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Thinking of getting a sun tattoo? Check out this article for amazing tribal sun tattoo ideas to inspire your next tattoo.

tribal sun tattoo
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Tribal sun tattoos are common to come by, especially among the Chinese, Japanese, and Hindus.

These ancient cultures see the sun tattoo represent the sun god in body tattoo. Tribal sun tattoo designs are a popular choice to remove darkness from life.

It is an attractive tattoo and can be a small start for tattoo lovers. Women from various cultures can get awesome sun images as an example of a small sized shine. There are three things that a tribal sun tattoo represents in most cases, leadership, light, and strength. The sun symbolism can also mean creativity. The most commonly heard and believed meaning of a sun tattoo is truth and light. People can get through difficult times with a sun tattoo. These are designed in different ways, and cloud tattoos have the sun rising ahead. It can be shown with the moon, as a god, or a simple sun. All these representations have different meanings in each culture.

The tribal sun tattoo can be viewed as a partnership between life and the sun. The multiple dots are made in a symmetric pattern, and the sun is caused by numerous small dots representing the aspects of life. The tribal sun design can be made by using straight lines and dots. Here are the ten best tribal sun tattoo ideas you have to see to believe.

Tribal Sun Tattoos With Reflection

tribal sun tattoos with reflection
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The reflection on the sun can be represented by making a concave lens formation in front of the sun and showing rays coming out of the other side. In this tattoo, small star-like structures are made near the sun, and a long arrow of the beam is seen extending a little further from the tattoo. The sun tribal tattoo is a popular choice in many cultures to remove the darkness from one’s life. The tribal sun ink is believed to generate great light and brighten the life of those who wear it. The darkness of night is overcome by the long-hidden rays of the sun.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Of Hindu God

tribal sun tattoo of hindu god
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The ancient culture of Hinduism believes that the sun god is all-powerful and can bring light into the life of ordinary men and women. There is a human face at the center of the sun with a cosmic eye. The human face has have flying hair and a full beard to signify God is old and has been present in this world for a long time. The human face is further be highlighted by making the eyes white and power generating from the forehead. Two round circles are created containing some tribal symbols like shark teeth or spears, and then the rays of the sun complete the sun tribal tattoo meaning. The tattoo of the sun represents the power that can be felt and internalized by a mere tattoo.

Bright Sun Tattoo Idea

bright sun tattoo idea
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The sun tattoo should be made with a combination of bright colors. The center of the sun can be a shade of orange and yellow. Thus can be surrounded by blue shark teeth design with lines between them to give it a tribal sun look. These blue triangles can then be overlapped by the bright red rays that come out of the sun. The center of the sun can represent an awesome image of gold. It is an excellent example of attractive art ideas on the body. The light from these rays tends to fill the hearts of its wearer with the meaning of the world and the hope of a good life. Sun tattoo designs are primarily made in a circle, and the style in which the rays are made can differ according to your preference.

Pink Sun Tattoo Idea On Wrist

pink sun tattoo idea on wrist
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A small size sun tattoo can be made on the wrist. Anybody part can have a sun tattoo, but a small tattoo is more visible if present on the wrist. The sun need not be filled with colors. In this tattoo, the inner-circle is made from white ink, while the outer ring is dark pink. The sun’s rays are drawn as small triangles of different sizes with a dark pink outline and baby pink solid color. The sun is made more realistic with the rays a little wavy and of slightly varying heights. Whether it is night or down, this sun will always be there to guide you. The tribal sun tattoo represents the rebirth of ones’ spirituality and religion. Many cultures may even have a specific ceremony devoted to making a wrist sun tattoo to mark the transition of their people as they become older and wiser.

