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Body art and tattoos have found a new dimension with a gradual tattooing style called the watercolour technique. Get a water-paint tattoo before it is too late!

water paint tattoo
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If you are keen on getting a tattoo that connects all your favourite colours seamlessly, watercolour tattoos are a perfect choice.

These tattoos can be of any shape, and style, and use any colour they like. Create bright water tattoos or shaded ones, depending on your personality!

Abstract tattoos are always in trend. Popularised in the early nineteenth century, the watercolour tattoo design has gained more followers for its delicate artistry and bright shades. If you have the will to create something permanent on your body with that much colour, watercolour tats are always there. These are a proper blend of traditional tattoos and the modern watercolour style. Get inspired by people wearing realistic tattoo designs and sport one yourself. You can always be the star attraction of a party with a unique tattoo design like this. Given below are some very trendy and versatile tattoo designs for you and your close ones.

Watercolor Tattoos With Solid Black Outlines

watercolor tattoos with solid black outlines
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If you are not someone who likes gaudy colours but still wants to ink a watercolour tattoo, go for tattoos with darker colours. These tattoos are mostly inked in a black base, with special graded techniques of the same colour. A water paint tattoo artist can create gorgeous flowy designs with only black or blue outlines. The black ink looks beautiful when your ink waves or water splashes on your body. It shows how resilient you are and how you can mould yourself into anything the surrounding demands. These solid lined ideas are even different from the basic ones because most watercolour tattoo ideas do not have bold outlines.

Gorgeous Water Paint Dog Tattoo Designs

gorgeous water paint dog tattoo designs
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To symbolize loyalty and devotion, or to just etch your dog’s name forever, a dog tattoo is always a win. Get tattooed your dog’s name along with his/her paw in different styles. A gender-specific colour detail can be a cute addition once you bring your fur baby home. Be sure to see his tail wagging and a super happy face once you get this inked on your desired part. You can also outline your pet’s face and shade it with different colours to give it a more realistic feeling. It will prove how much of an animal lover you are, and bring you the power and good luck too. Artists have been painting dog tattoos for a long time, as they are told to bring in good faith and benevolence.

Eye Catching Name Tattoos With Watercolors!

eye catching name tattoos with watercolors
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Watercolour tattoos are often used as body art. If you want to ink the name of someone special, or even your own name, these tattoos are a good fit. A watercolour tattoo can be customized with your name, the name of your beloved, your parents, or anybody you love. Names are calligraphed with watercolour ink and light shades are added to accentuate them. These tattoos are believed to bring good news and hence are tattooed in good faith. There are several styles, artists follow to tattoo a proper name tattoo. Make sure you let your artist know the clear picture before going through the process. If you love yourself, this watercolour design can be your next tattoo idea.

Cool Lion Water Paint Tattoo To Turn Heads

cool lion water paint tattoo to turn heads
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Inking a tattoo design with a lion in it enhances the beauty of your body and lifts up your spirits. Tattoo artists throughout the world are going gaga over these mighty creatures. These tattoos signify a fearless individual who is ferocious and not afraid of any hurdles. Lion tattoos come in different shades and have a strong outline with various watercolour gradients. It just enhances the area of your skin and looks beautiful. Mostly bright colours are used to make these watercolour tattoos eye-catching. The lines are drawn very carefully and then shaded with vibrant colours like red, yellow, orange, and brown.

Water Paint Hibiscus Tattoo Ideas For The Floral Aesthetics

water paint hibiscus tattoo ideas for the floral aesthetics
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Flowers are considered to bring God’s contentment. Watercolour tattoos with flowers look like a painted canvas on your body. If you want to ink a watercolour tattoo that looks refined, and expresses your thoughts vividly through various colours and styles, floral tattoos are the best fit. You can get a tattoo with wildflowers in vibrant colours that look gorgeous under direct sunlight like this one. Or you can style minimal flowers like baby’s breath, or daisies, with modern techniques and attract every eye in the room. Watercolour is a tricky medium for a tattooist, so make sure you do your proper research before giving life to your vision. Skin touch-ups in these types of tattoos are a bit difficult. But if you want to flaunt floral art like no one else, go big.

