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Tired of seeing the daily red rose tattoo designs? Take a look at our list of sweet pea flower tattoos and find a gorgeous way out of boredom!

sweet pea tattoo
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The sweet pea flower has been the object of hype during the Victorian era and has grown in importance ever since.

History depicts that the flower species travelled from their native Sicily to England and became an instant favourite of the royalty. Today, sweet peas are heavily used in perfumes, flower bouquets, and weddings owing to their luxurious and romantic fragrance and aesthetic appeal.

The sweet pea flower is a symbol of happiness and mirth and together with daisies belongs to a curious group called April birth flower tattoo. A sweet pea tattoo meaning symbolizes blissful pleasure and goodbyes, while a daisy tattoo means trust, love, loyalty, and purity. These two are grouped so for they bloom in the month of April and into late spring. A sweet pea, however, has various symbolic meanings based on the context and surroundings of the fragrant flower. Above all, sweet peas meet our interests by producing some of the best flower tattoos that you will ever come across. Keep reading to find inspiration from some of the prettiest designs that we have seen!

Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo With A Hummingbird

sweet pea flower tattoo with a hummingbird
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Whether you limit yourself to one sweet pea or an entire bunch that is up to you, but the flower assures grace and beauty no matter the count. This striking sweet pea design is bound to allure you with its pretty pink shades and a cute little bird. This micro tattoo is suitable for women who are into intricate detailing but not robust and showy designs. The blue of the hummingbird presents in contrast with the pink and the mini skulls add something unexpected to the overall business. Express youth and a beautiful spirit with this tattoo when planted on your calf and near the ankle.

Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo With Lettering

sweet pea flower tattoo with lettering
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Style the stem with words while keeping the petals intact for aesthetics. For instance, here the word “love” is laced around in the stem while the sweet peas are outlined in black. Such a plain yet dainty mark of spring is a must-have for the lovers of sweet peas.

sweet pea flower tattoos with lettering
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Customize your flower tattoo with your name as a trademark and own the tattoo in its truest essence. Here the artist featured pink, blue, and violet sweet peas which symbolize youth, purity, and royalty respectively. Coupled with your name in the stem, the tattoo will efficiently bring out these characteristics in your persona. Play around with other colours that suit you better.

Sweet Pea Flowers Tattoo In Black

sweet pea flowers tattoo in black
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Kinda crazy, right? But these versatile flowers can also bloom with equal grandeur in black. Commonly the sweet peas are associated with pastel colours and dreamy company but somehow the black backdrop makes the flowers look a lot more attractive. The fine line work on the flowers adds further adds a dimension to the design. If you are a bold and flamboyant person, go ahead with this sweet pea sleeve and put a spotlight above you!

Sweet Pea Flower Bouquet Tattoo

sweet pea flower bouquet tattoo
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Shape your floral arrangements in the form of a crescent and let the joy of possessing sweet peas bring happiness in the form of smiles. This tattoo is cute, and apt if you are an April born. The artist here uses asters, pansies, larkspur alongside sweet peas and we are crushing over the beautiful semblance of this floral affair! You can opt for any colourful favourites from the garden and plant your April flower tattoo on the forearm.

Sweet Pea Flower Vine With A Visitor

sweet pea flower vine with a visitor
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Rabbits amidst greenery account for a wholesome sight filled with innocence to the brim. The rabbit here radiates a curious blend of peace and desire as it rests on the clavicle being laced with a bunch of sweet peas. The floral decorations around the animal could be made with light pink sweet peas or with a tad bit of shading in the flower petals. If you were above the heap of Pinterest tattoos in search of clavicle designs, this is your sign to lap it up!

X-Ray Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos

x-ray sweet pea flower tattoos
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Utilise the fragrant sweet peas outside bouquets yet in an off-beat fashion for your tattoos. The tattoo artist here takes an x-ray of the flower stem and inks the direct impression on the skin. The result is an utterly attractive memoir of passion that you will cherish throughout your life! The beauty of this piece emerges from its greyish, ghostly appearance that leaves room for interpretation of its symbolic meanings for the spectator. This flower tattoo is a perfect pick for you if you are a secretive persona who often keeps people guessing.

Mystic Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo In Violet

mystic sweet pea flower tattoo in violet
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With the remembrance of the x-ray tattoo, this design shapes itself in dark tones. The sweet pea flower head is believed to resemble butterflies in their shape and colours. Here the dark violet flower petals are a strong reminder of that illusioncreating a rather idiosyncratic version of the commonly seen sweet pea flower tattoos. You can either keep this idea short or go all-in with a wrap-around sweet pea flower tattoo throughout your forearm.

Abstract Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos With Peonies

abstract sweet pea flower tattoos with peonies
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Couple your sweet pea fancy with the ever-beautiful peony and magnify the symbolism even more further. Peonies generally symbolize joy, good luck, love, and other such positive implications. When placed with the sweet peas in the garb of an abstract painting, the joyous symbolism reaches sky-high. The colour splash is further added as an ornamental trope, tying the flowers together.

Minimal Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos

minimal sweet pea flower tattoos
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This one is for the perennial minimalists who speak the language of subtlety in art. This tiny sweet pea twig looks too banal, but if noticed carefully, envelops minute shading and intricacies. This is quite a trustworthy way of styling these flowers that look straight out of folklore with their dreamy appearance.

Assorted Sweet Pea Flower Tattoos

assorted sweet pea flower tattoos
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How many sweet peas are too many sweet peas? While we search for an answer to this question, you go ahead with as many flowers as you like and in all the colours imaginable! These flowers in their messy existence symbolize nature in their candid form. Place this tattoo on the parts of your body with an adequate surface area and good exposure.

The sweet pea is rich in symbolism with its record of appreciation spread throughout history. These flowers are a token of goodbye, a good luck wish for brides in France, and above all, a store of aesthetic beauty that urged poets to compose verses in its enchanting aura. The scientific name of the flower literally means fragrant, thus testifying for its charm. Though flowers like jasmine, roses, daisies, sunflowers make the best of flower tattoos, it is time to bring this diva of fragrance into the top list. If we could end your search, it’s our pleasure! If not, here are some more ideas on sweet pea flower tattoos:

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