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Are you searching for traditional tattoo lettering ideas to find out designs before getting inked? We have the best list of lettering tattoos just for you!

traditional tattoo lettering
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Traditional lettering tattoos look beautiful and are a favourite of many.

The fun part of getting a traditional tattoo lettering is that you can customise it to say anything you want. Be it a quote or a name, and you can get it done.

Traditional tattoo lettering is always one of a kind. People often choose to get the name of a loved one inked. Sometimes it can also be a quote which has a personal meaning. You can get lettering tattoos on any part of your body. They go with all kinds of styles that you choose. Tattoo fonts are fun to experiment with, and you can select your favourite tattoo fonts. The tattoo fonts are also entirely your choice, and there are a number of ideas that you can choose from. If you search for the best traditional tattoo lettering ideas, we have compiled a list of lettering tattoo inspirations.

Cursive Lettering Tattoo

cursive lettering tattoo
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Cursive font tattoos are one of the classics. More or less, everyone has it inked. It always looks elegant and meaningful, whether a word or a whole sentence. If you are looking for something bold and smart, you should opt for this tattoo art. The letters of the tattoo look extremely classy and irrespective of your style or aesthetic it will look gorgeous on anyone.

Apart from that, it will look good anywhere you get it inked. The minimalist elements allow the traditional tattoo lettering word or sentence to stand out independently. So if you want, you can customize it to your liking, coloured or just bold black. It will look good.

Old School Tattoo

old school tattoo
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There are various versions of old school tattoos. Different clients have various customised ideas, which allow the artist to be creative in their way. But if you are looking for some old school tattoo that is bold and elegant, this might be a sign that you should get it inked. Even though simple, this old-school tattoo idea looks excellent in all styles.

If you want, you can go as creative as you want by adding the colour or the font to your liking because, in the end, old school tattoos should be comforting to us and give an effect of nostalgia. You can get this old school tattoo inked anywhere: legs, arms, shoulders, waist and chest. Irrespective of your style, this traditional tattoo lettering will look good on you.

Crab Lettering Tattoo

crab lettering tattoo
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Pop of colour can always make a massive difference to any tattoo art. This traditional tattoo lettering design stands out because of the colourful crab that has been added. The blending of colours has been done perfectly by tattoo artists. The tattoo has ‘Scuttle on’ written in a very cool tattoo font. If you are getting this tattoo, you can choose to change the tattoo font according to your liking.

The traditional tattoo lettering font used in this tattoo gives a fun attribute to the tattoo itself. The orange that runs through the words gives a special effect to the tattoo itself. The fun part of lettering tattoos is that you can customize them according to what you want. So, if you’re going to get this tattoo, you can alter the writing to what you want it to say.

Sailor Traditional Lettering Tattoo

sailor traditional lettering tattoo
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Are you a sailor or a fan of sailors? This tattoo has been designed for all the sailors and sailing lovers out there. The tattoo art has a circular structure, which looks like a window with a view of the sea. Inside the circle, there is an artwork of a sea storm.

It also shows a boat sailing on the violent waves, with clouds, rain, and thunder. Surrounding the circular structure, in traditional tattoo lettering, “Storm Rider” is written. This tattoo font is a favourite of many and can often be seen in many tattoo fonts. Even though it is an old school tattoo font, it still looks great with the tattoo. You can also get the writing in lower case letters if you want. So, every sailor out there, what are you waiting for? This sailor tattoo is inspired by you and is made just for you.

American Traditional Tattoo Lettering

american traditional tattoo lettering
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This tattoo style features traditional old school lettering. The symbol in the middle has been given the design of a pizza. Surrounding the symbols is the wording “In Pizza We Crust”. The letters have been half-filled with black colour, and half are left empty. The client has added a pun to the wording. These tattoo fonts add to the themes that the tattoo has.

Even though it is an old school tattoo font, the font looks great with the tattoo that has been designed. If quirky is the style you are going for, then this tattoo art is for you. You can also choose to get it personalized according to your liking.

Heart Lettering Tattoo

heart lettering tattoo
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Love is inevitable, filled with sweet and sour moments and feelings. There exist many forms of love, So heart tattoos are ideal, and if you are looking for something adorable, then this calligraphic heart tattoo art will match your test.

It’s a proper calligraphic heart tattoo with “I love you” written in the middle. Effortless but creative and stylish. This font features a lot of depth and aesthetics. If you want, you can also experiment with some pop of colour because it will look good either way. It will look good in any style. You can get this traditional tattoo lettering tattooed on your arms, shoulders or waist.

Year Tattoo

year tattoo
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Year tattoos are the classics and always hold some special memories, whether it’s sorrow or joy. And if you are searching for something simple, elegant and bold, then this Algerian font tattoo art in black is just for you. It is simple but still eye-catching.

You can also customise it to your liking, keep it as it is, or change it to a font that will suit your test. You can also add colour to the tattoo if you want, as different colours reflect certain kinds of emotions. This traditional tattoo lettering idea will fit any style. You can get this tattoo in various places like nack, arms, waist, shoulders, and legs; it will look good anywhere you want.

Roman Numerals Tattoo

roman numerals tattoo
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Dates are one the most memorable thing. There are many number font tattoos, but this one stands out not only because of its beauty but also since it has been written in roman. You can choose to get this tattoo for a family member to show love and respect to them.

The tattoo has a date made in black ink. There are many tattoo fonts for numerals, but Romans are one of the best tattoo fonts. There are also some colourful florals which enhance the entire look of the tattoo.

Cursive Font Tattoo

cursive font tattoo
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How can we not talk about cursive when we talk about traditional tattoo lettering? Cursive is one of the most famous tattoo fonts. Cursive tattoos are a classic and have a beauty which no other tattoo fonts have. This traditional tattoo lettering says ‘Emotionally stable’.

The wording has been done with very fine ink and looks perfect. Cursive, truly is one the best tattoo fonts, and it can make any traditional tattoo lettering fonts look beautiful. The simplicity of this tattoo design is what makes this tattoo stand out.

Bold Arm Lettering Tattoo

bold arm lettering tattoo
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When we talk about traditional style tattoo lettering, this tattoo lettering font is a classic. The tattoo says “Abort the Patriarchy”, and it looks amazing in the font that has been chosen. This old school tattoo font on this tattoo looks extraordinarily bold and is doing perfectly just to the traditional tattoo lettering. If you are getting this tattoo, you make the changes you want. You can also choose to get it where you want.

Traditional lettering tattoos are always fun to experiment with. Tattoo lettering is a favourite of many, and it always has a deeper meaning. The people often inspire lettering tattoos in our lives, and that’s what makes them so unique. Traditional tattoo lettering is so beautiful that we couldn’t help ourselves and have added some extras to the list.

  • Traditional lettering vertical on leg tattoo.
  • Cursive lettering tattoo on the back.
  • Letters on each finger tattoo.
  • Traditional tattoo lettering inside a heart.
  • Each letter in different colour traditional tattoo lettering.

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