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In the quest for a variety of rose tattoos? Check out our top 10 upside-down rose tattoo designs to know how to play with this complex flower!

upside down rose tattoo
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The beauty of a rose makes it such a popular tattoo motif that never fails a tattoo lover!

Be it a man or a woman, preserving roses on the skin is a universal language of nurturing the beautiful bloom. Roses come in a bunch of different colours and can mean a plethora of different meanings.

The usual meaning of a red rose points to a romantic relationship or a love affair, the yellow rose is used for expressing friendship and worn as a protection against envious lovers, blue roses symbolise secret or unattainable love, white roses are used to represent purity, and the black rose has a dark meaning of lament. Not only does the flower expresses different feelings, but the thorns signify defence and endurance. Thus the thorny rose tattoos for men contain a distinct meaning than the typical rose tattoo designs.

But what does an upside-down rose tattoo mean? An upside-down rose tattoo meaning is the exact opposite of what is typically thought of these flowers. Thus, if a red rose tattoo signifies enduring passion and a love affair, these flowers’ common meanings will be completely reversed. In this case, inverted red roses will mean the termination of a romantic relationship. Owing to the meanings that these inverted flowers represented, the design is a particularly demanding one amongst people who wish to lament their past. Got a similar story yourself? Keep reading and find out the many ways you can style these inverted roses on your body!

Simple Inverted Rose Tattoo

simple inverted rose tattoo
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If you love a clutter-free tattoo rose on hand, go ahead with plainly outlined roses like this one. This rose design is kept minimal only with the necessary outlining that characterises the flower. The flower is fresh and faces the wearer, as is typical of upside-down tattoos. This means that the design is primarily etched so as to preserve flowers on the skin. You may try wilted or completely dried flowers to change the symbolic meaning of your tattoos.

simple inverted rose tattoo ideas
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But if you like a monochrome beauty, grey shading is just what you need! Tattoo artists often compensate for the lack of colour with intricate shading that can stand out on its own. You can place these dainty roses on your wrists, forearms, and upper arm as shown.

Flipped Rose Tattoo With Lettering

flipped rose tattoo with lettering
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Apply your immortal love for shading in a rose design that also delivers a meaningful message. Short and simple words like ‘happiness’, ‘love’, or any other word that makes sense to your being can play a vital role in accentuating the beauty of rose tattoos.

flipped rose tattoo with lettering ideas
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Or you can insert a gentle reminder that keeps you grounded throughout the day. The text here is written in cursive and complements the folds of the rose petals. These designs are feminine and can easily include a white rose or a pink rose for an added symbolic touch.

Upside Down Rose Tattoos On Hand

upside down rose tattoos on hand
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If you thought there is no such thing as a mens’ roses tattoo, prepare to be surprised! This fine-line tattoo symbolism point to grief, loss, and perhaps even death as a couple of tear-shaped petals seem to fall loose from the flower. The design is every bit delicate but still makes a great choice for men looking for wrist tattoos with roses!

upside down rose tattoos on hand ideas
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Upside down designs can make immaculate wrist tattoos without any fail! This mini roses tattoo features a tiny sun with its nourishing beams. Crafted with plain black outlines, this design can also fit in a human heart at the centre to hint at the connotations of passionate love.

Red Rose Upside Down Tattoo With Butterflies

red rose upside down tattoo with butterflies
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Red roses have a charm like no other! This enchanting flower expresses promise of mature love and fulfilment. The image is further symbolically arranged with the help of red butterflies that bring the essence of nature with utmost perfection.

This realistic tattoo is carefully etched with advanced techniques using colour. The complicated patterns on the rose are skillfully juxtaposed with the two butterflies and flower petals. You can use pink roses or purple roses alongside the same coloured butterflies to represent a grand show of the ultimate form of rose tattoos on your skin!

Upside Down Black Rose Tattoo On Face

upside down black rose tattoo on face
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A black rose tattoo on your face is perhaps one of the most attractive designs to ever exist! This neat design in front of the ears balances the interplay of details and simplicity with careful shading and alignment. The shape of the rose complements the face without going over the top.

Black roses generally suffer a bad rep for ominous connotations. However, an upside-down black rose tattoo meaning turns to its exact opposite and could be seen as a mark of strength and protection. You can also go for a rose bud tattoo if a full bloom on your face seems a rather daunting task.

Inverted Traditional Rose Tattoo

inverted traditional rose tattoo
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You have surely seen how trendy traditional roses are, making popular posts all across social media. Well, these old school roses will never go out of style! With just a hint of colour on the red rose, this overall design in black will forever be a sight to cherish. The artist makes the use of bold black lines, crucial to traditional tattoos, and fills in the details to make the design pop up.

Since traditional tattoos incline towards using bold colours, a yellow rose tattoo will also work wonders instead of the common red. You can place these rose tattoos anywhere on your body with good exposure and you are all set for life!

Upside Down Rose Tattoos On Sternum

upside down rose tattoos on sternum
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Hanging your roses upside-down on your sternum can never be a bad idea! Simply ink a plainly outlined rose and that is all. The tattoo artist here draws a basic design and it still pops up for the beauty of this site diminishes any need for embellishment.

But if you want to game up, add some cobwebs wrapped around the leaves and dried flowers to make a spectacular show of your gothic aesthetics. You can also use outlining with colour for a fresh breath of air.

Upside Down Dramatic Rose Tattoo

upside down dramatic rose tattoo
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Here the artist stretches the upside-down motif to another level of precision. The juxtaposition of an eye with a rose symbolises a great depth of meaning. The design is such that teardrops from the eye have magically formed a black rose. The clean yet bold use of black ink makes this monochrome tattoo an absolute steal for tattoo snobs.

The symbolism of an eye alludes back to the Egyptian Eye of Horus. The eye was believed to be a wise entity and an omniscient protector of civilisation. In this context, the design, though seemingly grief-stricken, can be viewed as a powerful protector. Get this black rose tattoo on your limbs and make jaws drop wherever you go!

Inverted Rose Tattoos With Skull

inverted rose tattoos with skull
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Coupling red roses with a skull is the ultimate form of a badass rose design to ever exist. But the artist here takes the conventional image a notch above by painting an asymmetrical representation of the skull. The entire design is based on black and grey shading and dot work, increasing the aesthetic intensity of the tattoo.

This out-of-the-box half and half drawing add more gravity to the design. The skull attracts more attention than that of the rose. However, both of these elements together form a comprehensive tattoo that is hard to beat!

Inverted Rose Tattoos On Forearm

inverted rose tattoos on forearm
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Forearms are an ideal place to feature upside down tattoos! The site offers a great exhibition opportunity for any and every kind of tattoo. This simple black and grey rose design when mounted on the side of the forearm seem something out of the ordinary.

inverted rose tattoos on forearm ideas
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Similarly, this blue rose design adds a pop of colour to the forearm. This mini design banks on fine-lining and the use of bright colours to create an attractive piece of body art. The use of white ink helps define the petals of the rose and tweaks the beauty of the design to its fullest!

Inverted tattoos are a spectacular way of wearing roses. An upside-down tattoo will mean jeopardising the flowers’ common meanings, that might or might not be a pleasant one. However, white, lilac, and pink roses are much safer options for the meaning does not change drastically when turned the wrong side up. Ready for an upside-down body art? Here are some more suggestions to get you started with your new beginnings:

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