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If you are looking for amazing Tiki tattoos to get inked onto your skin, then these designs will be perfect for you! So read on.

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Throughout Polynesian culture, there are several stories about Tiki.

Tiki was the first man formed by the deity Tane, according to certain Maori tales. While other legends refer to him as a demigod who produced the first human.

The term tiki refers to any figure or picture that has human-like characteristics, and as a result, images with extremely precise anatomical characteristics are commonly referred to as tiki. You may find such tattoos with a Tiki man tattoo and traditional patterns. Because Polynesians did not have access to writing in the past, they relied on tattoo art that was full of distinguishing symbols to convey their individuality and personality. Tattoos were almost universal in ancient Polynesian civilization.

In Polynesian tattooing, the placement of the tattoo on the skin is crucial. There are a few components that have different meanings depending on where they are put. In brief, the significance of a Polynesian tattoo is influenced by its placement. Humans are supposed to be the offspring or descendants of Rangi or Heaven and Papa or Earth, who were formerly united. In Polynesian mythology, man’s mission is to reclaim that connectivity, thus human physiology is viewed as one of the links between Rangi and Papa. The spiritual lands and heaven are associated with the upper portion of the body, whereas the earth is associated with the lower part.

So, what is the meaning of a Tiki tattoo? They are commonly used to represent fertility and protection. Tiki arms are typically linked with strength and power, and when they are sculpted to point upward, they are meant to signify strength or development. Every Tiki has its own significance. Strength, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, and a variety of other powerful concepts are all represented by Tikis. Tikis are frequently depicted in tattoo art these days, in addition to influencing artists.

Such majestic and artistic tattoos are very often accompanied by piercings as well. If you are on the lookout for the perfect Tiki tattoo design, then these designs will be awesome for you!

Tiki Mask Tattoo

tiki mask tattoo
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A classic Tiki tattoo, shows a wooden smiling Tiki face, with many broad leaves as its hair. We can see a bird peeking out of the leaves as well. This is a very happy-looking tattoo that would look great on your entire arm. The mask has its tongue out in happiness. This is one of those good designs to start out with as a first tattoo as well. Such designs have great detail and are available in many styles. If you are going to Hawaii and you are interested in one of this gorgeous tiki tattoo, you should check these designs out. Tiki masks are also very often considered to be a charm for great luck. So getting smaller versions of this unique and jolly tattoo for luck is greatly encouraged.

Tiki Tribal Pattern Tattoo

tiki tribal pattern tattoo
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This is a very beautiful tattoo that is also accentuated with colours. It has many straight lines and curves arranged together to form a very interesting and vivid pattern. The tip of it looks like a wing, while the lower details have many colours related to nature, such as red and blue. This is a great style that will look very good on your leg or as sleeve tattoos. This is generally regarded as one of those designs that will look good on both guys and girls. This tells the story of many rich cultures and is one of the best ink designs you can get. Some of the common patterns used in such art are that of ocean waves, turtle shell patterns, tiki eyes, spearheads, and shark teeth, as well as other geometric and abstract designs including lines and curves.

Polynesian Pattern Tattoo

polynesian pattern tattoo
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This is also another pattern based tattoo idea. Here we can see a mystic tiki tattoo that is for adults. It has many fascinating things in it, such as triangles and geometric shapes, as well as a number of abstract patterns as well. The connection between these forms could stand for the connection that exists among all the creatures of the world. The different patterns are seen in different sections, and they all have many engravings that mean many ideas according to ancient Polynesian patterns. This is a great style you can get engraved onto your skin, and it will look amazing on photos as well.

Tiki Tribal Man Tattoo

tiki tribal man tattoo
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This is one of those designs that showcase a tiki tribal person, they look very sombre and serious. They are holding a cane, that has a leaf at its end. This is another one of those classic tribal god designs. This could be a sign to the tribal gods, and a tiki tattoo meaning that is to keep moving forward. It shows a typical tiki art, but its detailing and symbolism make it unique. This is a very interesting tribal body art that can be a lot of fun. This will look amazing on your leg, or as a tiki head tattoo. There are many a reason to choose this beautiful tattoo. It features many of the things that make getting a tribal tiki tattoo fun and exciting and will look great on you no matter what activity you are doing.

