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Are you a fan of love and romance? These vintage cherub tattoo flash ideas are your best options to portray your passion for cute baby angels and innocence.

Vintage Cherub Tattoo
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Cherub tattoos are the cult’s favorite tattoo design when it comes to love and passion.

Not only do they portray beautiful meanings, but the designs are also adorable. Every baby angel tattoo is unique and endearing in its own way.

These tattoos also have a Catholic connotation behind them, which makes them more special and intimate. They are simple, cute, small in size, and look good on everyone.

Dark Outlined Baby Angel Tattoo

Dark Outlined Baby Angel Tattoo
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These cherub tattoos are the most popular style of tattoos. It is a simple outlined tattoo showcasing two baby angels. One of the angels is kissing another one on the cheek. It is a very pure and innocent tattoo. The cherubs are the embodiment of love. This tattoo is the exact representation of that theme.

The love between the two baby angel tattoos shows the love that resides between two people. It can be family, friends, or a loved one. The symbols in this tattoo have been drawn simplistically. Thin yet dark outlines to draw the borders of the angels makes it look real yet the outcome is quite dreamy.

Fine Line Cherub Tattoo

Fine Line Cherub Tattoo
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Simple fine-line tattoos are more difficult to achieve than thick-lined tattoos. This is because fine lines have more precision and the tattoo needle is pressed tightly to make sure that there are no errors. Although this is yet another simple and small tattoo, the art and the details are delicate.

The tattoo artist has drawn a sleeping angel with its arms folded. The sweet additional element in this tattoo is the flower on the skull of the baby. The wings have also been carved beautifully. The facial expression of the chubby cherub has been exhibited remarkably. Overall a minimal tattoo with great details.

Money Inspired Chubby Angel Tattoo

Money Inspired Chubby Angel Tattoo
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One of the most unique approaches to cherub tattoos is this one right here. Not only is it creative but the execution is remarkable. Who would’ve thought that lovely baby angel tattoos can also be transformed into bold and classy tattoos? The beauty of this cherub angel cannot be defined as it is packed with fun elements. The theme of this tattoo is money.

The tattoo artist has drawn a cherub angel with a mask, making it look like a gangster. There is a teardrop falling down from one eye. This baby is carrying a sack of money that has a dollar sign on it. The sack of money is surrounded by intricate details such as the bling signs which makes this tattoo more interesting. There is a symbol of a dagger that has been drawn on one arm of the baby. Another great detail is the inclusion of the number ’14’ on the belly of the angel.

The tattoo artist has very cleverly added two words on each leg of the baby. On one leg, the word says ‘Love’ and on the other leg, the word says ‘Hate’. The outlines of the cherub have been done using dark black ink and the tattoo artist has also used a dot-like application to further enhance the textures and add depth to the entire image.

Loving And Protecting God-inspired Tattoo

Loving And Protecting God-inspired Tattoo
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Cherubs are powerful angels in the religion of Christianity. They stand for hope, faith, love, life, and protection. In this little sleeve tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn a little cherub that is chasing after love, symbolized by two hearts. It shows how every person is in need of love, care, and protection from others and how they are constantly chasing after it. It is a simple tattoo but it is packed with beautiful meanings. Overall, it’s a simple tattoo that can be placed anywhere on the body and it will still look glamorous.

Little Cherub With Wings Tattoo

Little Cherub With Wings Tattoo
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Sometimes, what makes the tattoo stand out more is the area where it is placed. The meaning of the tattoo gets enhanced and it looks all the more charming. This tattoo right here has been placed right at the center of the breastbone, which makes it look so elegant and beautiful. The tattoo itself is quite small, which is why it is easily placed here.

The tattoo artist has drawn a little cherub angel which is sleeping on the clouds. It is a cute little scene that has been exhibited sweetly. Since the cherub is an angel and it has beautiful wings, it has the power to sleep on the clouds. The creative element in this tattoo is the fact that there is a rising sun above the head of the angel. It makes us wonder how the purity and brightness of this little angel are outshining. It is a stunning tattoo that looks adorable.

