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Are you in search of the perfect stripe tattoo for your next ink? Check out this curated list of some mind-blowing stripe tattoo ideas!

stripe tattoo ideas
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Stripe tattoos are symbolic of good luck, strength, and courage.

A stripe tattoo can be portrayed in various innovative ways or inked in a simplistic style. These tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts for their deep significance and innovative designs.

You must be wondering what does a single stripe tattoo mean? Stripe tattoos portrayed in the form of a single armband usually signify the loss of a dear one. The number of stripes used in representing an armband tattoo also plays a significant role in its symbolism. Two stripes symbolize strength while three stripes represent continuity in life. A stripe tattoo can be detailed with various designs to enhance its appeal along with adding depth to its meaning. A galaxy tattooed inside a stripe can express your fondness for the beauty of the constellation. It is also a symbol of faith and good luck. A floral stripe is a popular design among women who wish to ink a feminine design on themselves. You can also opt for a stunning tiger stripe tattoo to highlight your inner strength. Here are some interesting stripe tattoos paired with unique designs to inspire you for your next ink!

Stripe Tattoo With Geometrical Patterns

stripe tattoo with geometrical patterns
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The tattoo artist has strategically inked the geometric shapes with stripes on one half and filled the rest of the space with black ink. The symmetry in this design makes it look similar to digital art. This neatly inked design can be a great idea for your next ink! You can incorporate colours to make your geometric stripe tattoo look even better. This quirky design with geometric shapes can be placed anywhere on your body according to your preference.

Artistic Stripe Tattoo

artistic stripe tattoo
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If you are looking for a creative design then this artistic stripe tattoo will surely touch your aesthetics! Four different landscapes are portrayed inside vertical stripes with ravishing detailing. On the extreme left, a snow-covered mountain range is inked along with a white tiger. Right beside it, two Japanese dragons are inked in Irezumi style. The third stripe depicts a lush green garden filled with a variety of flowers. The vibrant stripe, on the extreme right, pictures a stunning phoenix flying in the sky and a dense canopy of trees below. You can ink a single stripe with scenic detailing or a combination of them like the one shown in the picture.

artistic stripe tattoo ideas
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The single stripe tattoo depicts a picture of a sunny day by the beach. The water in the ocean is curling up along its course creating beautiful waves. The bird, with its wings, stretched out, flies close to the ocean. Perhaps, with the hope of catching a fish. The tattoo artist has creatively inked the branches of the tree slightly popping out of the frame. The clouds in the sky look extremely realistic with the intricate shading.

Classic Stripe Tattoo

classic stripe tattoo
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The solid armband tattoo looks exquisite with the incorporation of the ornamental designs. The solid black armbands outline the ornamental design at the centre which is detailed using the negative space. The negative space style of tattooing is essentially a reverse image where the skin is emphasized as the main subject.

Abstract Stripe Tattoo

abstract stripe tattoo
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It seems like the artist has splashed some colours on the leg of the wearer. The fluid inking style combined with the dot work detailing makes this design quite unlike others. The stripes are emboldened in black while the dab of colours in between is inked in a stunning gradient. You can ink this stripe tattoo, with a watercolour effect, on your arm or leg.

abstract stripe tattoo ideas
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The beautiful splash of waves depicted in this stripe tattoo is truly stunning. The stripe tattoo portrays a night sky and large oceanic waves inked in blue and shaded in white. The black and blue armband tattoos inked below highlight the design. Waves, an unstoppable force of nature, are symbolic of continuity and depth. Thus, this stunning wave stripe can be a great idea for your next ink.

Stripe Tattoo With Mandala Art

stripe tattoo with mandala art
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The thick black stripe on the wrist is detailed with a floral mandala at the centre. The intricate detailing with symmetrical patterns on the mandala is definitely the centre of attention in this design. The wristband is kept simple and emboldened in black ink. You can transform it into an armband tattoo as well by placing it on your bicep muscle. You can also opt for colours to ink your ornamental armband tattoo design.

