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Looking for some really cool heart tattoos to spruce up your collection? Here are the ten best tribal heart tattoo designs to take inspiration from.

tribal heart tattoo
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Heart tattoos have been one of the most popular designs of tattooing for a long time now.

Every other person with a tattoo probably has a heart tattoo somewhere on their body. Not only are they popular, but very adorable as well.

The heart shape is a very versatile tattoo subject. It can be drawn in so many ways and forms that it barely requires you to have a form to it while drawing. This is good news for tattoo lovers as they can get it in any style they want and match their other, preexisting tattoos. But one of the styles that have recently become popular again is the tribal or neo-tribal style. Tribal tattoos have been famous for a long time. But the artists of today have married those olden tribal styles with new techniques and designs to make breathtaking tattoos that young people absolutely love. You can have many designs and subjects along with the hearts and you can also add other elements to your tattoo if you so wish. If you are also someone that has always wanted a cool tribal heart tattoo, then this list of tribal heart tattoo for men and women is just for you.

Heart Tribal Lower Back Tattoo Designs

heart tribal lower back tattoo designs
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Lower back tatoos, more colloquially known as tramp stamps have been a staple in people’s tattoo collections for a long time. These tattoos, if done well, look really sexy and alluring. And now with the return of low-waisted jeans, people want to show off their lower backs and their gorgeous tattoos with them. Since the tribal heart tattoo is the perfect shape for an extended lower back tattoo, we have to recommend this design to you if you are looking for one. With its varying filled, and outlined lines and a shape that hugs the waist, this tattoo looks really cool. You can also choose to add color to the tattoo if that is something you like. It is one of the most popular tribal heart tattoo designs and we understand why.

Amazing Tribal Heart Tattoos on Leg

amazing tribal heart tattoos on leg
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If you are looking for small heart tattoos for your ankle or leg, then we have the perfect tattoo for you. This adorable black heart tribal tattoo is small enough to look good on smaller body parts like the wrist or the ankle. If this is your first tattoo, then also you can get this one as it is pretty small and will therefore, hurt a lot less than a larger design. In general, heart tattoos have a lot of meanings like love, passion and friendship. That is why, this tattoo is also perfect to get with your loved one. It will strengthen your relationship and give you pure joy every time you look at it. If you love heart tattoos, but want it in a different, more vibrant color, then you can also get this tattoo done in any color that you want to.

Fantastic Women Tribal Heart Tattoos

fantastic women tribal heart tattoos
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Some tribal tattoos have very cool and sexy feminine designs. If you are a woman who always thought that tribal tattoos are too masculine for you, we are here to change your mind. The picture shows you a beautiful tribal tattoo with a heart in the center and more tribal designs surrounding it. It extends vertically from the shoulder to the upper arm. It looks really stunning as there are some variations in the designs. This is a neo-tribal heart tattoo that will suit any woman who wants a feminine look to their tribal heart tattoo. You can also choose to add some color to the tattoo if you wish. You can also choose to add other elements to make the tattoo more interesting to look at. This is a tattoo which will look good on your arm, forearm, or leg, depending on where you want to get it.

Beautiful Tribal Winged Heart Tattoos

beautiful tribal winged heart tattoos
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You have probably already seen a lot of tattoos with devil and angel wings. But when it comes to tribal or neo-tribal heart tattoos, the designs differ a little. As you can see, the tattoo in the picture is a very beautiful metallic heart with metallic wing-shaped designs cover the expanses on both sides. There are also some realistic ornamental designs hanging from the main designs to make it more delicate and pretty. This is a perfect tattoo for women. This winged heart tattoo will look good on your chest or your lower back. You can also add some colorful ornamental designs to the tattoo if you please. Just ask your tattoo artist to custom make a design that suits your taste.

Badass Tribal Flaming Heart Tattoo Ideas

badass tribal flaming heart tattoo ideas
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Flaming heart tattoos are one of the most popular heart tattoo designs of all time. But if you want to add some charm to it, you can go for a black tribal flaming heart tattoo like this one. Usually, the flames are around or above the heart in tattoos like this. But in this design, the tattoo artist has chosen the bare insides of the heart design to put the flames. It gives it a more inverted look that looks amazing. The outline of the heart tattoo is also drawn in a barbed wire pattern which makes it look even more badass.

Small Black Heart Tattoo Ideas

small black heart tattoo ideas
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If you like small and simple heart tattoos, then this next tattoo on our list is just what you need. This small heart tattoo is adorable and very simple. If its your first time getting a tattoo, then this tattoo will be perfect for you. Because of its small size, you can get this tattoo on your forearm, wrist or ankle. You can also use this Tattoo Design to fill up any space you have left on your patchwork sleeve. The meaning of heart tattoos is love, courage and passion, and this tattoo will help you show off your courage and passionate nature to the world with its simplicity. This is also a very good tattoo to get with a loved one to strengthen your relationship.

Amazing Heart Tattoos Tribal Design on Back

amazing heart tattoos tribal design on back
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If you are browsing for tribal tattoo designs for your back, then this tribal heart tattoo is just for you. This tattoo has a small heart symbol in the middle of the design. From there, there are many designs cover the whole back. There is a wing like design on top and on the bottom it mimics the spinal cord with more abstract illustrations. This tribal heart Tattoo Design looks absolutely gorgeous and will suit anyone who wants to show off a beautiful heart tribal tattoo on their back. Even though this tattoo is done in black, you can also get it done in any other color of your choice. The shapes of the majestic illustration makes it a very powerful-looking Tattoo Design.

Beautiful Tribal Red Heart Tattoos You Will Love

beautiful tribal red heart tattoos you will love
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The red heart is a very common symbol that a lot of people want to get as tattoos. We have seen countless red heart symbols in our life. But this beautiful neo-tribal heart Tattoo Design puts a twist on the known image. The borders of the heart tattoo are done in a vibrant red color and it looks absolutely stunning. The twisted vine-like illustrations of the tattoo make it look really unique and cool. The symmetrical design of the tattoo suits the arm very well and this tattoo will look great on anyone’s arm or forearm. You can also get this tattoo on your hip with a slightly more robust and complicated design.

Detailed Neo-Tribal Heart Tattoo Design

Detailed Neo-Tribal Heart <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-338188 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/1666079035_562_10-Best-Tribal-Heart-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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If you are someone that loves detailed and intricate tattoo designs, then this tattoo idea is perfect for you. The tattoo sits on the front of the lower-abdomen of the person in the picture. In the center is a heart shape. From there many horizontal lines and designs emerge to cover the whole lower abdomen in intricate web-like shapes. If you always wanted an intricate tribal heart tattoo, you are going to love this image. The style of the tattoo also really suits the placement and makes it look really cool and badass. This neo-tribal tattoo is perfect for anyone looking for an intimidating yet cool Tattoo Design to adorn their bodies with.

Beautiful Tribal Tattoo of Hearts On Thigh

beautiful tribal tattoo of hearts on thigh
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Thigh or hip tattoos are really popular amongst women because they look equally cool and sexy. If you want to adorn your hip and thigh with a really sick black heart Tattoo Design, then this tattoo is perfect for you. It starts from the lower hip and ends at the top of the thigh. There are two small heart symbols in the middle of the design that make it look endearing. The sharp edges of the lines make it look badass and cool. The black color is really suitable for a tattoo with these shapes and design elements.

If you did not find your perfect Tattoo Design in this article, do not here. Here are a few more ideas that you can browse to get an idea about which ideal tattoo you would want oon your body.

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