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If you are a strong woman looking for a badass tattoo for yourself, these amazing traditional black widow tattoo designs are just what you need.

traditional black widow tattoo
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Black widow tattoo variations have long been a favourite among spider tattoo lovers.

Black widow spider tattoos have a wide range of different meanings, depending on the person wearing them. Black widow spiders represent female power, while prisoners sport the black widow symbol frequently too.

The female black widow is known best for its mating habits. It has a red hourglass shape and gets its name from devouring its mate after mating. Hence, the black widow tattoo can represent female energy and stand as a metaphor for badass women with ‘do not mess with me’ attitudes. Also, the black widow tattoo represents the captivity of prisoners, with the spider’s web standing for prison bars.

The black widow spider tattoo can also stand for the darker parts of life, such as death and fear. The black widow spider is known to be one of the most venomous spiders crawling the southern and western parts of South America. However, not many human deaths have been reported due to the bite of these black widow spiders. Still, all such characteristics and negative qualities have made the creature seem to come right out of horror movies. If you are looking to get a black widow tattoo design, then this specially curated list of black widow spider tattoo designs is for you.

The Traditional Black Widow Spider Tattoo

the traditional black widow spider tattoo
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The traditional style black widow tattoo is a horrific yet beautiful example of spider tattoos, with the creature emanating a shiny jet black lustre and all the tiny hairs showing on the black widow’s leg. The use of jet black ink and the masterful shading technique lends a certain panache to the black widow spider tattoo. You can have different designs drawn on the female’s abdomen portion of the black widow spider. This one has an eye drawn on the spider tattoo design that adds to the gothic and nightmare-ish design, making it an obvious choice for all those looking for a traditional black widow tattoo design. The eye design on the abdomen of the black widow tattoo means guidance and protection. This is in complement to the black widow tattoo that stands for fear and death. In short, the design may implement protection against bad dreams or signs in life.

The Neo-Traditional Black Widow Colourful Tattoo

the neo-traditional black widow colourful tattoo
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Neo-traditional tattoo styles have been a rage with their wide use of the colour palette, bold strokes, and the tick lines used to draw the tattoo. The neo-traditional black widow tattoo is no exception as it flaunts the above-mentioned characteristics nonchalantly. The somewhat bland reddish hue of the spider is well complemented by the use of bright red and green colours on the body of the black widow spider. The short black lines on the legs of the black window represent the hair jutting out, while the same on the abdomen reminisces the stripes of a tiger. The big green tribal symbol on the abdomen adds a whole new flavour, making it eye-catching. The black widow tattoo will surely draw attention when you enter any room sporting it. The whole black widow tattoo has a certain pop feeling that makes it a rage among those looking for a black widow tattoo, neo-traditional tattoo, or a mix of both.

The Traditional Yin Yang and Black Widow Spider Tattoo

the traditional yin yang and black widow spider tattoo
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A part of ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a philosophical concept about how opposite forces are intertwined, interconnected, and dependent on each other in the natural world. It also describes how the contrary forces interrelate with one another to give rise to each other. Like the popular Chinese philosophical concept, the black widow tattoo also represents fear and death, two complementary forces of human life. The use of classic black and white ink colours and the masterful shading technique will also appeal the conservative tattoo enthusiasts who do not prefer the relatively modern use of vast tattoo ink colours.

The Lady Faced Black Widow Tattoo

the lady faced black widow tattoo
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Female black widows are known for devouring their male black widow partners after the completion of the mating session. Hence, such tattoo designs stand for all the strong women who are badass in life and portray women empowerment. The black widow female can be the spirit animal of all such women striving and fighting against all odds and male patriarchy in life. The bold tribal designs and bright use of different colours are standard neo-traditional tattoo styles that is recently a rage within the tattoo community. The lady face on the tattoo, with the protruding canines and large yellow earrings, lends a whole gothic touch to this black widow tattoo.

