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After a few weeks of getting your preferred tattoo done, are you experiencing thick lines tattoo? Also, read how to fix them with more tattooing.

thick lines tattoo
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There are some considerations involved after getting a tattoo.

What bothers one is if the tattoo does not turn out the way it should. Not only is it irritating, but also unsatisfactory. After getting a tattoo, when the line work gets distorted, it is known as a tattoo blowout.

In such a situation, the first job would be to understand what these thick lines are and then delve deep into the factors that caused these thick and deep lines. The tattoo blowout is a common phenomenon in the tattoo healing process. If the ink is injected very deeply into the skin, it results in a tattoo blowout. After a tattoo blowout, the design of the tattoo design gets spread and the lines look blurry. The get rid of these bold lines, there are two solutions – to undergo laser treatment to remove the tattoo completely, and choose to do more tattooing to cover up the blurred line work.

Before getting into the solution, it is important to know the root cause of tattoo thick lines. Since tattoos are permanent marks, it is wise to know how to tattoo blowouts can be prevented before tattooing. Tattoo blowouts occur when tattoo styles are created by an inexperienced tattoo artist. When too much pressure is applied to the tattoo needle while drawing the tattoo on the skin, it results in tattoo blowouts. The excess ink deposits deeply into the skin, sometimes even in the subcutaneous fat layer. As a result, the tattoo ink gets spread on the skin and appears blurry externally.

Therefore, to prevent a tattoo blowout, the first and foremost point to keep in mind is to get hold of an experienced and skilled tattoo artist who can handle the tattoo needle and the tattoo ink to prevent it from faster ink flow and excess ink deposition. Before choosing a tattoo artist, learn about him. If possible check the social media accounts or the website of the specific tattoo artist.

Another factor that causes tattoo blowout is the tattoo design. Once the tattoo design is selected, the tattoo artist will guide one with the tattoo size and placement for utmost effectiveness. Even if the tattoo design is good, its fading will depend on the skill of the artist. After scrutinizing a particular tattoo design, the artist should guide one by providing a list of tattoo designs along with their pros and cons. Since there is a limit to the fine tattoo lines, the artist needs to convey how the tattoo will look on the skin. After the tattoo is done, let it fully heal. All tattoo artists recommend proper tattoo aftercare to avoid it from smudging.

There is another way to fix tattoo blowouts and that is by choosing the correct tattoo needle. What size needle to use for tattoo shading is what bothers most people. Generally, for shading tattoos, a needle of 12 gauge should be used. Other needle groupings include 6 gauge, 14 gauge, and 16 gauge. Even if more needles are used, the voltage of the tattoo machine should range from 7.5 to 8.5 volts.

The design of the tattoo determines the kind of needle that should be used on the skin. For small tattoos, low and round shader should be used. Again, for big tattoos to be done on larger areas of the body or for thick tattoo lines, a more curved needle is required. Although there are more options when it comes to tattoo needles, it is better to stick to the mentioned ones.

Sometimes, even with correct tattoo aftercare, people suffer from tattoo blowouts. For them, here are some amazing tattoo designs that can cover up the blurred tattoos at ease. The listed ones are all traditional work and are done the same way as any other normal tattoo.

Bold Lines Shading Body Tattoo

bold lines shading body tattoo
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When there is a tattoo blowout, one has to add layers to the existing tattoo and fill the large areas with shading. In this tattoo, the artist has tried to deliver the hand poker tattoo with bold lines. The tattoo lines are filled with colour packing to cover the blurred lines on the body. This hand poker image is a highly popular symbol. Besides, this is a feminine image covering large areas of the skin that depicts beauty, desire, muse, good luck, and many more.

Traditional Bold Line Tattoo In Black

traditional bold line tattoo in black
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Another bold lines tattoo filled with black ink and intricately tattooed on the skin with proper colour packing is this old school traditional tattoo. The artist has used bold lines to cover up the previous tattoo marks. The shading with black and dark blue is done to perfection. Also, the artist has handled the needles well to ensure proper penetration of the ink. The lining is done with bold lines to layer the tattoo properly.

