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If you are a lover of waning gibbous tattoo, this article is for you. Here, you will get a list of moon tattoo designs with their meanings.

waning gibbous tattoo
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One of the modern and trendy tattoo designs is the moon tattoo.

Be it the crescent moon or the design showcasing different moon phases, all of them look quirky and interesting. One of the reasons for considering the moon as the perfect tattoo design is the meanings attached to it.

The moon tattoo is sure to be a perfect choice for people who strongly believe in the celestial body. Generally, a moon tattoo symbolizes femininity, motherhood, and fertility. Therefore, in contrast to the sun tattoo purely associated with masculinity, the tattoos with moons are suitable for women. It is believed that the fertility cycle of a woman is connected to the waning and waxing moon phases. Besides, when there is a geometric moon tattoo, it can stand for the passing away of time in a cyclical manner. What makes the difference from one moon tattoo to another is the ink used. Different inks used for different moon tattoo ideas have different meanings.

Sometimes, different crescent moon tattoos or full moon tattoo designs are associated with different cultures and concepts. While a half moon tattoo represents balance, a full moon tattoo stands for an eerie witchery concept. Having a tattoo where the whole dark night sky is depicted along with the moon and stars can be related to the concepts of freedom and dreams. If you are interested in classical moon tattoos, they represent the duality of sun and moon, light and dark, and sometimes good and evil.

Another common and highly sought-after moon tattoo ideas is the moon phases tattoo. In this moon phases tattoo, the different stages of the lunar cycle are shown. It involves the waxing crescent moon and the waning crescent moon. The linear drawing of the different moon phases including the half moon and full moon symbolize the cyclical process of life, death, and then, the rebirth. The eight stages that a moon phase tattoo should have in a lunar cycle are new moon, waxing crescent moon, first quarter, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon, third quarter, and waning crescent moon. This is a dynamic moon cycle design that holds the true meaning of life. Such an interesting piece of body art expresses a powerful feeling of oneness, and unity with nature.

If you’re looking for a unique design moon tattoo, the sun and moon tattoo is a perfect choice for you. Since every society works on the principle of duality, meaning there are two sides of the same coin, it is here that the sun and the moon tattoo have gained immense popularity. While the sun tattoo is a powerful symbol of liveliness, the moon tattoo fertility and is representative of the cycle of birth and rebirth. When both the tattoos are joined together, they symbolize a perfect balance between man and woman or between loved one that should exist in the world.

Below we’ve prepared a list of the top ten moon tattoos with beautiful patterns. In the list, you will come across waning gibbous moon tattoo, waxing gibbous moon tattoo, full moon tattoos, crescent moon tattoos, and many more. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the series of moon tattoo design and ideas.

Minimalist Sun and Moon Tattoo In Crescent Shape

minimalist sun and moon tattoo in crescent shape
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If you are a lover of tiny tattoos, you will surely love this small sun and moon tattoo. Due to its shape, you can get a tattoo on any part of your body. As mentioned earlier, the moon tattoo stands for femininity while the sun tattoo represents vigor.

Although both the tattoos are contradictory to each other, when they are inked together by tattoo artist, they depict that balance that should persist between masculine and feminine entities. In this tattoo, the shape of the crescent moon makes it more attractive. This black moon tattoo can be done on the ankle, wrist, elbow, neckline, waist, back, and naval.

Moon Phase Tattoo With Constellation

moon phase tattoo with constellation
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If you like gazing at the moon cycle, this phases of the moon tattoo is a perfect choice for you. Not only is this small, but also impactful enough to grab many eyeballs. The phases of the moon consist of eight stages – new moon, waxing crescent moon, first quarter moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning gibbous moon, third quarter, and waning crescent moon. The color chosen for these phases of the moon tattoo makes the tattoo look simple and elegant.

As illustrated earlier, this phases of the moon tattoo design symbolizes the different conditions of man on earth. In the new moon phase, the moon lies in between the sun and the earth which signifies new beginnings. During the waxing crescent phase, the moon is gradually illuminated while the crescent moon tattoo shows less than half of the moon, thereby denoting intention.

