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Looking to get an umbrella tattoo with deep meanings etched permanently to liven up your style? Then this list would be perfect for you.

umbrella tattoo
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Umbrella tattoos are extremely popular right now, especially because of their cool look and different meanings and you can get them in any shape or size, anywhere in your body.

If you’re left wondering, what does an umbrella tattoo mean? Then you should know the primary symbol associated with umbrellas is protection, from rain, sleet, hail, or any other natural elements. Umbrella tattoo designs are also known to symbolise someone’s pride or wealth, and upside-down umbrella tattoos are a sign of winning over your hardships and protecting yourself from evil.

Besides the symbolism of protection and meaning a happier existence, umbrella tattoos have become increasingly in demand because of the variety of different designs that are now available, both in black line work or in coloured pigments. This list will surely be able to guide you for your first one while you surf through several designs offered and choose the one best suited to your liking.

Pinkish Red Cute Umbrella Tattoo

pinkish red cute umbrella tattoo
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This umbrella design which can hold any meaning besides the one to protect someone from rain, sun or wind is on the cuter side and a bit bigger. The addition of cloud and thunder is unique and the red, pink and white dots on the hearts of the umbrella and the raindrops give this a really cute look but it’s also a chic design. Since coloured pigments aren’t recommended for first-timers, you can still get it, maybe in a smaller size and if your skin is not prone to allergies.

Stunning Blackwork Umbrella Tattoo

stunning blackwork umbrella tattoo
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Tattoo artists draw with great care always, as is visible in this beautiful blackwork tattoo. The awesome gradient on the umbrella itself, the slow fading towards the bottom to expose the skin, the sweet polka-dotted rim line as well as the smooth linework on the handle and rain tattoo make this an irresistible option as a first choice. You can get this anywhere, maybe as a back tattoo and you can choose any size you want as well.

Artistic Blackwork Umbrella Tattoo

artistic blackwork umbrella tattoo
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If you’re wondering what this umbrella tattoo meaning is, then to put it simply, it offers to give you the vision to see things more clearly and protect you from any evil that might befall you. To make the meaning clearer, the evil eye keeps wickedness at bay and helps to offer protection at all times. The different line work on this tattoo form makes this a great idea for an umbrella image that goes with the avant-garde style and any tattoo artist will prefer to work with blackwork tattoos. The intricate details on the unique shape of the umbrella eyes, the light shading on the top and bottom of it and the dark falling raindrops is what makes this eye-catching and perfect to show off to your friends.

Cool Blackwork Upside Down Umbrella Tattoo

cool blackwork upside down umbrella tattoo
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As we know the meaning for this tattoo stands as a protector symbol tattoo, this larger piece of abstract design also consists of an eye attached to the umbrella whose meaning can be whatever you want it to be, but around the whole world, most popularly an eye added to an umbrella acts as symbols of protectors to keep off the wicked and the foul, to make the meaning clearer. This design goes perfectly on the arm and the dark black shading on the umbrella, the shining highlights on the eye and the dotted rims make this a very attractive blackwork umbrella design.

Fine Line Blackwork Umbrella Tattoo

fine line blackwork umbrella tattoo
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Without any external elements added or any other symbols or other shapes, this offers a Victorian-era designed umbrella that the tattoo artist has done in smooth finesse and fine line blackwork. The details on every fabric and frill in this umbrella tattoo design are very interesting and alluring, done in a unique way. This design is based on the upper class holding umbrellas that looked high-end and posh and will make for an interesting tattoo choice.

Colourful Umbrella Tattoo

colourful umbrella tattoo
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This colourful image can be a great example of many umbrella tattoos that are designed with coloured pigments. Usually, besides the umbrella itself, people add stars or motion lines to depict wind to give it a personal touch with meanings that vary from person to person. This red, yellow and black piece showcases a great blending and gradient of the red and black, the darkened leaves, all while the dark yellow and the choice to add flowers set it apart. This pigmented tattoo can represent symbols too and would be a great choice, even in a comparatively smaller size.

Tricoloured Umbrella Tattoo

tricoloured umbrella tattoo
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The eye and umbrella combination, besides offering a sense of protection and truth and one’s pride, can have a plethora of meanings or one single deep meaning, according to whatever you like. If you’re going for a darker vibe, this black and red umbrella tattoo will be a charmer with the unique black lines and shading on the black umbrella tattoo, the red and black raindrops as well as the light black shading on the sides to depict a heavier downpour. The orange of the eye and rim of the umbrella stands as a cool contrast but you can replace that with any colour you like, and make it, maybe a yellow umbrella tattoo.

Minimal Blackwork Umbrella Tattoo

minimal blackwork umbrella tattoo
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Rain tattoos or stars are a common choice to accompany umbrellas, but this minimal blackwork is fine with just a few little droplets. Although small, this minimalistic design offers a great aesthetic vibe with the relatively simple line details on the umbrella and will take comparatively less time and will cause next to zero complications and will look good anywhere in your body and add life to your style.

Classic Blackwork Umbrella Tattoo

classic blackwork umbrella tattoo
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This umbrella design is a timeless classic and a great blackwork umbrella tattoo design. One of the most popular posts about umbrellas is the blackwork tattoos of it, and this one here showcases, the ornate shading of black, the smooth blending of lighter and darker areas on the umbrella and most importantly the white highlight on it and the raindrops. Such tattoo designs don’t hold too much meaning but are great for simple tattoos.

Couple of Blackwork Umbrellas

couple of blackwork umbrellas
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If you’re looking to get a couple of tattoos and not just one tattoo then these blackwork mosaic umbrella tattoos will be a good choice because they’re small, attractive and have no other elements, as most other objects do. Meanings do vary and it doesn’t always matter to have a deep meaning and just search and go for a simple picture like this couple of tattoos with alternate black spaces filling the origami paper flower as well as the umbrella.

Replete with symbolism and meanings, umbrellas are always an interesting choice for beginners as they’re symbols of wealth, prosperity and safeguarding someone from any wrongful matter. A tattoo umbrella will sell because of its depth and attractiveness at the same time all while maintaining simplicity.

Take inspiration from this list and go for any one of these that becomes your most treasured.

If you need more suggestions, what about your favourite character holding an umbrella as a tattoo? Or if you’re a fan of the show, then an umbrella academy tattoo or an umbrella academy temporary tattoo might do good as well. A traditional umbrella tattoo flash or an umbrella corporation tattoo will always be interesting. Take your pick and get tattooed!

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