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Are you planning to get a supernatural demon tattoo? You have landed on the right page, here are a few super creative tattoo ideas that will blow your mind!

supernatural demon tattoo
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Usually, you will find three types of people in this world, one, who are super scared and least interested in anything related to supernatural or demons, two, who are super interested in such dark stuff, and finally, people who are both interested and scared in the supernatural.

So, if you consider getting demon or supernatural-themed tattoos on your skin, first, you will have to find in which category you fall under. And, then it is time to search for creative, and classic ideas.

Now, if you are avid fans of demons, devils, and such supernatural stuff, you can straight off go and get evil or demon tattoos tattooed on your body. There are wonderful designs available so choosing one will not be a problem. Second, if you are someone who is terrified of the demonic and supernatural happenings you can easily go for supernatural symbols like supernatural demon ward tattoo, supernatural demon trap tattoo, anti possession symbol, and more that is known to protect you from getting possessed by demons. Most people who fall under the third category, usually like horror shows like the supernatural show, and more but are later are even afraid to walk alone on a street. They can go for an anti-demon possession tattoo supernatural-themed so they get a pretty cool tattoo as well as can get some protection from the demons.

Sam Winchester Chest Reveal Supernatural Tattoo

sam winchester chest reveal supernatural tattoo
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This tattoo is completely inspired by the supernatural show, and people who love this show know that both the main characters, the brothers’ Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester have an anti-possession symbol tattooed on their bodies. So, anyone who is either interested in an anti-possession tattoo or a show-inspired tattoo can have this simple design on their mind. By getting this, you have a tattoo that depicts your favourite show as well as an anti-possession symbol that provides protection from the supernatural.

This tattoo is a very simple line tattoo made with a single colour. Although simple, the tattoo artist makes this tattoo with utmost care for intricate details. This simple but stunning tattoo shows Sam from the show named “supernatural” revealing his anti-possession symbol tattooed on his chest. The best body locations for this tattoo would be your forearm, upper arm, or your chest.

Supernatural Anti Demon Possession Tattoo

supernatural anti demon possession tattoo
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The first thing that crops up in people’s minds is that “supernatural anti-demon possession tattoo, what does it mean”? The simple answer is that there are anti-possession symbols in this world that are meant to provide protection to people from evil or more specifically from the demons or the devils. So, an anti-possession tattoo is meant to protect you from the demons. People who are interested, and involved in the supernatural like if you are a ghost hunter like Dean or Sam from the show “Supernatural”, or if you are afraid of the evil then this anti-possession tattoo is just for you.

This anti-possession tattoo has a bold pentagram surrounded by a circle of flames, or you can say this is a sun with a pentagram in the middle. This anti-possession tattoo is made with solid black ink shading and the tattoo artist makes sure that the lines are perfectly symmetrical in nature. You can also add in some writing if you are interested. The best place to get this anti-possession tattoo done is on your chest, shoulders, around your navel, or on your shoulder blades.

Alice Demon Girl Dark Theme Tattoo

alice demon girl dark theme tattoo
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This tattoo is based on a very popular scene from the Alice Madness Returns game that shows a dark or evil Alice statue that is crying. So, if you are a lad who is interested in a dark arm tattoo, or if you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland or the game Alice Madness Returns then this design idea is something you can try out for sure.

In simple words, this tattoo features evil Alice, and she is shown crying blood which is flowing down her delicate hands. Other than the girl this tattoo also involves roses and butterflies. The entire tattoo is made using very detailed lines, and shading methods and only black ink has been used. Although if necessary, you can use red ink for the blood detailing. However, this tattoo is going to need multiple visits to the nearest tattoo parlor to get it done completely, and you will also need to give a little time for proper healing. Tattoos like this look the best when completely healed.

Horrifying Demon Face Tattoo In Black And Grey

horrifying demon face tattoo in black and grey
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This tattoo is an astonishing masterpiece of modern tattoos. This is an arm tattoo showing the crooked face and a horrifying eye of the devil. You better be a strong-hearted person or a member of a gang to create something like this on your arm. It is better to be aware that people will appreciate such tattoos but are also going to run the other way after looking at this incredible tattoo.

