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You cannot miss out on these amazing Thai tiger tattoo ideas that are mentioned below. The next time you get inked, don’t forget to use these as suggestions.

thai tiger tattoo
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Sak Yant tattoos, also known as Buddhist tattoos or yantra tattoos, are a popular form of body art in Thailand.

They typically consist of various geometrical shapes, animals and deities, often accompanied by sacred mantras. They have deep spiritual meanings and have been made popular in today’s world by Muay Thai fighters.

Sak refers to tattoos, while yant means yantra. Most people of today’s world get inked with tattoos because it is considered to be trendy. However each tattoo has its own meaning, and some are even known to carry magical powers. like long life. Buddhism in Thailand was largely influenced by the Hindu religion. Sak Yant tattoos in particular are slowly growing in popularity because of their rich symbolism and unique designs. Below are a few examples of these tattoos that you can use as inspiration for your next design.

Sak Yant Thai Tiger Tattoo

sak yant thai tiger tattoo
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Nothing can beat a tiger in strength and strength. So why not use this majestic beast as your next Tattoo Design? The above-mentioned image contains one similar example of a Thai tiger tattoo etched on the forearm of the individual. In some cultures, tigers are perceived to be the protector of human beings, against evil and ill luck. In this image, we can see a beautiful tiger Tattoo Design; below it, the artist has incorporated certain written texts that appear to be some kind of mantra. As mentioned earlier, one of the key characteristics of Sak Yant tattoos is that, they make use of different mantras and sacred writings in their tattoo designs. If you like these kinds of spiritual meanings behind your Tattoo Design, then this can turn out to be the perfect one for you.

Twin Tiger Sak Yant Tattoo

twin tiger sak yant tattoo
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The twin tigers are a very common and powerful symbol in Thailand. They represent strength and authority. Muay Thai fighters and soldiers cover their bodies with these symbols, as a sign of protection against their enemies and all kinds of dangers. The above-mentioned image contains a similar design to the twin tiger tattoo, etched on the back of the individual. The detailing of the striped body of the tiger has been carried out with utmost precision. The artist has also managed to give that fierce and ferocious look to both the tigers, thus making the design very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Some of the best body placements for these kinds of large-sized tattoos include the thigh, chest, or lower and upper back.

Thai Roaring Tiger Tattoo

thai roaring tiger tattoo
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If you are looking for a more dramatic look for your next Tattoo Design then this one is a must-have. In the above-mentioned image, we can see a beautiful design of a roaring tiger, that is ready to pounce on its prey. The tattoo not only looks quite bold but also reveals the fierce and undaunting nature of the wearer. If you look closely, you can see how creatively the artist has used shades of black and grey to highlight the sharp nails of the tiger. These kinds of tattoos are more common among men than women, since they help to highlight all the masculine traits like strength, dominance and power. You can also alter the size of this design according to your preference.

Thai Tiger Looking Back Tattoo

thai tiger looking back tattoo
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The looking back tiger, also known as Yant Suea Liaw Lung, is yet another very popular design in Thailand. One of the lesser-known facts about tigers is that, in certain cultures, they are believed to be the protector of dead people. In ancient China, people used to engrave pictures of tigers in the graveyard, because they believed it would protect their loved ones from evil forces.

In this image, we can see quite a unique design of a tiger tattoo, etched on the back of the individual. Beneath the design, the artist has also included certain texts, that appear to be magical mantras. If you like these kinds of tattoo designs, then you can use this one as a suggestion, the next time you get inked.

Coloured Thai Tiger Tattoo

coloured thai tiger tattoo
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Adding a splash of bright colours to your tiger Tattoo Design, will make it more vibrant and prominent. The same is being portrayed through this image. Instead of going for the traditional black and white design, the wearer has chosen bright red ink to highlight the writings on the design. When placed together with the pitch-black ink of the tiger design, it presents a beautifully contrasted image. Furthermore, it is also important to notice how beautifully the artist has highlighted the stripes on the tiger’s body, thus giving it a more realistic look. Tigers are often known for their vengeance capabilities. Although they look quite strong, they are usually harmless, unless provoked. If you feel all these characteristics match your personality, then going for a tiger Tattoo Design can turn out to be a great idea.

Leaping Tiger Tattoo

leaping tiger tattoo
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The leaping tiger, also known as the Suea Phen tiger tattoo, is believed to have certain magical powers associated with them. They are viewed as a sign of immortality and strength. In this image, we can see one similar example of a leaping tiger tattooed on the stomach of the individual. If you look closely into the design, you can see that the artist has incorporated a specific symbol on the body of the tiger. As mentioned previously, Sak yant designs often use these kinds of symbols in their tattoos. They can represent healing power, good luck and longevity. One important thing to remember before getting a stomach tattoo is that it can be extremely painful to some individuals. People who have a higher body weight tend to have loose and soft skin around their stomach, which makes it incredibly painful while getting inked. Therefore, only if you have the required pain tolerance, go ahead with the procedure.

Thai Tiger And Rose Tattoo

thai tiger and rose tattoo
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If you want to give your tiger tattoo a more feminine look, this might be the perfect way to do so. The artist here has incorporated the design of a bright red coloured rose accompanied by a small dagger that seems to be penetrating the body of the flower. Alongside there is the design of the paired tigers. Overall, this tattoo looks quite aesthetic and unique. The rose, as we all know, is one of the most beautiful flowers, that carries some deep meaning along with it. In this image, the rose represents love and passion, while the dagger can symbolize certain negative emotions like heartbreak and loss. Yet another key highlight of this design is the beautiful design of both the tigers, which appear to be as if looking at each other

Red Thai Tiger Tattoo

red thai tiger tattoo
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Instead of going for a black and grey design, the artist here has chosen bright red ink to draw the paired tiger tattoo, on the back of the individual. The subtle shade of red when placed against the skin tone of the individual, presents quite an aesthetic design. Simultaneously, you can also add any colour of your choice to the design to make it look more colourful. Tattoos are one of the most personalized forms of body art. Therefore, it all depends on the wearer, and what kind of look he prefers for his Tattoo Design. These kinds of tattoos will look great on every individual, men and women alike.

Thai Tiger Chest Tattoo

thai tiger chest tattoo
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In many cultures, the strength of the tiger is not always viewed in a positive light. Instead they are considered to be quite violent creatures, and are often associated with destruction and death. In this image, we can a very powerful design of tiger tattoo, imprinted on the chest of the individual. The precision with which the artist has drawn the facial features of this beast is noteworthy. The pricing glance of the tiger, as it is ready to pounce on its prey, is one of the main highlights of this Tattoo Design. It reveals the savage and wild side of the wearer’s personality. This kind of look is quite hard to accomplish. Therefore, ensure that you choose someone with proper knowledge and expertise, so as to avoid any kind of goof-ups in your tiger Tattoo Design. The only way to do this, is by doing thorough research on your tattoo shop, after selecting your design.

Small Thai Tiger Tattoo

small thai tiger tattoo
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Tiger tattoos do not necessarily have to be large and dramatic to be impactful. A small design can also look equally great and carry deep meaning. The above image is a rendition of the same. The wearer here has chosen a small and minimal design for his tiger tattoo and needless to say it looks quite incredible. If this is your first time getting inked, starting with these kinds of small designs can be a great way to kickstart your journey in the tattooing world. You can also try out Sak Yant sacred geometry tattoos or Sak yant Suea Koo tiger tattoos.

Sak Yant tattoos have witnessed such huge popularity because of their unique and incredible designs, and their rich symbolism. On that note, here are a few more Thai tiger tattoo ideas for you to choose from.

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