Galaxy Stripe Tattoo

galaxy stripe tattoo
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If you are an admirer of the constellation then this impressive galaxy tattoo art on a black stripe can make a place on your wishlist! The constellation is inked in bright colours. The detailing is done with white highlights on a dark backdrop to create a contrast. The vastness of the universe is portrayed through the realistic detailing of the design. A galaxy tattoo art can represent the endless love the wearer can offer to their loved ones. It also expresses the fondness of the wearer towards the beauty of the constellation.

Skull Stripe Tattoo

skull stripe tattoo
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The skull tattoo in this design looks even more ravishing with the unique stripe detailing done throughout it. The skull is inked in such a way that it creates an illusion of being above the skin. The skull is portrayed in a combination of black and white ink. A skull tattoo symbolizes the inevitability of death, combined with the stripes, indicating the loss of a loved one. It can also denote optimistic ideas of overcoming obstacles in life through strength.

Folk Stripe Tattoo

folk stripe tattoo
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If you are in search of classic tribal armbands then this remarkable design might catch your attention! The armband tattoo is inked with crisp tribal detailing in a symmetric fashion. The artist has used black ink to complete the entire tattoo along with specks of white ink to highlight the designs.

folk stripe tattoo ideas
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The pattern on the tiger’s skin is beautifully inked on the back of the wearer. The black tiger stripes, inked along the curvature of the back, are shaded in a yellowish orange hue. The realistic detailing of the tiger stripes makes the design stand apart. You can also portray a tiger stripe tattoo on your arm according to your personal preference. The tiger is symbolic of power, fiery nature, and strength. Thus, this stunning tiger stripe with realistic details will mark your inner courage.

Floral Stripe Tattoo

floral stripe tattoo
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Are you in search of a stripe tattoo design with a hint of femininity? This black armband tattoo is highlighted with gorgeous floral motifs. The flowers are inked in a pastel hue with leaves on a pink backdrop. The stripes frame the design and add to its elegance. Together, the stripes, denoting the strength of the wearer, and the flowers, symbolizing eternal life, combine to give a powerful message.

floral stripe tattoo ideas
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A great alternative to the floral stripe tattoo in a monochromatic hue is shown in this picture. The black inkwork gives the effect of a glass-like appearance with its precise detailing. The amazing shading on the petals highlights the frame. The stripe appears like a rope tied to the bouquet of flowers.

Simple Rainbow Stripe Tattoo

simple rainbow stripe tattoo
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Have you ever thought of inking a rainbow stripe tattoo on your body? This one is meant for all the colourful souls like the hues of the rainbow. The crisp lines on this arm tattoo are inked using five different colours on the arm of the wearer. You can pair your rainbow stripe tattoo with clouds or a group of flying birds to accentuate its appearance.

simple rainbow stripe tattoo ideas
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Instead of inking a combination of rainbow stripes, you can opt for a single stripe with a rainbow gradient. The beautifully shaded stripe appears vibrant in a rainbow hue. The spectrum of colours beautifully blends into one another creating a fluid colour transition.

You can ink a scenic beauty inside your stripe that reminds you of a fond memory spent with a loved one. A stripe tattoo can also be detailed with tribal patterns in solid black ink to celebrate the ancestral heritage of the wearer. The black armband tattoos are often inked to remember the loss of a loved one or family member. You can choose a particular design that you wish to portray in your armband tattoo. Take a look at the following suggestions of gorgeous stripe tattoo designs that will help you pick the right one!

  • 1. Arm stripe tattoo of Japanese dragons
  • 2. Tiger stripes tattoos
  • 3. Solid black armband stripe tattoo
  • 4. Celtic armband tattoos on tribal armbands
  • 5. Floral motifs and feathers hanging from solid black armband tattoo
  • 6. Tribal armband tattoos in monochrome
  • 7. Hawaiian armband with single or double bands across the upper arm
  • 8. Celtic tattoos combined with tribal armband
  • 9. Solid black armband tattoos with abstract detailing
  • 10. Solid black armband tattoo with stars
  • 11. Fruit stripe gum tattoo in vibrant colours on the arm

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