Freaky Tiki Tattoo With Skull

freaky tiki tattoo with skull
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If you like some dark and scary looking skull tattoo ideas, then this body art is perfect for you. This large and expansive tattoo can cover a large part of your skin. It shows a scary-looking skull in the middle of a tropical setting. Some small bursts of colour can also help to make this show out a bit more. You can also create small differences to this and make it more personalised as well. If you like getting a lot of tattoos, then this is a great center piece for your skin. This is a darker version of such body art and can be used to symbolize a hunt, or death and danger. This will also look very nice along with a koi piercing as well. So choose to live dangerously, and get one of these ferocious designs engraved onto your skin!

Tiki Mask And Pattern Tattoo

tiki mask and pattern tattoo
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This is one of those larger designs that can convey a lot of symbolism. It shows a fierce and serious tribal head. For shielding and defence, this tiki with an all-seeing eye on the front is worn on the shoulder. It has a mask in the middle and a number of patterns surrounding it. This is one of those designs that starts from the shoulder and extends to your elbow. This can carry many meanings, but mostly it is considered to be one of safety. This is believed to sense dangers and keep the wearer from harm. This is a belief that has been held for decades. It can also be one of those designs that you can get for fun if you like big designs.

Angry Samurai Get Tattoo

angry samurai get tattoo
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This is another of those classic designs, and it shows an angry tribal tiki tattoo, his eyes red with rage and looking very ferocious, despite his small stature. The tribal person has a shield and a small knife and looks like a samurai about to go to a fight. You can see his passion that is being spent in his eyes, and the emotion that is being conveyed. It is also a very cute art to get if you get it as a very small tattoo. It has many of the symbols that tiki tattoos have, including an expressive mask and a lot of detailing. We can see the site around the tiki warrior smoking with his anger. This is a great idea for a tattoo if you like small and subtle designs.

Tiki Tribal Spirit Tattoo

tiki tribal spirit tattoo
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Here we have another serious and dangerous-looking tiki tattoo. The tiki has the look of a spirit, with similar connotations as that of the protective tattoo. You can see many patterns around the spirit, and these include many shapes and designs. The relationship that each of the patterns has with each other is unique. You can consider this as a symbol of good luck, as the spirit is expected to keep the person out of harm’s way. The smaller patterns around the spirit face all have intricate meanings as well. There are many winged shapes and crown-like patterns around the spirit’s head, representing the strength it possesses. It can be considered to be a guardian deity that grants the people who believe in its safety and luck.

Tiki Flower And Pattern Tattoo

tiki flower and pattern tattoo
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This is a more abstract pattern, but it also has many tiki symbols and symbols. We can see a beautiful flower intertwined with these patterns. It shows the unique relationship that the gentle flower has with the robust patterns. The tattoo is designed in such a way that it looks ethereal and lovely, while also maintaining grace and beauty that only a tiki art can have. It tapers into a pointed end on the top, and at the bottom, it swirls to end in a large circle. As it ends, the patterns around it shrink as well. These patterns are often used in tiki art and can mean many things. This intricate pattern can also be thought of as a metaphor for life. Like life, it swirls and changes, and it is beautiful and complicated.

Tropical Cartoonish Tiki Tattoo

tropical cartoonish tiki tattoo
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There is no better way to end this lovely collection than with this cute and cartoonish tiki character. We can see the tiki person happily walking around. What makes such designs look even more appealing are the bursts of colour it has. The tiki cartoon is bluish in colour, with a mocktail umbrella as a hat. There is even a lemon behind it that looks like a sun. This is one of those designs that remind us of the innocence and childishness that can make life interesting. There are many tools and resources that can be incorporated into a tiki character tattoo, and this is a wonderful example of the same.

So we hope this list of tiki tattoo ideas give you enough inspiration to get one inked on your skin.

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