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Are you a Tim Burton fan looking for a cool tattoo? We have gathered all the best Tim Burton Tattoo Ideas in this article just for you.

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Tim Burton is a film director who is famous for his horror movies filled with creepy monsters and amazing art.

Tim Burton is famous for his signature creepy movies. If you are a fan of his films, then this article is for you.

Tim Burton is known for many movies. He has some masterpieces like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Frankenweenie. He has directed countless movies that his fans absolutely love. He is famous for his creepy art style in his animated movies. Even in his other movies, he has a very signature creepy vibe that keeps people hooked to the film until the end. If you are a horror movie fan, you are also probably a Tim Burton fan. And if you love Tim Burton, this article is just what you need. Because we have made a list of some amazing Tim Burton-inspired tattoos that will blow your mind. So get ready for some amazing Tim Burton tattoos that you can use as your next tattoo inspiration.

Fantastic Jack and Sally Tattoo Ideas

fantastic jack and sally tattoo ideas
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Jack Skellington and Sally from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably everyone’s favorite Tim Burton couple. The 1993 movie is famous for its amazing art and splendid storyline. The ragdoll Sally is in love with Jack and wants to marry him. The plot of the movie is really gripping and in the end, Jack and Sally kiss and unite. It is a very creepy but heartfelt and romantic tale. If you love Jack and Sally as much as we do, then this tattoo is perfect for you. It is a small tattoo that features both Jack and Sally in a romantic position with a heart as a frame around the picture. You can also get Jack Skellington and Sally couple’s tattoos with your partner to prove your love and strengthen your relationship.

Beautiful and Simple Tim Burton Tattoo Ideas

beautiful and simple tim burton tattoo ideas
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If you are a fan of small and simplistic tattoos, then this tattoo idea is for you. This tattoo is inspired by the very famous Tim Burton classic ‘Coraline’. The movie was horror-themed and is really a visual treat for people who enjoy scary movies. This iconic movie had a great story that centered around a girl named Coraline. The tattoo is very small but also very detailed. It captures the essence and personality of Coraline from the movie very well. If you like smaller and more simplistic tattoos, this tattoo is just what you need. You can also get other characters done on your skin in the same style. If you like black ink tattoos more than colorful tattoos, then you can also get this tattoo done in black and grey.

Amazing Creepy Beetlejuice Tattoo Ideas for Horror Fans

amazing creepy beetlejuice tattoo ideas for horror fans
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The 1988 classic Beetlejuice has to be one of the most celebrated Tim Burton movies of all time. The movie is named after the main antagonist of the film who is a trickster ghost named Beetlejuice. If you are a Beetlejuice fan and have watched the movie multiple times already because of its entertaining plot and the signature Tim Burton flavor, then you should take a look at this tattoo. The tattoo is a half-sleeve and covers the upper arm. It has the creepy effect that Burton is famous for. You can add your favorite elements from Beetlejuice into the tattoo as well.

Corpse Bride Tattoo Ideas Tim Burton Fans Will Love

corpse bride tattoo ideas tim burton fans will love
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Corpse Bride, a 2005 Burton classic has to be one of the most popular of his creations. It was an animated movie and featured the same style of art that make Burton films such a treat to watch. The main two voice actors in the movie were Helena Bonham Carter as Emily and Johnny Depp as Victor. The story is not your usual love story and that’s what makes it so beautiful. There are many fun elements in the movie, for example, the very cute skeleton dog named Scraps. This tattoo features the two main characters of the movie-Emily and Victor. It is done in a new-school style which also really suits the theme of the movie. You can also add Scraps to your tattoo to make it even cuter.

Edward Scissorhands Tattoos for Tim Burton Fans

edward scissorhands tattoos for tim burton fans
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Many of the famous Burton movies star Johnny Depp, and Edward Scissorhands is one of those many movies that starred him. The movie also features Winona Ryder. Depp plays the character of Edward Scissorhands, who, as can be assumed from his name, has scissors instead of fingers. Turns out he was a rogue scientific experiment. The movie tugs on the heartstrings of the watcher as we all start to empathize with the very sad and lonely life of Edward. It is not a horror movie but it still has the dark theme that Burton is revered for. The tattoo itself is very simple and one you can easily get if you are a fan of Depp and Burton. You can also get similar tattoos of Burton characters played by Depp. Like Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Fantastic Tim Burton Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

fantastic tim burton tattoo sleeve ideas
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If you are a die-hard fan of Burton movies and want a sleeve tattoo that proves that your love Tim Burton, then this tattoo idea is perfect for you. Even though the picture is of a leg sleeve tattoo, the Tim Burton elements are all there. The tattoo has some amazing details and has some of the most famous characters from Burton movies. If you are a true Tim Burton fan, then you can also get a tattoo like this one where you will get to combine all your favorite characters in one tattoo. You can also get a similarly designed arm sleeve tattoo. You just have to ask your tattoo artist to draw up a design that suits you perfectly.

Adorable Frankenweenie Tattoos Inspired by Tim Burton

adorable frankenweenie tattoos inspired by tim burton
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The movie Frankenweenie is many people’s favorite and for good reason. The 2012 animated film has won many hearts as at the center of the plot is a resurrected pitbull named Sparky and he is adorable. As the name suggests, Frankenweenie is a tribute to the book that started the science-fiction genre- Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. The movie shows what might go wrong if you try to resurrect dead people, or pets in the case of Victor Frankenstein, the main character of the film. This very adorable tattoo is a portrait of Sparky, the main attraction of the movie. He is one of the most adorable characters ever created by Burton and everyone who watched the movie fell in love with him. If you like small and simple tattoos inspired by Burton, then you can get this one.

Beautiful Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Ideas

beautiful nightmare before christmas tattoo ideas
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We have already talked about The Nightmare Before Christmas and what an amazing movie it is. But Jack and Sally are not the only memorable characters from the film, there are much more. The main antagonist of the movie, Oogie Boogie is one of them. He was a bag of Bugs who kept Santa captive when Lock, Shock, and Barrel handed Santa Claus over to him. Oogie Boogie and Lock, Shock, and Barrel have become some of the most iconic characters from the movie. In the tattoo, you can see Oogie Boogie with the three of them. You can also choose to add other characters to your tattoo if that is something you want. The details on the tattoo are amazing and really bring the image to life.

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland Inspired Half-sleeve Tattoos

beautiful alice in wonderland inspired half-sleeve tattoos
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The 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland is a reimagination of the famous Lewis Carrol classic of the same name. The movie was iconic and featured Johnny Depp who played the role of the Mad Hatter. In the tattoo here, we can see two of the other major characters of the novel, the Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. It is a half-sleeve tattoo done in black and grey, and it captures the mood of the movie pretty perfectly. You can also choose to extend this into a full-sleeve tattoo and add more characters like the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. Tattoos inspired by the movie look amazing on anybody. If you want, you can also get a colorful sleeve instead of a black ink one.

Creepy Beetlejuice Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

creepy beetlejuice half sleeve tattoo designs
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As we already mentioned, Beetlejuice was one of the creepiest live-action movies directed by Tim Burton. That is also the reason why it has such a huge fanbase. The 1998 masterpiece had a very famous saying – ‘Never trust the living’. The movie is full of ghosts and other scary elements. Some of them are featured in this tattoo. The tattoo might seem too creepy to some people, but that is the beauty of it. A true Burton fan will fall in love with this tattoo. You can get similar tattoos inspired by some other movies by the director as well. Like, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Corpse Bride, Coraline, etc. You can always find the signature creepy element in Burton movies.

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