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Looking for innovative traditional shark tattoo designs? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Check out these great tattoo ideas given below.

traditional shark tattoo
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Traditional shark tattoos symbolize protection against fear, courage, and guidance.

As per Fiji, a Shark God protects the fishermen at sea. Sharks represent powerful beings and victory too.

In Hawaiian mythology, it is believed that man-eating sharks or the great white shark were known as niuhi. Ancestors were believed to be reincarnated and sent as these creatures for protection.

The gold ink used in the traditional shark tattoos is a sign of wealth and superiority. The blue color can be seen as a symbol of health and wisdom. Ancient gods in Hawaiian myth are also associated as a symbolization of these tattoos. A tribal shark tattoo is also blue. You can get it inked by tattoo artists on your forearm or leg.

Dive into this article to get some awesome shark tattoos for your next visit to the tattoo studio.

Popular Hammerhead Shark Tattoos

popular hammerhead shark tattoos
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The traditional hammerhead shark tattoo is trendy among people of all ages, mostly among fishermen. The tattooing of the hammerhead is done by tattoo artists for people who are freedom-lovers. People who have a deep sense of determining the mystery, danger, and cunningness in the world usually get this inked. The shoulders and the forearm are the ideal places to get these shark tattoos.

The hammerhead shark tattoo is a sign of protection against enemies in Polynesian culture. Sailors get this tattooed as a good-luck charm or talisman. The sharp teeth of the sharks 0ften compliment these tattoos. The teeth are a sign of power, marking these animals as the guardian of the ocean. Sharks as carnivores, top of the food chain. This tattoo represents the power of the sharks in places unknown. The colors on these tattoos make them stand out in public.

Trendy Black Traditional Shark Tattoo

trendy black traditional shark tattoo
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The black traditional shark tattoo is most popular among both men and women of all ages. The tattoo shows the aggressive nature of humans in attacking sharks. The anchor pierced through its body shows terror and death in the eyes of the creature. It is also a sign of the fearlessness of the animal in the deep blue sea.

Black, being the go-to color for most people, is certainly very commonly found. These shark tattoos can be made on the chest, forearm, and leg too. It is not too flashy, and traditional shark tattoos in this color symbolize tribal art. It stands for positive spiritual energy.

Colorful Traditional Shark Tattoo Design

colorful traditional shark tattoo design
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The colorful traditional tattoo in the picture has frightening jaws signifying terror. The flowers add beauty to the photo taken in the studio. These predators were seen to protect the fishers from the deep ocean.

You can get these shark tattoos done on your forearm to make it look aesthetic. It can also be done on your chest and leg. The tattoo is seen to be complimenting nature with the flower design. Any person interested in getting this tattoo can get it from a tattoo shop in London.

Blue Traditional Hammerhead Shark And Fisherman Tattoo

blue traditional hammerhead shark and fisherman tattoo
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The above tattoo shows the hammerhead shark in a fighting stance with the fisher. The blue ink makes the quality of the tattoo immaculate. It shows the shark as the lion of its land. The color blue is associated with royalty. The fisherman with the dagger seems to be the one trapped by the frightening strength of the shark.

This is a trendy and powerful-looking tattoo to get yourself inked with! People who foster an undefeated attitude can relate to this tattoo. You can get it inked on your forearm, leg, shoulders, and even your side-rib area. This tattoo symbolizes the strength and nobility the king has over his territory. People of any age can get it made on the preferred part of their body.

Bold Flowery Traditional Shark Tattoo

bold flowery traditional shark tattoo
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The usage of bright ink in the shark tattoo books has its place among the ones of high quality. The image is shown here to represent the wrath of the sharks. Red flowers add to the pleasing aesthetic of the tattoo. Black and white inks are used to draw the shark with precision.

These tattoos symbolize power, courage, and vigor. People of all ages can get this inked. The predators of the ocean signify the daunting attitude. A sense of protecting your territory and loved ones constantly is shown by this tattoo too. You can get it inked on your side-rib area, forearm, and leg.

