe even before they had the technology or even had a deeper understanding of them. Star designs symbolism has evolved into a representation of the conflict between light and darkness, spirit and matter. It is possible to interpret stars in many different ways, and each form could be associated with a special meaning. Several different types of stars can be a component of your behind-the-ear tattoo, but the most common figure is the five-pointed pentagram. If you want to feel inspired to get one behind-the-ear tattoo for yourself, read on and see what the stars behind-the-ear tattoo mean.

Moon And Stars Tattoo Behind Ear

moon and stars tattoo behind ear
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Throughout history, travelers have relied on the stars to locate their home and way toward civilization. In times of trouble, the stars can serve as a compass and show us the way. That’s what the tattoo can symbolize. A symbol of self-discovery. A tattoo behind the ear can symbolize hope, ambition, or even the desire to achieve high goals. It is even possible that you have attained what you consider to be ‘stardom’.

The meaning of a star and moon tattoo is profound. It is commonly associated with family, and the stars are usually children. This is an excellent design for those who value their family more than anything else, as you can include several stars to represent the number of children or siblings you have. Further, the moon and stars can also indicate hope and direction, as if to say that there is light at the end of the completely dark tunnel.

Saturn And Star Tattoo

saturn and star tattoo
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There are also a variety of meanings associated with planet-themed tattoos. The astrological signs rule various elements of our psyche, including communication, relationships, and ambition. You can also use them to represent a piece of astronomy you cherish or relate to. However, it could prove to be one of the most beautiful inks you will ever own. With solar system star tattoo designs, astrological symbols such as the moon, planets, and other symbols are incorporated along with the stars.

There’s no doubt that the planet Saturn makes a beautiful tattoo. It may also symbolize concepts such as maturity, regulation, authority, and control. You can make this design more personalized by having your tattoo artist draw it behind your ear in the form of a heart-shaped Saturn tattoo. Even though the solar system as a whole bears a very important meaning, specific planets and their meanings evoke great emotions in those who have tattoos of them.

Nautical Star Tattoo

nautical star tattoo
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A nautical star tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo options since it represents the North Star. In addition to providing direction, it also brings good fortune and protection. A sailor was guided back to shore by the tattoo, which was inked in the hope of guiding him safely home in case the compass failed. A design like this is visually appealing even if you haven’t sailed at sea. This tattoo is perfect for people who appreciate these qualities or want to keep their lives on track.

The iconic symbol is formed by splitting each star point in half. The tattoo is common among both men and women. Rather than being super small or super large, it works best as a medium-sized tattoo. Tattoos were a source of honor and pride for sailors, as they were not only used for engraving images on their skin but also much more. In nautical designs, strong symbolism provides strength and courage to the wearer ahead of long and challenging voyages at sea. There is nothing wrong with black and white, but you can also use other colors. You should choose dark colors that are complementary to the star’s light blocks, including blues, purples, and reds.

Space Tattoo

space tattoo
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An ink minimalist who wants a simple but impactful tattoo should consider a tiny solar system design behind the ear. It’s a simple, clean tattoo with a delicate outline and skilled shading. In any location, this tattoo would look stunning. Your outer space tattoo may be one of the best ways to convey your desire to explore the universe if you think that you’re a dreamer. In this sense, you can either get a tattoo showing space as seen from the ground, or you can show a conventional space scene with stars, planets, and galaxies in streak patterns.

Anyone who enjoys exploring should also consider getting a space tattoo. Getting a space tattoo might just be the right choice for you if you love hikes and plane trips to other countries as some of your most thrilling experiences. Those who want to be more adventurous can also consider getting a space tattoo.

Minimalistic Single Star Tattoo

minimalistic single star tattoo
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This minimalist small Tattoo Design will appeal to those who believe in the philosophy of less is more. Even though small, minimalist tattoos are not visible and don’t draw much attention to someone’s skin, these tiny works of art prove that size does not matter in body art.

In addition, minimalist tattoos have a deep meaning and can greatly impact one’s style. You can change the color of these stars to fit your taste, whether you like burning bright yellow, pink, or green stars. One star behind the ear is a popular choice for many people. But the star can also be accompanied by streaks of lines, indicating that it’s a shooting star. You can also give it a unique touch by inking some of the stars’ tattoos in the ear.

Abstract Stars Behind Ear Tattoo

abstract stars behind ear tattoo
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Abstract tattoo designs break free of the norm by capturing an alternative perspective on any given subject. Considering abstract art as a whole, an individual has the freedom to express themselves uniquely and differently due to the unlimited themes and concepts it allows. This type of tattooed design displays a surrealistic and artistic quality about the wearer. Abstract tattoos often have meanings as abstract as their designs, which are difficult to discern at first glance.

It emphasizes the figure with splashes of ink that resemble paint splatters. It is decorated with dripping ink effects to create a fresh look, resembling an artist’s creative spirit. You can use any simple image or figure with this type of design that mimics a watercolor painting.

3 Stars Behind Ear Tattoo

3 stars behind ear tattoo
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A tattoo that depicts a series of stars, each more prominent than the last, represents a journey. This tattoo might be given to an actor or actress from the entertainment industry in recognition of their transition from a small-town actor to an A-list star.

Several meanings could be associated with the three stars made by the person. The stars are inked in black, but you can customize them according to your taste. It is believed that the five-pointed star is one of the most iconic representations of the star. Christians seem to adopt this star from Egypt, but its meaning and symbolism have evolved much further. Symbolically, the five points of the star represent Jesus’ wounds. The star is also referred to as a pentagram.

Twinkling Northern Stars

twinkling northern stars
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This northern-style tattoo features two longer points, which makes it ideal for behind the ears. This type of star can be designed with bold lines and simplified shapes (such as a diamond), but many women prefer minimalist designs. An added effect is achieved by adding dots or extra lines that glide away from the star’s center. Like nautical stars, this design can also be associated with travel or journey.

Undoubtedly, the North Star is one of the most widely recognized and well-known stars. Due to its use as a navigational tool, it is often associated with good luck and guidance.

Star Tattoo With Name

star tattoo with name
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Your body can be adorned with the name of someone who has impacted your life. Historically, newlywed women inked their husbands’ names as a symbol of eternity.

Name tattoos with stars can serve as a way to commemorate a loved one or to hold a spouse or child close throughout eternity. This applies to children, parents, grandparents, pets, or partners. It can also serve as a beautiful tribute tattoo. We instantly recognize the 5-pointed jagged symbol as that of a star because it is the highlight of this beautiful body art. Almost all star tattoos with a name are deep and meaningful, with the name of someone the tattoo wearer holds close to their heart.

Star Of David Tattoo

star of david tattoo
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The hexangular Star of David is one of the world’s most ancient and mysterious symbols. This is evident from the fact that scientists around the world have found ancient objects with hexagram images on them all over the world and still do. 

Many people mistakenly believe that the Star of David only represents the Jewish community. However, the Star of David also represents how two triangles can function harmoniously together. The hexagram also serves as the symbol for the union of male and female principles. This explanation points to similarities between the Star of David and the black-and-white symbols of Chinese mythology. 

More such tattoos with the star theme are given below.

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  • Tribal Star Tattoo.
  • Night Sky Star Tattoo.
  • Sun Star Tattoo.
  • Galaxy Tattoo.

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