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Are you looking for exciting wanderlust tattoo ideas? You just hit the jackpot! We have curated the list of the 10 best wanderlust tattoos just for enthusiasts like you.

wanderlust tattoo
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Finding meaningful tattoo symbols is a challenging task, especially when it comes to wanderlust.

Getting inspired tattoos of their favourite destination is a dream for many. Travel lovers will dig this list of the 10 best wanderlust tattoo ideas.

The term wanderlust is used across cultures to define the longing to wander around the world. A person who is wanderlust sees many possibilities everywhere they go. Wanderlust tattoo meaning is simply the bearers’ love for travel through the world. Exploring the world from a travellers’ point of view is just excellent. The interesting adventures encountered make one never want to stop. For some, the desire to discover and explore the whole world overpowers everything. Such people are said to have wanderlust. Europe, Canada, the UK, Thailand, Belgium, and Brazil are interesting and inspirational destinations for travel lovers. To meet the character of all such, we have the best collection of wanderlust tattoo ideas. Travels symbolize your need to explore and see the world around you. When we travel, we meet others and ourselves too. So, pack our clothes, take a compass and explore this section of wanderlust tattoos that really matter!

Minimalist Wanderlust Tattoo

minimalist wanderlust tattoo
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If you are looking for a small coin-sized tattoo, this is the design for you. This is a pretty simple design of a tiny cute globe. You can see the miniature continents on the globe. The small, bold plane gives away your love for travel. This cute tattoo is the most simple depiction of the word ‘wanderlust.’ People having a passion for travel will not stop themselves from admiring this tattoo design. You can find a private tattoo studio to get this design tattooed on your skin. This design is very minimal. You can get it anywhere on your body. If you always want to flaunt your minimalist wanderlust tattoo, it is suggested to draw it on your arm. Some people even get passport stamps beside the globe to indicate their interest in foreign adventures.

Watercolor Exploration Wanderlust Tattoo

watercolor exploration wanderlust tattoo
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You have just discovered the most colourful wanderlust tattoo on this list. This tattoo is so bright and beautiful. It is impossible to ignore it. Designs such as this scream adventure. The first look of this wanderlust tattoo brings to our mind trips around the world. The pink-coloured trekking bag might suggest you love climbing mountains and exploring high hidden places. The company of the trekking shoes confirms the thought that this tattoo symbolizes trekking trips into the mountains and valleys. This is a very cool tattoo for wanderers involved in trekking or mount climbing, or camping. You can add your own imagination to this tattoo design to make it personalized just for you. Tattoo artists in private studios take special requests to get you the tattoo you dream of.

Abstract Minimal Wanderlust Tattoo

abstract minimal wanderlust tattoo
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Looking for inspiration to get a wanderlust tattoo? What can be more inspiring than this beautiful, abstract tattoo design? This tattoo design transfers us to another world. The yellow Cresent moon is throwing a bright and happy appearance to the complete tattoo design. The Fineline work in between the design is so perfectly made. You will find private tattoo studios that draw such elegant designs. This is the design of the future. The green-coloured circles show some distant planets. This signifies the journey of one to distant lands in search of life. The breeze is demonstrated with the help of black ink. These symbols, in conjunction, express the desire of one to travel all through the world and beyond. This tattoo will remind you of your love for the journey.

Illustration Wanderlust Tattoo Sleeve

illustration wanderlust tattoo sleeve
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Wanderlust’s meaning is quite simple – having the desire to wander. Wanderlust symbolizes this desire in people. You will find many travel lovers such as yourself getting wanderlust sleeve tattoos. This fantastic illustration has been drawn by keeping in mind all the essential elements of a trip. There is beautiful scenery which tells us that nature is the best place to wander. The plane, shown to be flying high in the sky, is a representation of the journey. There is a small tent near the river that can enjoy a few days’ stay in the excellent surroundings. The flowing river, the snow-clad mountains, the lofty clouds, the tall trees, and the flying birds all indicate your love of such environments. So what are you waiting for? Get your wanderlust illustration today.

