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Is that any quote that intrigues you? Want to get it imprinted permanently? In that case, what else can be better than getting tattoo fonts for quotes!

best tattoo fonts for quotes
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When thinking of tattoos, most people consider getting detailed and big designs.

However, tattoo fonts or tattoo lettering is the latest trend. Not only do they look chic, but also are impactful, bearing a personal touch.

When you are picking the process of tattoo lettering, you are not just getting a tattoo. Instead, it is more of a specific word or quotes that you believe in or are inclined to. Tattoo fonts or tattoo lettering are those tattoos consisting of phrases, words, or quotes where the primary focus of the tattoo lies on the lettering or font. Sometimes, the tattoo artist adds other secondary elements to add an authentic feel to the beautiful font tattoo design.

When it comes to getting quotes or words tattooed on any body part, often, people prefer choosing the cursive fonts or the gothic style fonts or calligraphy for their grandeur. Consider the thick bold lines that can be drawn on calligraphy. When these are tattooed, either the lines can be made bold by filling in the space with black ink or they can be left blank with a simple outline. Both ways, they look great when done properly by tattoo artists. This unique font tattoo design has a special impact as the people tend to focus on the letters, thereby trying to figure out exactly what is tattooed.

Similar to the calligraphy font style, old English lettering can also be used, especially for those who are interested in vintage design. Of the many fonts available, old English lettering is very popular because of the curves and other little nuances. In a nutshell, the old English lettering looks more lively when tattooed properly with the right ink. Given below is a collection of the best tattoo fonts for quotes that are a perfect fit for all, irrespective of age and gender.

Cursive Collar Tattoo In Black

cursive collar tattoo in blacks
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Many of you have a liking for the handwritten font in cursive. If you belong to this category, here is a collar tattoo font in simple black ink. The lowercase letters are inked in a neat way that makes them legible and stylish. The tattoo font says, ‘Die with memories, not dreams.’ If you believe in living in the moment and creating memories, this tattoo font is ideal for you.

cursive collar tattoo in black
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Often, you will come across people who prefer getting a tattoo font where the quote or phrase or word is written in a different language or in a language that is not known to many. This unawareness that such tattoos carry creates a sense of mystery around the tattoo. Here, the phrase ‘Seja forte e corajoso’ is written in Portuguese, meaning, ‘Be strong and courageous.’

Font Tattoo With Butterfly

font tattoo with butterfly
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If you ask a tattoo artist for a way to beautify a font tattoo, he will definitely suggest you to add some symbols or elements to the tattoo. Check out this tattoo font with a white butterfly. It looks simple yet elegant. Had the white butterfly not been tattooed by the tattoo artist there, the tattoo would have lost the charm that it has now. This is one of the great hand tattoos for men.

font tattoo with butterfly ideas
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Another sample fonts with quotes for tattoo is this black butterfly tattoo that has an impactful quote attached to it. If you are looking for tattoo ideas for men, especially for those who believe in independence, this ‘Born to Be Free’ tattoo is a perfect match. Not only does it have a personal touch to it, but also makes you feel free.

Women Empowerment Tattoo Fonts

women empowerment tattoo fonts
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Today, the position of women is a lot better than what it was previously. To showcase the power of women, and the aura of feminism, getting a suitable tattoo is a great idea. To portray women’s power, choosing the perfect font is key. In this tattoo, the relevant quote with the right font makes it alluring. The phrase written here in sans serif says, ‘just a girl building her wings.’

women empowerment tattoo fonts ideas
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Another script tattoo with script fonts is this ‘the girl can’ tattoo inked on the wrist. The boldness of the tattoo is depicted in black ink. Besides using serif fonts, other fonts can also be used according to your preference. If you are looking for similar tattoo designs, the Google search is waiting for you.