This tattoo is much more complicated to make than it appears. The tattoo artist is going to require quite an experience in modern tattooing techniques and very stable hands to get this black and grey art done with such intricacy. If not on your arms, you can also try this tattoo on your legs.

Plague Doctor Dark Art Tattoo With Devil Relevance

plague doctor dark art tattoo with devil relevance
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The plague doctor tattoo depicts the doctors during the Black Plague Epidemic. They used to approach their patients wearing masks that looked like crows. Any time a doctor like this would approach, it was considered to be a bad sign, and for obvious, they were thought to be real devils in real life. Tattoos like this will stand out in the crowd. Same as devils they were looked on to be as symbols of death.

This stand-out tattoo is created using black ink, and this tattoo has a lot of extremely delicate features that have to be done with extreme precision. If not done properly, this tattoo could turn out to be terrible. The best places to get this tattoo done would be on your arms, thighs, chest, or on your back.

The Whisper Of Lucifer Demonic Tattoo

the whisper of lucifer demonic tattoo
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This tattoo is an on-point depiction of what Lucifer is. Lucifer is believed to have become a devil in the past, and his sole purpose is to distract and lead people in the wrong way. So you have to get this done on your neck, and just behind your ear so that the tattoo will mean something. Anyone interested in a demon tattoo, supernatural tattoo, or a dark-themed tattoo can shortlist this one.

This ink art is bound to create a style by itself, and it is all about good and precise lines and shading work to get this done perfectly. This can take some time to get done by the end result will not disappoint you.

Demon Beast Traditional Black Tattoo

demon beast traditional black tattoo
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Not everyone is interested in modern tattooing techniques and might be down for some traditional or neo-traditional designs. If you are one, then this special design is just for you. This stunning design portrays a demonic beast with two heads, four hands, horns, and a set of wings.

This tattoo is made using just solid black ink lines and shading, and Better to be reminded this is made using a completely traditional tattooing technique. This design is huge in size so will require a huge portion of your skin so go for areas like your stomach, chest, or your back to get this inked.

The Image Of Hell Full Back Colour Tattoo

the image of hell full back colour tattoo
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This body art design is a portrayal of what hell would look like. This ink design shows satan, a pentagram symbol, the hand of a devil, and a girl under the control of satan.

It is pretty obvious that the ink artist will use your body to show off his incredible skills, and he will use your back as a portrait sheet to create a bright, and astonishing masterpiece of hell. This design is exclusively for your back and is made using colourful modern tattooing techniques.

The Child Supernatural Demon Possession Tattoo

the child supernatural demon possession tattoo
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This ink design portrays something that can very well happen to boys and girls in real life. Boys nowadays are eager to do stuff that could prove to be really dangerous, and this image shows a kid drawing a pentagram in a circle, and thereby in the moment of getting possessed by a devil.

This design is a complete black ink work made with utmost care of making it look as real as possible. To make this look the best delicate precision is to be taken care of with the perfect lines, shades, and the dot work. This design is best suited for your chest, thighs, or on your shoulder blades.

Triple Six Demon Face Dark Art Tattoo

triple six demon face dark art tattoo
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As we all know the number 666 is called the devil’s or evil’s number, and this great design is just a creative personification of the same. Although the same tattoo can be in various ways this design is one of the best.

This design is a complete black ink and grey touch work that has to be done with utmost care for creativity and delicate precision. This is a kind of ink design that could be messed up really fast. If you are a fan of the supernatural, and you want the supernatural rules to be broken, good luck getting this on your arms or your thighs.

There are people who think about topics like, “Can people with tattoos go to heaven?”, and more. You guys just need to relax, a tattoo is just an art that looks super cool. Supernatural themed or demon themed tattoos are booming in the industry right now so it is time that you get one. The above-mentioned tattoos are only a few of the best, and here are a few more mesmerising options.

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