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Are you a self-proclaimed history buff who loves Egyptian history? Then you should see these amazing Thoth tattoo ideas based on the Egyptian god!

thoth tattoo ideas
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The Egyptian pantheon has a number of gods and goddesses each of whom controlled an aspect of nature or of their lives.

Out of all the gods, the most creative Egyptian god has to be Thoth. He was depicted in art forms as a man who had the head of an ibis or baboon.

Thoth was primarily the god of the moon. He was also the god of knowledge and patron deity of scribes. He was supposed to be the god of sacred texts, science, and mathematics as well as that of the magical arts. Thoth was also the god who was known for his writing skills and he was also credited with the invention of the calendar. He also acted as the messenger and bookkeeper for the other Egyptian gods.

Therefore, if you are someone who loves to read and learn more about history, you will definitely find Thoth to be one of the most interesting Egyptian deities. Consequently, if the knowledge seeker in you is in search of a tattoo, then you should look at some awesome Thoth tattoos!

Minimal Tattoo Ideas Of Egyptian God Thoth

minimal tattoo ideas of egyptian god thoth
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The ancient gods from Egypt have always had a mysterious allure attached to them. After all, we have not been able to figure out much about them apart from the art forms of pyramid walls. However, historians have found out that the ancient Egyptians considered a god who could control each aspect of their life and nature. Just like the Sun god Ra, there was also a Moon god Thoth.

If you are looking for a starter tattoo that is simple and minimal in style but also expresses your love for Egyptian history and mythology, you should get a small and simple Thoth tattoo.

Bright And Colorful Thoth Tattoo Designs

bright and colorful thoth tattoo designs
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All historians specializing in ancient Egyptian religion will agree that Thoth was the most creative Egyptian god and he was one of the more powerful deities. After all, he invented a number of important objects for daily use including the calendar. He had also gifted the Egyptians with the skills of mathematics and science. Thus, if you want a tattoo that pays homage to this master of knowledge and learning, you can also choose a colorful Egyptian tattoo. The addition of bright and colorful ink will add to the beauty of your Egyptian tattoo of Thoth. You can also add patterns of sacred geometric symbols to make it more distinct.

Thoth Tattoo Designs For The Upper Half Of Your Arm

thoth tattoo designs for the upper half of your arm
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Thoth’s figure is one of the most powerful deities among all Egyptian gods. Ancient Egyptians looked up to him as he was the patron of scribes and was a messenger for the gods.

The most popular placement of Thoth tattoos among all tattoo enthusiasts is the arm. After all, the arm offers a vast expanse for properly drawing up a large tattoo with all its intricacies and detailed nuances.

Awesome Handpoked Tattoos Honoring Thoth

awesome handpoked tattoos honoring thoth
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If you want an Egyptian tattoo that takes you on a unique and creative journey, then you should take some risks and experiment with the style of your tattoo. The wearer in this tattoo has gotten a handpoked tattoo of the god Thoth. Thoth was a god who could command respect in ancient Egypt when the pharaohs ruled due to the important role he played in maintaining scribes and knowledge.

A handpoked tattoo is a time-consuming but easy style of tattoo that gives it a distinct look as compared to a machine tattoo. You can also add sacred geometric symbols to your handpoked Egyptian tattoo to make it stand out in a crowd.

Ideas For Thoth Tattoo With Other Egyptian Gods

ideas for thoth tattoo with other egyptian gods
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Egyptian gods were put on high pedestals because of the power and respect they commanded. The people considered them to be in charge of their lives, fate and destiny. If you are someone who is devoted to gaining knowledge and education, you may want to get a Thoth Egyptian god tattoo.

You can also add symbols of other gods with your Thoth tattoo symbol, like the Nefertiti tattoo or the Eye of Horus tattoo. The wearer in the picture has an Anubis tattoo along with an Egyptian god Thoth tattoo. If you are looking for some more Egyptian tattoos to add to your Thoth tattoo, check out these awesome Eye of Ra tattoos.

Linework Tattoo Ideas For Egyptian God Thoth

linework tattoo ideas for egyptian god thoth
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The ancient Egyptians considered Thoth to be the god of the moon. Just like the other Egyptian gods, Thoth could also control certain aspects of their world and life. If you want a tattoo of Thoth that is unique and unconventional – you can ask your tattoo artist to draw your Thoth god tattoo using the linework style. A linework tattoo is usually made in a style where the main figure or symbol is drawn through straight, simple or curved lines. The figure is not filled in with colors or monochromatic shading. Only the lines help in portraying the outline of the figure.

Awesome Thoth Tattoo Designs For Your Leg

awesome thoth tattoo designs for your leg
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Thoth was not just the god of the moon but controlled several aspects of Egyptian life including magical arts. He was also one of the primary symbols of knowledge and the art of reading and writing. He has also been recorded in the art forms on pyramid walls alongside other gods from the Egyptian pantheon.

If you search on the internet for tattoos honoring Thoth, you will find they are mostly done on the arm. However, you can also go against the popular attitude and get the Egyptian tattoo on your leg!

Half-Sleeve Tattoo Designs With Thoth

half-sleeve tattoo designs with thoth
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Half-sleeve tattoos are those tattoos which cover the entire upper half or lower half of your arm. These tattoos may also start from the shoulder and cover the shoulder blade as well. Half-sleeve tattoos are perfect for those people who want a big tattoo that is of the same image or follows a single theme.

half-sleeve tattoo designs with thoth ideas
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Therefore, if you are looking for a half-sleeve tattoo based on Egyptian mythology, why not use the symbol of one of the gods? A Thoth god tattoo in the form of a half-sleeve would look amazing especially if you think about how Thoth was the god of moon as well as the master of knowledge and the art of magic.

Tattoos Portraying Thoth While Writing

tattoos portraying thoth while writing
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In Egyptian mythology, among all types of gods and goddesses, Thoth was the god of writing and art. He also controlled symbols of magic and gifted his disciples of the earthly world with various inventions that made their life easier.

Like all other gods from Egypt, he has also been depicted through various images and symbols. Most of his representations show him with a scribe in his hand and a parchment. Thus, he is presented with the symbol of the moon and with pen and paper to show that he is writing. If you are drawn to the fact that Thoth was the god of knowledge, you can also portray him in a writing posture in your tattoo.

Large And Detailed Thoth Tattoo Ideas For Your Body Art

large and detailed thoth tattoo ideas for your body art
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Tattoos can also be considered body art, especially if they are large pieces that encompass your head or chest. A lot of people draw inspiration from mythology and stories around the world. They look at the images and symbol where gods and goddesses are depicted and decide to get a tattoo based on that. If you have fun exploring the complex Egyptian mythology, then you can also use your body as an entire canvas to get Egyptian tattoos. In the Instagram picture above, the wearer has gotten a large tattoo of the god Thoth on their stomach and ribs. Such awesome tattoos will definitely catch everyone’s eyes no matter where you go. You can get the tattoo in the style of a tribal Thoth tattoo or even add an Eye of Horus tattoo to it if you want.

Different people get different types of tattoos based on their interests and preferences. If you are interested in Egyptian history and their pantheon of gods, then you can definitely get a cool Thoth tattoo honoring the god of the moon!

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