Ancient Times Inspired Cupid Tattoo

Ancient Times Inspired Cupid Tattoo
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In this tattoo, the chubby cherub is drawn holding a bow and arrow. The angel is in a stance of shooting the arrow. It is a very symbolic tattoo that shows how people have certain goals in their life that they are passionate about; they aim toward those goals in order to achieve it. Similarly, this tattoo is a representation of that very passionate thought.

The tattoo artist has also included fine details like the facial expressions of this tattoo. The angel has a tense yet focused face which also symbolizes how people are focused when they stride ahead toward their goals. It is a great tattoo that provides a lot of motivation. The tattoo artist has made sure that it looks detailed with a lot of added textures so that it can convey its message well.

Gothic Cupid’s Kiss Cherub Tattoo

Gothic Cupid's Kiss Cherub Tattoo
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This is a very special tattoo that depicts the Christian mythological story of Psyche and Cupid’s love. Psyche who was dead was revived after she was kissed by Cupid, which is what has been portrayed in this tattoo. The tattoo is beautiful and sensual and pays tribute to Cupid’s love. What makes this tattoo more endearing is the frame around the two lovers. The window frame is a Gothic window, which makes this tattoo look more vintage and classy.

The tattoo artist has very neatly outlined the figures of the Cupid and Psyche and has proceeded in filling the images with dotted patterns to give them more depth. There are various shadings used in this tattoo, somewhere dark and somewhere light to maintain a good balance of the image.

Two Children Angels Tattoo

Two Children Angels Tattoo
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This is one of the most innocent tattoos in the cherub tattoos category. The tattoo is a symbol of love where one of the baby angels is kissing the other one. What’s more unique about this tattoo is how realistic it looks. The baby angels look like they are real human children. It takes a lot of precision and a great vision to achieve such a beautiful and well-executed tattoo.

The tattoo artist has made sure that the essence of this tattoo remains intact which is why the size of this tattoo has been kept small. It has been placed on the inner portion of the sleeve area so that it remains intimate and not quite casual. Overall, a great tattoo and one of the most popular choices.

Black And Grey Inked Baby Angel Tattoo

Black And Grey Inked Baby Angel Tattoo
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This is a unique take on the shooting cherub tattoo. This tattoo, unlike other cherub tattoos, is more active and athletic. Till now we have seen many baby cherubs which are at peace and which symbolize calmness and tranquility. However, this tattoo right here is more on an attacking stance. The baby cherub is focused on shooting at something with its arrow pointed toward it. It symbolizes and reflects the dedication that people have when they desperately want to achieve their goals.

The tattoo artist has beautifully added a very sweet element to this strong tattoo. The inclusion of a red heart makes it very endearing. The baby angel’s drawing has been overdrawn on a red heart and it looks aesthetically pleasing. The tattoo artist has outlined the entire tattoo using fine lines of dark black ink to enhance the tattoo.

Minimalistic Baby Angel Cherub Tattoo

Minimalistic Baby Angel Cherub Tattoo
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One of the most adored designs when it comes to the cherub baby angel tattoos is this one right here. Although simple and minimalistic, it is quite sentimental and filled with emotions. The baby angel is carrying a rose but it looks like it is handing that rose out to someone. This shows that the baby angel is in search of love and is finding someone to hand out this rose to.

The message behind this tattoo is all about love and positivity. Kind gestures, like giving someone flowers can help you win their love. Simple gestures are also enough to move someone’s heart. The tattoo artist has used a lighter shade of ink which makes the tattoo look more subtle and beautiful.

Weren’t these above-listed designs adorable? We just love the beauty and mystery that they have. If you have still not found your favorite, then don’t worry. We’ve curated some more ideas for you. Check them out:

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