Old-school Traditional Hammerhead Shark Tattoos

old-school traditional hammerhead shark tattoos
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The hammerhead shark in the above tattoo is sort of old-school in design. The sharp jaws in its mouth show its ferociousness. This tattoo is inked in classic tribal lines. The hammerhead shark traditional tattoo is crafted with precision. The post shows the shark tattoo highlighting the pointed teeth of the sharks.

These sharks symbolize a sense of hope and the never-ending zeal for moving forward in life. You can get it done on your shoulders, forearm, and leg. Hammerhead sharks were seen by Celts as a sign of success in their endeavors. The hammerhead shark is known to protect against other perilous sea creatures. It shows a positive outlook toward life. People of all ages can get it since old-school never goes out of style!

Savage Black And Red Traditional Shark Tattoo

savage black and red traditional shark tattoo
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The above tattoo rages in the ferocity of the shark. It is inked in vivid details by the artist. The roaring waves are colored red, signifying blood. It can also highlight the stormy seas and the roaring sharks. The bloodshot eyes of the shark symbolize rage and the dominance of these predators over the sea.

The unintimidated shark stands for the passion and lust for life. The shark tattoo can be inked by individuals of any age and walk of life. The indomitable spirit is portrayed by this tattoo. This tattoo stands as a sign of warning against any peril. A headstrong attitude is shown through the tattoo. It looks fierce and savage, especially with spear-like teeth. You can get it done by your tattoo artist on your forearm, leg, side rib, and shoulders too.

Quirky Multicolor Traditional Shark Tattoo

quirky multicolor traditional shark tattoo
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The tattoo is innovative and unique in its approach. It shows the resilience and strength of the shark. The powerful teeth of the shark mark its life force and authority over its territory. This tattoo has bright-colored petals and leaves, making it stand out in the crowd. The shark looks fearsome as one of the strongest predators.

You can get it inked on your forearm, leg, chest, or the back of your shoulder. It is for people of all ages. This shark tattoo symbolizes agility and zeal. The tattoo, with its vivid details, reminds one of the movie Jaws. It is especially for people who prefer an offbeat approach to life.

Artsy Purple and Green Traditional Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

artsy purple and green traditional hammerhead shark tattoo
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This traditional hammerhead shark tattoo has its own charm. The cute drawings on its body make it trendy. The hammerhead shark especially stands out for its violent teeth. It is a classic hammerhead shark with a white belly. Deep purple waters stand for the mysterious waters where the shark reigns in its glory.

The tattoo manifests positive energy, mobility, and a passion for life. You can get it inked on your forearm, leg, shoulders, and side rib area. This particular tattoo shows the urge to break through the obstacles and move forward. Get yours done today!

Vintage Style Traditional Shark Tattoo

vintage style traditional shark tattoo
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The above picture shows a traditional shark tattoo which is a classic. It is the great white shark with a grey tinge to it. The tattoo shows the unwillingness to be oppressed by others. You can see the threat and sheer rage in its eyes. The shark stands daunting and undefeated by the sea. It is its own master.

One can get it inked on their ankle, forearm, and leg to make it stand out. Sailors see it as a sign of guidance and courage to face the dark waters. It symbolizes a headstrong attitude towards fear and death. Live life to the fullest motto is well projected by this shark tattoo. Sharks are a good reminder of how the weak get gobbled up by the mighty ones. People of any age can get it inked if they share the same outlook toward life.

The traditional shark tattoos are thus associated with strength, fearlessness, and a never-ending passion for survival. People, irrespective of their age, can get this tattoo inked on various preferable parts of their body. It symbolizes protection from hurdles and the courage to face them head-on. London is undoubtedly one of the best places to come across a wide range of tattoo shops. Traditional shark tattoos cost around 60 euros-130 euros.

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