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Are you looking to get yourself inked with a special watercolor rose tattoo that is stunning and realistic? Here is a of 10 perfect watercolor rose tattoos that you should check out!

watercolor rose tattoo
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Watercolor rose tattoo is mainly a new style of tattoo becoming popular in recent times for its subtle look and artisitc appeal.

Watercolor flower tattoos are unique as they are realistic, stunning, and incorporate bleeding colors of flowers.

You might think that watercolor rose tattoos or flower tattoos, in general, might not suit everyone because of their feminine nature. However, these tattoo designs are perfect for any gender. They can work with your other tattoo pieces as well. The beauty of watercolor rose tattoos is enchanting and can carry a lot of meaning behind it as well. All flower tattoos convey something special based on the colour and type you decide. Watercolor rose tattoo is very versatile and indeed an expressive tattoo.

Consider asking your tattoo artist to ink you with a beautiful watercolor rose tattoo that matches your personality and traits. Check out these stunning watercolor rose tattoo designs and the ideal placements for them.

Positive Rose Tattoo

positive rose tattoo
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This watercolour rose tattoo has a light, faded look. The flower is in the center with leaves protruding above and below the flower. A typical watercolor tattoo like this lacks the traditional tattoo outline, which is bold and black. The large roses here have been inked in a beautiful red color that pops out well, and the leaves are inked in a shade of green. The design also has a few water droplets on the painted design, adding to the watercolor effect. If you want to experiment with the design, you can can add a yellow rose in the tattoo. Other than the thigh, an ideal location for this tattoo is your arm or leg.

The Black Rose Tattoo

the black rose tattoo
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The watercolor rose tattoo design here has been integrated with other elements of nature. Large butterflies surround the rose, and instead of the usual bright red, it is inked here in black and white. These butterflies have been inked with a bleeding blue color that contrasts with the black rose and makes a striking design. The choice of colors for the large butterflies and rose can be changed as per your preference. You can choose to ink a yellow rose mixed with orange or purple for the butterflies. This design takes up most of the forearm and look wonderful.

Geometric Abstract Watercolor Rose Tattoo

geometric abstract watercolor rose tattoo
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Abstract tattoos like these integrate the classic design of watercolor rose tattoos and portray it in unique ways. This piece of art has a wild rose as its centerpiece, which has been inked in a beautiful shade of red. The leaves are quite different than your traditional leaf designs in tattoos. The leaves are shaped in small triangles with black charcoal shading. For more creativity in the design, you can combine the background of this watercolor rose tattoo with a galaxy tattoo. Due to its size, you can place this tattoo on your arm or leg.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo With A FAce

watercolor rose tattoo with a face
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The watercolor rose tattoo design has been integrated with a sketch of Frida Kahlo’s face. She is an iconic feminist figure of our times. In this tattoo, only one side of the both the rose and the woman’s face are inked. The roses adorning the woman’s hair symbolize love and compassion. Hope is another emotion that is always associated with the rose. No other flower can replicate the beauty of this flower and the historical significance behind it. A tattoo like this can be placed wonderfully anywhere on your body. You can pair this watercolor tattoo design with a meaningful phrase.

The Blue Rose Tattoo

the blue rose tattoo
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Here, the tattoo artist has inked an abstract watercolor blue rose tattoo. This tattoo uses different shades of blue inside a thick black outline. The watercolor blue rose tattoo has a significant meaning behind it. Blue roses are considered the holy grail in some cultures around the world. The blue color of the rose can signify how one’s personality is too complex to comprehend and might represent their imaginative and free mind. Blue roses stand for mystery, curiosity and the quest to attain the impossible. If you relate with these personality traits, you can consider getting this tattoo.

Realistic Blue Rose Tattoo

realistic blue rose tattoo
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This tattoo design is a work of art and precision. Instead of the traditional realistic-looking watercolor rose tattoos where the roses are usually in different shades of red, the artist has decided to ink the rose with blue color. This blue rose is soothing to look at. The blue rose here represents a dream or a wish that may never be fulfilled. Some people think of blue roses symbolizing the words ‘love at first sight. A good place for this tattoo would be on your wrists in a smaller size, or a larger size can fit well on your arms or chest.

Black And White Rose Tattoo

black and white rose tattoo
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This watercolor rose tattoo design takes a different direction and depicts the rose in black and white on top of a triangle base. There are shades of yellow and purple behind the black and white rose.

Black and white roses can symbolize death and mourning. This concept comes from tarot cards; the white represents new life after death to view the positive side of the tragedy and hope for a better future going forward. The Black rose is also a symbol of new beginnings and life. This black and white variant of a watercolor rose tattoo can work out when inked on your wrists and back as well.

Miniature Watercolor Rose Tattoo

miniature watercolor rose tattoo
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Here we see a little wild rose inked behind the leg. The tiny red rose has detailed flower petals and a green stem with leaves below it. Black and red roses are the most popular colors when it comes to watercolor rose tattoos. If you want to represent your solid relationship and special moments with someone, consider changing the red color of the rose here to yellow. A yellow rose is for celebration and comfort. You can flaunt such a tiny and lovely rose on the wrist as well.

Purple Blooming Rose Tattoo

purple blooming rose tattoo
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You cannot deny the beauty of purple roses. The watercolor rose tattoo design here features purple roses instead of the usual red and black ones. In this tattoo, there are three roses in different stages of blossoming, from a rose bud to a full bloom. Purple roses represent loyalty, and one of the rarest shades, lavender, represents regality. The blooming of the purple rose in the tattoo design signifies the freshness and beauty of youth; it indicates new beginnings in life. You can carry a similar design on your arms or legs.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo With Date

watercolor rose tattoo with date
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The simple rose tattoo is accompanied by a date in roman numerals. It could be any date meaningful to the tattoo wearer. Rose is considered a sign of balance and harmony, which marks the entry into a new era, leaving all the past behind. This tattoo design promises hope and new beginnings in life. You can try to stick blue or white roses with this tattoo design to make it more meaningful.

The day we can let go of the past is when we would be able to see our new life and blooming future. The longer we are stuck thinking about the past, the harder it will be for us to achieve anything meaningful in our lives. The watercolor rose tattoos signify this. If you have another design in mind, think of combining it with the techniques shown above. Check out the suggestions below for more ideas.

  1. Black watercolor rose tattoo with flowers.
  2. Lotus in watercolor tattoo
  3. Watercolor rose piece with love
  4. watercolor tattoo rose with quote

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