Geometric Tribal Sun Tattoo

geometric tribal sun tattoo
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The circle of the sun and its rays are all made from black ink. Unlike the usual black outline, this tattoo has solid black color filled within its borders. It can represent the end of something old and the starting of new things in life. It can also mean the transition from day to night and dawn to dusk. The sun is a powerful symbol in Celtic mythology as well. The style of the rays in the picture are symbols of the ups and downs that come in life. Sun gives its light to earth as a symbol of power and truth. On the other hand, a sun tribal tattoo image on the body can also mean rebirth. The circle in the center and the rays extending from it are made in two simple shapes. You can interpret this design as a geometric sun tattoo, and modify the shapes as per your preference.

Celtic Sun Tattoo Design

celtic sun tattoo design
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If you keep moving towards the light, all the shadow and darkness will be left behind, and the road ahead will be clear. The Celtic tattoo design has a ring with light rays coming out of it. The Celtic sun is a bold depiction of the sun used as body art by both men and women. The sun on a body part represents the ability to heal and acts as the source of life itself. It is also a symbol of fertility and health. Celtic sun tattoos are associated with gods and are believed to provide heat and strength to all. The Celtic tattoo can also be seen as a symbol of medicine and wellbeing. The sun adores the sky where the gods live. It draws from their power and connects the sky to our earth, sending the strength our way.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Design In Black

tribal sun tattoo design in black
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The swirl in the traditional sun tattoo can be seen as representing the powers of the sun and the moon infused together. This tribal sun and moon tattoo represents opposing powers. It is a combination of feminine and masculine beings. It is a balance of good and evil, masculine and feminine characteristics, and life and death. All the base differences in life are infused together in the swirling tattoo. This sun and moon tribal tattoo is a symbol of truth on the body. The sun and moon tattoos include the power and blessings of both the sun god and the moon god. The moon is a symbol of the guiding light at night. It is calm and peaceful, while the sun, on the other hand, is beaming with energy and is active throughout. The sun and moon tattoos are a great combination to ensure a balance in your life. Infusing the sun and moon tattoos into one tattoo can get you the desired effect in a smaller space. These complementary celestial objects provide balance like the yin yang. Just like the yin yang has complementary characteristics, the properties of the yin yang are also present in the swirling tattoo.

Sign Sun Tattoo Design

sign sun tattoo design
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The sun tattoo can also be made with a sign or symbol in between. These symbols can belong to any culture and can have ancient cultural meanings attached to them. The sun tattoo designs can include the symbol of earth or star. This sun tattoo design projects a picture of the big hollow circle surrounded by rays. Inside the circle is the symbol of your choice. The symbol should have some meaning attached to it. Irrespective of the culture, the symbols of the sky or earth can be created in the middle. This tribal sun tattoo cover-up is an art style showcasing ideas from different cultures. The art sign in between is like the eagle, focused and determined towards the goal.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Design On Neck

tribal sun tattoo design on neck
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A sun tattoo can also be made at the back of your neck. The Filipino tribal sun tattoo gives a vintage tribal look to the sun tattoo. The sun tattoo design presents the art of ancient Egyptians. The rising sun portrays the sun’s zenith in the style of the ancient Egyptians. The antique Egyptian body art tattoo designs include a simple sun tattoo. The simple sun tattoo shows a rising sun after the night sky has passed. The tattoo style is an art symbolizing the rising sun and the persistence of hope in life. As the night sky is being turned into the light of day by the rising sun, there is hope that we can overcome our obstacles, and a bright life awaits us. This neck region is visible with most of your outfits, so you can flaunt this neck tattoo to express yourself to the world.

Japanese Sun Tattoo Design

japanese sun tattoo design
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Japan is known as the land of the rising sun. Tribal sun tattoos are greatly influenced by Japanese culture. The rays of the sun are made in bold black ink. The circle at the center of the sun is a red spot. The circle is a red center with specific style rays around it. It is a horizontal tattoo and can be made around the ankle or on the arm. On two sides, the rays can extend a little and then intertwine with each other to make the design more intricate and beautiful. It is a sign of renewal. The red color might change in its shade over time, but the meaning remains intact. The bold lines represent strength and togetherness.

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