Abstract Art Watercolour Tattooing That Represents Classic Watercolor Painting

abstract art watercolour tattooing that represents classic watercolor painting
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Getting a watercolour tattoo can be very exciting for all the right reasons. It is not just about any image but about perfectly styled abstract lines created by fine artistry. The beauty of an abstract style lies in the quality of the ink, the black base, and the special shading technique, among other things. Watercolour tattooing is a very special form of body art that just portrays your personality correctly. Watercolour tattoos fade gradually giving a very nice textured look to the tattoo. Get a delicate tattoo with watercolour ink and turn heads wherever you go.

Watercolor Tattoos Drawn In An Artistic Style

watercolor tattoos drawn in an artistic style
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A tattoo artist masters the watercolour style to give life to patrons. You can break the idea of more traditional tattoos by inking abstract watercolour-style tattoos that defy every tattoo myth. Draw your favourite bird, anime character, hero, any particular style, or whatever you like. The watercolour tattoo technique involves gradual shading and it seamlessly fades into your skin. Mix cool colours like blue, teal, or green and sport the watercolour tattoo like a pro. Tattoo artists suggest a regular touch-up session to speed up the colour grading and ease the healing process. They fade easily, so they are a bit high maintenance designs. But, after it’s done, the skin looks like a piece of art. These watercolour-style tattoos can very well be your next inking idea.

Subtle Yet Edgy Watercolor Tattoos

subtle yet edgy watercolor tattoos
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If you are someone who loves minimalistic designs with a touch of watercolour, these tattoos are a perfect fit. These tattoos accentuate your skin colour like anything when done with proper colour shadings. Small flowers fade away into intricate lines making them look majestic. Choose a minimal tattoo design that is your absolute favourite. Try small designs which can look good with whatever you wear. Watercolour tattoos add to the charm with subtle colouring making the tattoos look more realistic. It can peep through your clothes and still leave a mark. You can mix the traditional theme with some modern elements to make your tattoo look uber cool. Do try this new watercolour tattoo theme on your next parlour visit.

Exquisite Watercolor Tattoo Ideas For Women

exquisite watercolor tattoo ideas for women
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If rich textures of paints, the gradual fade-out along the sides, and transparent gradients are your aesthetic, tell your tattoo artist to ink your skin with watercolour tattoos like these. They shine under the sun and make you look the best version of yourself. You can use vibrant colours or muted pastel shades according to your choice. With each passing day, people are getting obsessed with these watercolour tattoo ideas. They are all in for a tattoo that looks realistic and not artificial. Stand out amongst the crowd by sporting flowers or different patterns in watercolour. Your femininity will ooze out once you start flaunting intricate inkings like these ones. Get one done and see the magic unfurl.

Tattoos Created With The Traditional Watercolor Style

tattoos created with the traditional watercolor style
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What is better to portray the flow of water through a watercolour tattoo? These watercolour tattoos look great on the skin and are very minimalistic yet very deep. Tell your tattoo artist to shade the waves with a variety of cool tones to bring out the depth. These tattoo ideas look like miniature watercolour paintings and are very pretty in themselves. Capture the essence of the ocean, tides, or anything you feel like. If you are a water baby, this tattoo is a perfect fit. They fade out at the edges giving a sense of an infinity tattoo. Try these watercolour tattoos before heading out to the beach the next time.

Now that you have got a clear idea about several types of watercolour tattoos, this is the correct time to ink one. But make sure you visit a parlour where the staff are trained about this particular technique. A watercolour tattoo artist has to be someone who has great patience and knowledge about the art. Discuss your visions with the artist and let him/her know about your desires. Get information about the number of touch-ups required and how quickly this particular tattoo age. They look great and you will feel unique after getting them done. There is a huge variety of topics to select your tattoo design from. if you love astronomy, choose the sun and stars, flowers if you are a floral girl, lions or other ferocious animals if you want to portray the power and so on.

There are many more watercolour tattoos to choose from. Some of the suggestions have been mentioned below.

  • Floral Watercolour Tattoo.
  • Watercolor Rose Tattoo.
  • Charizard Water Paint Tattoo.
  • Phoenix Watercolour Tattoo.
  • Zodiac Watercolour Tattoos.

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