The Black Widow Tattoo with Red Hourglass Design

the black widow tattoo with red hourglass design
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The female black widow is famous for its hourglass shape. This black widow tattoo design takes the whole thing too literally by adding a red hourglass in the abdomen portion of the black widow spider. While the spider tattoo may represent fear or death, the hourglass is a symbol of time. The whole black widow tattoo may be a representative of our life, as time is running out and we are inching toward death with every passing minute. These spider tattoos can hence be a meaningful addition to the ink arsenal of your body. The masterful shading technique, coupled with the apt use of white ink, lends a certain glossy feeling to the tattoo. The long legs and the short horns of the black widow tattoo make it look a whole lot menacing, thus making it a favourite for all goth fans.

The Minimal Black Widow Tattoo for Beginners

the minimal black widow tattoo for beginners
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Getting full sleeve tattoo designs or ones with a lot of minute details requires many hours, money, and a whole lot of pain endurance. This might be a little overwhelming for those getting inked for the first time. No need to fret, we have got you covered with these minimal black widow tattoo designs. The childish tattoo design lends a certain flamboyance to the whole spider tattoo design, with bold and eye-catching colours. The pink or red spots in front of the eight-legged spider can be a symbol of the creative force that went into designing the black widow tattoo.

The Traditional Black Widow Spider and Web Tattoo

the traditional black widow spider and web tattoo
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Spider tattoos have long been a favourite design of the prison inmates worldwide. The web tattoo represents the prison and shows the captivity of the prisoners behind the bars. Black widows are known for their frightening looks and venomous nature. The mere sighting of a black widow is sure to leave any common person terrified of the creature. Hence, prison inmates go for black widow and web tattoos to cause the same effect in others. The black widow tattoo traditional style on the neck or the biceps is a favourite for most inmates.

The Neo-Traditional Black Widow With Crown Tattoo

the neo-traditional black widow with crown tattoo
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This tattoo lacks the wide colour palette of traditional spider tattoos but makes it up in the depiction of the black widow spider. The long, slim legs, the thin lines to draw the spider’s web, and the abundant use of black ink in the process gives the whole black widow tattoo a unique touch of goth and horror. But, it is the white skull crown on the abdomen of the black widow spider that forms the most appealing factor of the spider. Both the black widow tattoo and the skull tattoo stands for death, fear, and the afterlife. Hence, if you are a goth fan who loves to make people’s skin crawl, go for this literal skin-crawling black widow tattoo.

The Traditional Panther and Black Widow Tattoo

the traditional panther and black widow tattoo
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Panthers are one of the most dangerous yet beautiful creatures of nature, much like the black widow. A panther generally symbolises admirable qualities of human beings, such as boldness, strength, bravery, and grace. It also stands for magical powers and is a recent trendy tattoo designed favoured by many tattoo enthusiasts owing to the blockbuster Marvel superhero movie ‘Black Panther’. This black widow tattoo takes the best of both the animal tattoos to create a unique design that is sure to attract a lot of admirers. It combines the facial characteristics of the black panther with the legs and torso of a black widow to create a frightening yet intriguing tattoo design.

The Traditional Black Widow and Dagger Tattoo

the traditional black widow and dagger tattoo
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A dagger tattoo has been a long-standing favourite of all tattoo enthusiasts. It represents the vices of human nature, such as betrayal, danger, and loss. But daggers can also represent human virtues such as sacrifice, protection, and bravery. Black widows, on the other hand, stand for fear and death and all the other darkness of nature and the spiritual world. This black widow tattoo depicts a dagger being put through a black widow. Hence, it can mean bravery against dark forces and overcoming the fear of death. It can also stand for bravery against dark areas and emotions that the human society attributes as fearful and terrifying. Go for this black widow tattoo if you wish to make a bold and spiritual statement.

This specially curated list of spider tattoos contains just a few examples of black widow traditional tattoos for tattoo enthusiasts to consider. You can also look for American traditional black widow tattoo designs and other native styles of black widow tattoos.

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