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Discover ten beautiful Tetelestai Tattoos that pay homage to your faith in your saviour and the sacrifice made to pay the wages of sin. Express your spirituality!

tetelestai tattoo
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The son of God, Jesus of Nazareth was crucified to pay for our sin, for the wages of sin is death and in death, we are separated from God.

In his death, Jesus Christ spoke of the completion of his work and in his last word said “Tetelestai”. This word has become the essence of spirituality and faith for Christians.

The word Tetelestai is literally translated as “It is finished” in Greek. In the scripture, Tetelestai is explained as being the last word that Jesus spoke before he released his spirit. Christians who believe in his sacrifice, for them, this one word is enough explanation for everything Jesus Christ had done for the people. For some, the symbol of Tetelestai holds a deeper meaning which cannot be explained in words, for them the word Tetelestai holds meaning deeper than that of the ocean. Therefore, a Tetelestai tattoo is of immense popularity among the Christian community, and its meaning honours their faith and hope through this one word. Seeing as the word tetelestai is uncommon, it is bound to catch some attention and bring up some conversation about the word and its meaning. Bringing up the greek word in a conversation might also lead to spreading the story of Jesus Christ, making you a part of God’s services. So, in a way you are spreading the word of God, talking about your relationship with God, and becoming a part of God’s work.

Before we let you explore and pick your favourite from a collection of tattoos, it will be fascinating and informative for you to learn more about the word and its meaning and the story behind the Greek word, the man who sacrificed his spirit and his life, and paid for the sins committed by us.

The tetelestai tattoo represents a love that lasts for eternity, patience, a father and his love for his children, kindness, and forgiveness, strength, belief, and faith in God. These tattoos have a wide variation to choose from and each of these variations has imagery that is tattooed with the word. So, now, you won’t walk into a studio, choose a fascinating word like Tetelestai and get the tattoo inked without knowing the story behind it. You can pick your favourite style of tetelestai tattoo and pay homage to the sacrifice Jesus made for us, remember the love of God and his abundance of kindness and patience.

The Tetelestai Word Tattoo

the tetelestai word tattoo
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Simple tattoos have always been popular among the tattoo community and this Fineline Tetelestai tattoo is ideal for you if you prefer such simplicity and minimalism. While the tattoo might not have elegant imagery along with the word, the word in itself is powerful enough to hold its own. The artist has used a beautiful, crisp, and neat font to ink the word that represents so many beautiful things including patience, kindness and is a sign of a love that lasts forever.

Not only that, many are unaware of the meaning of the Greek word and therefore are bound to ask questions which results in spreading the word of God and explaining the history behind the tetelestai tattoo.

The Tetelestai Cross Tattoo

the tetelestai cross tattoo
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Another popular style for the tetelestai tattoo is the incorporation of a cross with the Greek word tetelestai. Many people choose to tattoo the cross along with the word, they have many variations of designs and hold unique styles that people get as body art. The process of tattooing the word and the cross might be lengthy but its preference depends from person to person seeing as the tetelestai cross tattoos can either be elegant and sophisticated with intricate designs or be as simple as a tetelestai tattoo font that incorporates the ‘T’ as the cross in the tattoo.

In this piece, the artist chose to take a very simple yet elegant route of inking the cross. The process includes floral designs wrapped around the cross with the Greek word tattoo inked beside it in a neat font.

The Tetelestai Greek Tattoo

the tetelestai greek tattoo
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The word Tetelestai can be literally translated from Greek so it is only fair that it is inked in the Greek alphabet. It is in fact, one of the most common ink ideas in the tetelestai tattoo community. Jesus’ final words in Greek have become a popular choice for people to ink on their skin and nothing makes more sense than this. Onlookers will be immensely intrigued by the Greek spelling of the word and it is intriguing in the same way as the word inked in English.

In this piece, the artist has used simple blackwork to ink the Greek alphabet. Though it is simple and minimal, the word and the beautiful design of the alphabet give it a sophisticated look and grab onlookers’ attention.

Cross and Thorn Crown With Tetelestai Tattoo

cross and thorn crown with tetelestai tattoo
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This large and gorgeous masterpiece is a thing to behold. Along with Jesus’ final words, a huge cross and a thorn crown are incorporated in the tattoo. It is a unique design that makes an immense promise of becoming a sought-after ink idea. Guys will be largely influenced to get this piece tattooed, despite its large size. It suits ideally for one’s biceps.

Tetelestai Tattoo In Filipino Script

tetelestai tattoo in filipino script
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Like the Greek word ink, there are other variations of ink ideas that can be used to tattoo the Greek word but in different languages or even scripts. In this piece, tetelestai is etched in Filipino Script called the Baybayin Script. While the script mentions the same last thing Jesus had said, the unique etching provides a simple yet alluring look to the tattoo. For people who prefer to have smaller inkings on them, it is ideal for them to have.

Tattoo In Morse Code

tattoo in morse code
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This tattoo is something you probably have never come across before. This stuff is definitely something that will not only tickle one’s fancy but also tickle one’s curiosity. Now, those who are familiar with morse code will definitely appreciate this unique tetelestai tattoo idea etched in morse code. It gives the whole look of a tetelestai tattoo a unique twist. However, while this might not be ideal for everyone, seeing as not everyone is familiar with the morse code, others might love the idea, it is wholly dependent on individual styles.

Tetelestai Tattoo With The Bible Verse

tetelestai tattoo with the bible verse
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John 19:30 says “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” This bible verse from John Chapter 19 Verse 30, holds immense significance seeing as tetelestai had completed Jesus’ sacrifice and he paid in full for our sins and he cried, “Father, into your hands, I commend your spirit”. This historical moment holds a lot of significance among believers and their faith in their saviour therefore, it is only fair if the verse is etched along with the tetelestai tattoo. Such tattoos are rare and interesting and a relevant way to pay homage to Jesus’ sacrifice.

While some etch the numbers in simple numbers, others choose to give it a roman numerical twist which is both elegant and relevant.

Tetelestai Tattoo in Chinese Script

tetelestai tattoo in chinese script
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In this piece, tetelestai is etched in Chinese Script and we are all aware of how beautiful and elegant Chinese Script looks on tattoos. They are ideal tattoo ideas that you will definitely appreciate and consider getting etched for your next luxury. The artist used bold, dark lettering to draw the script and every detail has been elegantly etched. While it makes for a perfect bicep tattoo, it can also be etched as a wrist tattoo if the script is sized down. Such tattoos are rare and you should definitely consider getting one of these seeing as they present a mesmeric look.

Fineline Tetelestai Tattoo

fineline tetelestai tattoo
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Fineline Tattoos have curved or straight thin lines that are distinct and have no gradations in colour or shade. If discreet and elegant tattoos are your cup of tea then this particular piece is just for you. In this piece, the tattooist used the Fineline tattooing method to etch tetelestai in a beautiful font. However, that isn’t the only thing that gives this small forearm tetelestai tattoo a classy look, but also the incorporation of a cross and a heart. The symbolism of which is pretty clear. It expresses one’s love and devotion to their faith and their saviour.

Tetelestai Splattered In Blood Tattoo

tetelestai splattered in blood tattoo
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This small forearm tetelestai tattoo is simple with its neat and elegant font however what adds to its beauty is the splattered blood imagery. It is symbolic of Jesus’ blood that had paid in full our debts and cleansed us of our sins so that we could reconnect with God. The red colour adds to the tattoo’s vibrant beauty and is perfect for one’s forearm.

These are some of the most sought-after tetelestai tattoo ideas that we have curated for you. Hopefully, this collection will help you find your next favourite tattoo or even your first!

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