Bright And Bold Wanderlust Globe Tattoo

bright and bold wanderlust globe tattoo
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Who wouldn’t want a cool globe tattoo on their arm sleeve? This wanderlust tattoo looks to be full of resources. It tells us that only the world is the limit. You can rotate the globe and point towards your next destination. Travel enthusiasts want a tattoo that will serve as a compass for their future adventures. May it be with family, friends or a solo trip. This tattoo does exactly that. It is a representation of all the paths available for you to take. The suitcase below the globe suggests you should be ever ready to hop on to your next trip. You can skip the suitcase if you want. The flowers around the design give this tattoo a feminine touch. Wanderlust tattoos are mostly unisexual, but this one looks to be more on the feminine side.

Fineline Feminine Wanderlust Tattoo

fineline feminine wanderlust tattoo
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Now that you have explored half of our list of wanderlust tattoos let us introduce you to one of the best designs on this list. Many private tattoo studios will be willing to fill your arm with this exquisite design. Consider yourself lucky to get your hands on this design. The woman in the tattoo looks to be at peace. She is only interested in fulfilling her dreams. The paper plane around her neck shows her willingness to travel around the spherical earth. The music near her ears provides all the inspiration she needs. The open book on her head shows us that she is knowledgeable. Artists tell us that such tattoos are full of hidden meanings. The clouds and stars around her tell us that she is at peace with her wandering mind. Travel is what keeps her at peace.

Traditional Wanderlust Tattoo

traditional wanderlust tattoo
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This design is quite famous in the wanderlust tattoo society. Private tattoo studios earn a huge fortune by drawing such luxury tattoos. Do not forget that the ideas for wanderlust tattoos are numerous, but only a bunch of them are worth a note. This traditional tattoo design shows the surroundings of California and San Francisco. If you ever visit these places you might find similar surroundings. The high bridge, ocean waves, and city transport carriage give out the complete tourist vibes. To top it all, the entire design is drawn inside a heart shape. A flower guards one of the sides. The wholeness of the flower tells us to enjoy little things, whoever small they might seem. You can get small passport stamps near the heart to make a mark on your journey.

Colourful Fineline Abstract Wanderlust Tattoo

colourful fineline abstract wanderlust tattoo
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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see this tattoo? It is a matter of perspective to understand the real meaning of this travelling tattoo. The artist has taken freedom in designing the course of the tattoo. Several artists in private tattoo studios are getting requests for this tattoo design. It looks like a colour palette when seen from a distance. As you approach nearer, you will notice the orbits around the half-circle. It is some planet with rings around it. The fine black line traces the path of the traveller. Amongst many wanderlust tattoos, this one is the most intriguing. It’s not like the bunch of regular tattoos. This design is beyond earth. The red and blue colours perfectly complement each other in the greater sense. Book yourself an appointment and get this unique wanderlust tattoo.

Wanderlust Word Tattoo

wanderlust word tattoo
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Is word tattoos just what you were looking for? Their pretty simple nature makes them famous amongst youngsters. There is an ocean of wanderlust tattoos available, but what matters is whether the tattoo compliments you. That is why people scroll through pages to get the best tattoos for themselves. Private tattoo studios are a great help in this regard – they help you choose the design that will fit you perfectly. The tattoo in this image shows a simple, singular word, ‘wanderlust’. The writing is in handwritten cursive. You can choose whichever font you like. Just ask your tattoo artist what fonts they are comfortable with. This is the simplest wanderlust on this list.

Original Real-Life Wanderlust Tattoo

original real-life wanderlust tattoo
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What’s better than a real-life wanderlust tattoo? You can discuss this tattoo design at a private tattoo studio. Several artists contributed to arrive at the final design. This tattoo is the most unique among wanderlust tattoos because it features a famous tourist van from Brazil. There are several photos on the internet of this van from Brazil travelling the world forever. You can get this tattoo design anywhere on your body. These Brazil van tattoos are very famous amongst tourists. They are full of life and always give new hope. This particular design has a half risen sun coming out from behind the mountains. It signifies a new beginning. The word wanderlust written in all caps stands out in the design.

You can get an inspiration tattoo in a word or picture form from any of the best artists around you. Most people get a tattoo as an inspiration to do more of the things they like. You can get a tattoo that inspired and motivated you too. If travelling the world is your passion, here are some more inspirational tattoos

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  2. Wanderlust finger tattoo
  3. ‘Life is an adventure.’
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