In the first quarter moon phase, the moon is divided proportionally where one half is illuminated while the other half is still in shadows, denoting decision making. By the time the waxing gibbous moon phase begins it signifies refinement. When it is a full moon, the moon cycle symbolizes the releasing and sealing of intentions. In the waning moon stage, more than half of the moon is illuminated, signifying gratitude. In the third quarter moon, the opposite side of the first quarter is seen to stand for forgiveness. In the waning crescent, the shrinking moon denotes surrender. By this time, the next phase, the new moon phase has already started, signifying a new beginning.

Full Moon Tattoo In Black and Grey

full moon tattoo in black and grey
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Another realistic tattoo design is the full moon tattoo. Although this is a simple tattoo design, it has a lot of underlying meanings attached to it. Often full moon tattoos are connected with transition and mysticism. On a full moon night, the moon has the maximum illumination. More information from tattoo artists reveals that one can create a full moon tattoo in several ways. However, one of the most predominant designs would be a full moon with craters and other geographical landmarks. All these elements in the tattoo make it connected with nature.

Bisexual Colourful Moon Tattoo

bisexual colourful moon tattoo
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If you are a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community and would like to stand by them to make this world a better place, this bi-sexual pride tattoo is worth it. This waning gibbous tattoo meaning reflection and release looks even more amazing because of the colors. These designs can be great tattoos for men forearm. Both the crescent moons face back to back, touching each other. This gentle touch of the moon tattoos means supporting each other and belonging to the community.

Blue Moon Tattoos In A Series

blue moon tattoos in a series
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Another exotic moon tattoo is this blue moon tattoo that is a combination of a full moon, gibbous moon and crescent moon tattoo, all colored in bright blue. This blue moon tattoo has several meanings associated with it. To some, a moon tattoo in blue can mean feminine energy or the phases of a woman’s life, while to others, it may stand for knowledge, growth and wisdom.

Decorative Triple Moon Tattoo

decorative triple moon tattoo
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Another form of expressing the phases of the moon is through the triple moon tattoo. As you can understand from its name, the tattoo contains three moons depicting the three phases – waxing, waning and full moon. Generally, a triple moon is symbolic of the cycle of life – birth, growth and death. Besides, it is also representative of vigor, abundance and patience. This tattoo is suitable for women as it denotes the completeness that a woman should have.

Bright Moon And Dog Tattoo

bright moon and dog tattoo
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For people who are in love with their pet dogs and want to get a mark of them that will stay with them forever, this moon and god tattoo is a great idea. Of all animals, dogs and cats are the only two creatures that can be connected to the moon. The placement of the dog with the moon in the background reminds one to cooperate and move with the world.

Colorful Rose And Moon Tattoo

colorful rose and moon tattoo
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This is a flower moon tattoo that has gained popularity these days. People are getting flower moon tattoos to celebrate and welcome Spring. The term ‘Flower Moon’ existed even before the design took the form of tattoos. This concept arose when the moon occurred in May and began to blossom like other flowers. This symbolizes renewal.

Simple And Minimal Luna Tattoo In Black

simple and minimal luna tattoo in black
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Another waning gibbous tattoo minimal design is this Luna tattoo. It is symbolic yet elegant. Universally, the moon tattoo stands for change and recurrent growth. To make the tattoo appear more interesting, one can pair it with a sun or a quote.

Moon Tattoo With Quote

moon tattoo with quote
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To accentuate the moon tattoo, adding a thoughtful quote to it can help. This can be one of the greatest ideas to create friendship tattoos, where a quote relating to friendship can be added. Adding color to the tattoo or keeping it simple is entirely your discretion. However, the quote should follow the curved line of the moon.

Therefore, the moon being a universal symbol, represent various cultures and beliefs. Throughout the world, the moon tattoo explores different themes and meanings. Get the suitable moon tattoo done by a renowned tattoo artist and be popular in your gang.

Now that you have got a better idea about moon tattoos, here are some more suggestions on crescent moon tattoo that can look attractive:

  • Crescent moon tattoo with skull
  • 3D moon tattoo with floral designs
  • Sailor full moon tattoo
  • Black celtic moon tattoo
  • Mystic mandala art moon tattoo

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