Script Tattoo Designs in Cursive Fonts

script tattoo designs in cursive fonts
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Often, people are found to have a deep liking for some particular lines. These lines can be poetic or may belong to any literary piece. If you have some preferred literary lines that belong to the Victorian era, this script tattoo is apt for you. In this script tattoo, the lower case letters are inked in cursive to give a soft appearance to the tattoo.

script tattoo designs in cursive fonts ideas
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Here is another script tattoo whose letters look more like calligraphy. The characters in the tattoo are neatly inked. To create a softness in the tattoo, the tattoo artist has held his needle in a slanting way. As a result, each letter looks like a handwritten one. If required, one can add some elements like butterflies, flowers, and fruits to it.

Single Word Script Font Tattoo

single word script font tattoo
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Are you in search of some good fonts for tattoo quotes? If you are a lover of simplicity, this single-word script tattoo. If you take a close look at the tattoo, the artist has created a simple tattoo with a cursive font. Although it consists of one word, ‘Love,’ yet the tattoo radiates power. It suggests love over everything else. It is through this body art that people can express the maxim ‘Love has no reasons, no boundaries, and no distance.’ (H.H. Fowler)

single word script font tattoo ideas
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If you are an ardent follower of The Beatles, this tattoo style is the best that you can have on your body. Although the tattoo is shown to be inked on the arm, one can get it done on the back or any other part of the body. Utilize the art of tattooing and show to the whole world your love for ‘The Beatles.’

Small Tattoos For Men

small tattoos for men ideas
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Not all prefer having a giant tattoo on their bodies. For those who are looking for small handwriting tattoos, here is one for you. Although the handwriting tattoo is inked in Spanish, it means ‘I’ll always be by your side.’ For this tattooing, only black ink is used. The clarity in the words is brought by the neatness of the tattoo.

small tattoos for men ideas
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Are you looking for some unique fonts for tattoo quotes? Here is one for you. The language in which the quote is inked here is French. However, it means ‘Life in Pink.’ This is a line from a popular French song with the same name which means honing a positive outlook towards life and trying to see the beauty in everything that comes your way.

Black Bold Quote Tattoos in Capital Letters

black bold quote tattoos in capital letters
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Another font tattoo style is this quotes tattoo where a poignant quote is inked in bold letters right above the elbow. The script is carefully inked to make it legible to all, even from a distance. The artist has followed the serif fonts to make the tattoo visually more appealing. If required, one can add necessary punctuation as well.

black bold quote tattoos in capital letters
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If you are looking for an out-of-the-world tattoo design, what can be better than getting the best fonts for tattoo quotes! Good tattoo fonts for quotes are in demand these days. This popularity of font tattoos has developed not only for their aesthetic look but also for the kind of style and coolness they deliver. Of all cool tattoos, these quote font tattoos look alluring.

Minimal Quote Tattoos

minimal quote tattoos
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Generally. people look for some inspiring or striking logos to use as tattoo designs. However, besides choosing some symbols, font tattoos, or tattoos with relevant quotes and typography created in the correct manner look amazing. Here is a simple, one-liner minimal tattoo that says, ‘trust your vibes, energy never lies.’ The tattoo along with the font chosen is on point.

minimal quote tattoos ideas
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Another minimal and elegant tattoo is this one where the quote is inscribed in Portuguese. The quote means ‘everything shall pass.’ This is a perfect tattoo, especially at times of Covid-19, when we all understood the uncertainty of human life.

Inspirational Tattoo Fonts in Cursive

inspirational tattoo fonts in cursive
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All of us need some inspiration in life to keep going. How about getting inspired every now and then by an inspirational tattoo? The idea is not bad at all. If you are looking for tattoo fonts for meaning full quotes, you have hit the right dart. Take a look at this tattoo. It says, ‘It’s only a matter of time.’ Indeed, if you are going through a rough phase, know that this too shall pass.

inspirational tattoo fonts in cursive ideas
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Another one in this category is this, which says ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ Truly, it is important to have dreams and ambitions in life to achieve greater heights. To maintain the natural effect of the tattoo, cursive font is chosen.

Free Style Cursive Font Tattoo

free style cursive font tattoo
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Indeed, font tattoos look amazing and are a great eye-catcher. Be it a monosyllabic word or a phrase or a quote, if there is power in the chosen text, it is sure to get noticed as a tattoo. Make sure to pick the right tattoo artist or a renowned tattoo station to get the best results.

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