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Thinking about getting a voodoo tattoo on your skin? Check out some cool voodoo tattoo designs here with the pictures for some inspiration.

voodoo tattoo
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What does a voodoo doll tattoo mean?

African slaves initially bought voodoo dolls in other parts of the world. As time passed, the meaning of voodoo dolls changed from what it was initially bought by.

People see voodoo dolls as magical creatures that can evade evil spirits. Even now, people purchase voodoo dolls for this purpose. Voodoo doll tattoos also serve this exact purpose. A voodoo doll is a puppet or a rag doll made out of clothes and pins inserted into different body parts. This practice is also linked to Haitian Vodou or Lousiana Voodoo. This occult practice is also done to receive some answers from a higher energy. These days many toy manufacturers make these dolls. Interestingly, many tattoo shops in MN or Michigan and other US states make these designs. If you visit a Michigan tattoo shop or MN tattoo shop, you’ll notice how popular they are! Let us check some cool designs of voodoo tattoos here!

Voodoo Doll Tattoos

voodoo doll tattoos
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What better way to go voodoo in style? This voodoo tattoo has a colourful voodoo doll. This is a small voodoo doll tattoo. The doll is in blue, green colour with one maroon button for an eye. The doll also holds a purple flower in one of its hands. Some coins are set in front of the doll, and some dollar currency is seen behind the beauty. This is a well-done work by the tattoo artist. The reviews that the tattoo design received are excellent too.

Voodoo Witch Doctor Doll Tattoo

voodoo witch doctor doll tattoo
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Want your voodoo doll to look stylish? We got you. These types of voodoo doll tattoo designs feature voodoo doll witch doctors. The voodoo doll is brown. The beauty also has a cool doctor hat on it. What looks cooler? The dress, of course. The striped pants are paired with a blue jacket. This is one excellent witch doctor. There is a skull attached to a stick stabbed into the heart. Well, the tattoo does need a share of horror effects. The reviews on this tattoo design are proof that this tattoo design is a success.

Voodoo Witch Mystical Body Art Tattoo

voodoo witch mystical body art tattoo
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If you are looking for some voodoo tattoos perfect for women, this one might be one with the answers. This tattoo work features a voodoo witch face. The witch is scary-looking enough, and the different elements incorporated in the tattoo make it even more frightening. The witch has a tooth necklace wrapped around her. The forehead has a red crescent design. Everything in this tattoo screams mystical art vibes. This is a different approach to your voodoo tattoos. This cool tattoo is too good not to share. The reviews of this design say that much.

Animated Voodoo Doll Tattoos

animated voodoo doll tattoos
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Among the various voodoo dolls tattoo designs, this baby voodoo doll is set to catch your eyes. This black voodoo tattoo features a small doll this time. The doll almost looks like an animated character. This simple linework body art can deliver the scary elements that are a must for voodoo dolls. Even if it is small, there is a share of the same effect as a traditional voodoo doll. If anything, this one looks on point for a voodoo doll.

Poison Bottle Voodoo Tattoo

poison bottle voodoo tattoo
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Are you tired of voodoo dolls? Then let’s take a different road in tattoo style. The reviews on this design are proof that this one is an excellent voodoo tattoo design. The tattoo is a poison bottle. The writing on the bottle is used to share this piece of information. This time there are no voodoo dolls, but there is a skull inside the poison bottle. Apart from the information written on a card and tied around the bottleneck, the bottle is surrounded by leaves all around. However, the skull has already set that mood. You can also ask the tattoo artist to share some more ideas on this with you!

Panda Voodoo Tattoo

panda voodoo tattoo
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Putting the dolls aside, here we deliver a panda to you. If you think pandas are too cute to make a voodoo doll, let me share with you this tattoo design to change your mind. The panda seems to be in a bamboo forest. Though there is no information to prove that, the leaves around the panda look similar to bamboo leaves. The panda has a shirt wrapped around it which might seem weird at first. But we are looking at a voodoo tattoo design here. The red background around this voodoo panda, along with its red eyes, gives the evil evading effect to the tattoo. The reviews on this design are very positive too.

Demon Head Voodoo Tattoo

demon head voodoo tattoo
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This traditional voodoo tattoo features a demon head. You might be familiar with this type of demon. Typically, we purchase these types of monsters to prevent evil eyes from spreading on to us. If you share a love for demon heads, this tattoo is worth your time. There is no other information on the tattoo other than the demon head. The demon has four eyes and two horns. Two scary-looking long teeth are seen outside. The reviews on this tattoo show that people are in love with this design.

Bartender Color Voodoo Tattoo

bartender color voodoo tattoo
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There are different ways to share your love for voodoo tattoos. This design is one such way. You might have questions about a tattoo when there are no scary dolls or demons. But this tattoo is a unique voodoo design in its path. This tattoo has a glass of cocktail with a red chilli dipped in it. This colour tattoo reviews some realistic elements through the procedure. If you want to purchase a unique voodoo tattoo design, well, now you have answers as to how to get them.

Simple Voodoo Doll Tattoos

simple voodoo doll tattoos
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Not a fan of scary-looking voodoo tattoos? Have questions on where to find voodoo tattoos that are simple and easy to look at? Let me share the answers through these simple voodoo tattoos. This is a voodoo girl done in fine lines. The girl has one button for an eye. Women receive these types of tattoos very well. They review such designs as suitable for them.

Awesome Voodoo Girl Doll Tattoo

awesome voodoo girl doll tattoo
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Here is another voodoo girl design to review. The tattoo has a Bambolina voodoo doll through its design. If you want to share a girl voodoo doll design, this one will answer all your questions regarding how to do such a tattoo. This time, the voodoo doll has a dress and hair tied to the sides. The tattoo looks cute even with the voodoo element in it. The doll is that of a sailor moon character. You can find many manufacturers making this design. The post has shared this piece of information. The reviews are showering love to this beautiful Sailor Moon voodoo doll design.

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