Ornamental Bold Line Tattoo

ornamental bold line tattoo
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The ornamental tattoos draw inspiration from wooden carvings. Generally, these ornamental tattoo designs consist of images such as spirals, lines, waves and crosses. When these geometric lines are put symmetrically in a pattern while creating a tattoo on the skin, the blurred lines of the previous tattoo and its detail automatically get covered. Here, the tattoo machines should be tackled well. Be patient during the healing process of the tattoo.

Enthusiastic Bull And Moon Tattoo

enthusiastic bull and moon tattoo
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Another great way to hide a tattoo blowout sign with bold lines is to get this bright jumping bull and moon tattoo done. Here, the needle of the tattoo machine should be maneuvered in such a way that it does not form any ink deposition on the skin like the previous tattoo. Generally, a bull tattoo symbolises toughness, confidence, leadership, anger, and fearlessness. On the contrary, a moon is a sign of peace. When bull and moon are joined together, it resembles maintaining a balance between anxiety and peace.

Simple Bold Line Leaf Tattoo

simple bold line leaf tattoo
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Another bold shading tattoo in black is this leaf tattoo design. It can be said to be a clear example of beauty and elegance. The lining of the leaf is done with rounded needles to ensure the shading of the tapers. Commonly, leaves in tattoos symbolise the cycle of life. Having a leaf tattoo design means accepting life the way it is. We all go through ups and downs. Even if the leaf dies, life goes on at its own pace.

Carved Ornamental Tattoo With Black Lines

carved ornamental tattoo with black lines
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The ornamental tattoos are one of the best ways to manage the worse blurred lines of the previous tattoo. This is one of those styles that artists prefer to cover up tattoo blowouts. For this the artists use proper tattoo needles for thick lines. To impart accurate lining, it is suggested to follow the needle chart to pick the tattoo needle for thick lines. Generally, ornamental tattoos are filled with geometrical figures and symbolise a special protection.

Bold Arrow Tattoo In Black And Grey

bold arrow tattoo in black and grey
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When your primary purpose is to cover the previous blurred lines of a tattoo blowout, it is always better to pick tattoo designs with thicker lines. The thickness of the lines make it easier for the previous distorted tattoo to get covered at ease. Getting an arrow tattoo done with the best tattoo needles for thick lines is one of the best solutions. Arrow tattoos mean struggle and victory.

Colourful Bug Tattoo

colourful bug tattoo
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With a faulty tattoo or distorted tattoo outlines, it is not just enough to cover it but also to make it look beautiful on the skin. This can be made possible by using the right ink and the perfect needle. One brilliant style to cover up tattoo blowouts is to tattoo a colourful bug on top of it. However, when inking the tentacles of the bug, the right needle has to be used along with proper shading ink. The more colorful the bug is made, the better it looks on the skin.

Ferns and Petals Tattoo Design

ferns and petals tattoo design

Undoubtedly, flower tattoos are the most prominent designs and a great idea to cover up flawed tattoo marks. One of the key ingredients of the floral tattoos to hide the blowouts is to pick the right tattoos needles. The right needles can offer both thinner and thicker lines accordingly. To make it look beautiful on the skin, some color contrasts can be added to the flowers and plants.

Minimalist Heart Tattoo in Red

minimalist heart tattoo in red
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Above all, heart tattoos will never go out of trend. When there is a blurred tattoo line, rely on a heart tattoo. Since this is a single needle tattoo, one does not have to take much pain while getting tattooed. The colour of the heart will cover the mistakes. If required, a thin outline in black or any other bold colour can be added.

Now that you know the reasons behind tattoo blowouts, make sure to pick the right and experienced tattoo artists. Otherwise, it can not only fall heavy on your level of satisfaction, but also on your pockets. In case you’ve already had a bad experience, pick any one tattoo idea from the list above and you are good to go.

Here are some more bold line tattoo ideas that can cover a tattoo error at ease:

  • Full moon tattoo with craters
  • Colorful flower vase tattoo
  • Hefty animal tattoo
  • Stars and constellation tattoo
  • Fully defined butterfly tattoo

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