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Looking for some violet tattoo designs for your next tattoo. The search ends here. Check out some violet tattoo ideas here.

violet flower tattoo
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Flowers have many symbolic meanings.

There is a flower for every meaning that you want to convey. So, what significance do violets hold?

Violets are called Viola Odorata and are a deeply spiritual flower that symbolizes Mary’s devotion. Apart from their connection to Virgin Mary, Violets are also seen as funeral flowers. This meaning may have arisen, connecting it to pluto taking Persephone while she was plucking violets. The ancient Greeks loved violets. The violet flower tattoo meaning can be any of these.

Let us check out some tattoo ideas with these violets. Flower tattoos hold a lot of symbolism and deep meaning for people who get them. All love flowers as an excellent symbol of nature, life, and beauty. They are considered a motif for God’s contentment. Just like violet, daisy is another dainty flower that is loved by all. The flower symbolizes peace and unity with its serene and pure white and yellow colour.

Geometric Violet Flower Tattoo Drawing

geometric violet flower tattoo drawing
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There are different violet tattoo variations that you can experiment with as your floral tattoos. This is a very noticeable tattoo with a variety of flowers along with the violet flower design. The various flowers in the tattoo altogether create beautiful patterns in geometric designs. In here, flowers like aster, chrysanthemum, lily, lotus, and mycelium are seen along with the violet flower. The tattoo gives earthy and feminine vibes. Such tattoo designs are a perfect style that women prefer. The creative ways by which many flowers are blended in this tattoo design make it an incredible violet flower tattoo for your arms.

Simple Blue Violet Flower Tattoo

simple blue violet flower tattoo
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Nothing beats a basic violet flower tattoo. This floral tattoo is humble and straightforward in design. The tattoo artist did an excellent job by giving the heart-shaped flower petals a light violet shade with a yellow centre. This violet flower tattoo, small in design, does not take up much space in your body. This can be an awesome floral tattoo if you look for simple flower tattoos to ink on your body. The dark green shade of the leaves also has a heart-shaped structure. The dark green and shades of purple make this simple tattoo an eye-catching one.

Violet Flower Tattoo In Fine Lines

violet flower tattoo in fine lines
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This violet flower tattoo, black and white in design, looks terrific on the forearms. Here, the violet flower hides scars on the body. This meaningful flower is used as a means to hide the wounds in the body. This violet floral tattoo has a dotted shape of a moon beneath the violet flower. The tattoo is done in fine lines giving the tattoo design a professional touch. This arm placement tattoo does more than just hide scars. It is also an eye-popping tattoo design.

Violet Flower With Butterfly Tattoo

violet flower with butterfly tattoo
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Flowers with no butterflies? No way. This tattoo design will solve that issue. Here the violet flower tattoo designs are done in black ink. A giant butterfly at its centre accompanies the violet flower tattoo black in colour. This is a very noticeable tattoo since the violet flower is bundled together with no space between. Many violet flowers surround the Butterfly. The Butterfly is also done very clearly in the middle. The whole tattoo design makes a perfect sleeve tattoo on the arms.

Violet And Peony Floral Tattoo

violet and peony floral tattoo
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This mini floral tattoo will make you drool. Peony flowers are a favourite tattoo design among many. Imagine mixing a peony flower and violet flower in your tattoo. You know what? Don’t imagine. See for yourself. This tattoo is a really eye-popping tattoo. For those who want minimalist floral tattoos, this one is what you are looking for. The tiny violet flower is in darker shades of purple. Even though the prominent designs are peony flowers, the thin violet flower tattoo is an excellent addition to the tattoo design.

Small Violet Tattoo

small violet tattoo
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We bring you another small violet tattoo for your following violet tattoo ideas. These meaningful flower tattoos have a water violet flower bouquet. The heart-shaped leaves hide behind the violet flowers. What makes this tattoo unique is the watercolour style used in it. The colour does not fill the whole design leaving the edges bare. It almost looks like a painting. The shade violet of the flowers is done to give the entire violet tattoo a great look. If you are a fan of watercolours, then you will love these types of violet tattoo designs.

Purple Violet Flower Tattoo

purple violet flower tattoo
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The above picture is another beautiful violet flower in watercolour for you. This one is just an incredible purple violet tattoo. The violet tattoo, the watercolour, everything looks so good. There are no other images in this tattoo apart from a single violet flower with thin small leaves. The leaves are not given a dark design, but the violet flower stands out really well. These violet tattoo designs will look great on anyone. There is no way to go wrong with such a pretty tattoo.

Watercolor Violet Tattoo

watercolor violet tattoo
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Another fascinating coincidence for you. Here is another watercolour violet flower tattoo almost similar to the one we have just seen. But this one is not just the same as the flower petal with vibrant purple colours combined. The yellow centre also looks realistic in this tattoo design. In contrast with the previous tattoo designs, the leaves of this violet flower are shaded in dark green and given equal attention. Your choice of a tattoo can differ depending on the method that resonates more with you.

Delicate Violet Flower Tattoo

delicate violet flower tattoo
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So many violet tattoo ideas to choose from! This violet tattoo design is done in a whimsical style. The vibrant purple colours of the violet flowers are seen with leaves and stem done in fine lines. The stems carrying violets are done so clearly in a green shade. This flower violet tattoo design can also make an incredible flower tattoo for men. The violets are mixed with trendy realities in style in this tattoo.

Traditional Violet Flower Tattoo

traditional violet flower tattoo
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Time to go a bit traditional in design. We have seen many tattoo ideas with violets. But this one looks as if it is a mix of different cultures. This is not your typical black Grey violet tattoo. This one is just colourful to the core. The traditional style in this violet tattoo is a mix of lighter shades of blue and purple. The violet spirit of the flowers is kept with light blue shade leaves surrounding it. Right where the violet starts, there is a hand with an eagle tattoo. In the violet tattoo, the black eagle is seen in a faded design on the hands. If you are bored with the black-grey violet floral tattoo, this traditional Viola Odorata is the violet tattoo you have been looking for.

Here are some violet and other flowers tattoo examples for you to muse over.

  1. Rose tattoo
  2. Sunflower tattoo
  3. A floral bouquet

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