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Are you looking for cool art tattoos based on watercolors, then you are at the right place. Here are the ten best watercolor tattoo ideas for you.

watercolor tattoo
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Tattoos have two purposes: they can be a memento of your life’s philosophy, interest, passion or an expression of your artistic style.

Using the watercolor technique can enhance any tattoo design with vibrant colors and has become very popular in recent years.

Like watercolor paintings, watercolor tattoos use subtle coloring than the more traditional tattoos, which combine multiple sections of solid colors to form one more superior design. Traditional tattoos have distinct outlines/borders. In contrast, nearly all watercolor pieces do not, though many tattoo artists creatively combine traditional tattoos with a delicate watercolor technique to create unique watercolor tattoos. For instance, a traditional tattoo design also has shading, fine lines, or bright patterns. However, a watercolor style tattoo would not have the same texture, or patterned designs. It has a more freehand appearance. Mild gradients, with more minor color merging, help achieve the desired aesthetic, which is usually to mimic the qualities of a classic watercolor painting.

If you’re wondering, how much does a watercolor tattoo cost? While a watercolour style tattoo does not require any additional ink or equipment, it may take more time and skill from the tattoo artist due to the level of detailing involved. This may affect the final cost. Watercolor tattoos fade easily on the skin because of UV rays and also because watercolor tattoos use less ink than standard tattoos of the same size. Watercolor tattoos also cause minor skin irritation. Want your next tattoo to be a fantastic watercolor ink design? Check out the ideas below.

Watercolor Tattoos Of Perennial Flowers

watercolor tattoos of perennial flowers
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The technique used in this watercolor tattoo is truly distinctive. Two distinct designs of tiny perennial flowers may be seen in this photograph. The designer has chosen brilliant colors for the petals, such as bright blue and purple, because these colors stick out more than other hues. While watercolor ink is sometimes painted outside the lines to give it a natural and realistic appearance, this tattoo’s colors are kept tightly within the bold lines to create a more realistic look. This watercolor tattooing is classified as a watercolor tattoo because of the overlap of different colors, streaks of light and dark ink, and touch-ups of lighter colors that can be seen here. You can work with a talented tattoo artist to get this watercolor tattoo on the ankle or the wrist.

Watercolor Tattoo Design Of Anime Characters

watercolor tattoo design of anime characters
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This tattoo design would be ideal for anyone who enjoys movies, television shows, or comic books. The main characters from the Japanese animation shows – Sword Art, The Seven Deadly Sins, and the Demon Slayer are all represented in this tattoo design. Different color themes have been assigned to the characters, and they have been grouped as if in a comic book. Some aspects of the tattoo design also extend beyond the borders, creating a striking 3D appearance. The most admirable element about such watercolor tattoos is that they incorporate fine geometrical lines, abstract color works, and a few sketchy-style drawn items. This is a fantastic way to combine diverse flavors in one dish without destroying it. To make it as appealing as possible, the tattoo artist has picked different colours and shades of watercolors.

FoxWatercolor Tattoo

foxwatercolor tattoo
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If you’ve seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, and enjoyed watching the protagonist, you will love this tattoo idea. A fox is well-known for its stunning fur and gentle demeanor. The red fox is typically associated with seduction and feminine nature due to its behavior and pleasing appearance. This red fox tattoo places specific attention on the color, the fur, and the tail to stress the seductive nature. If you want a vivid watercolor tattoo that isn’t too loud, you can consider getting a tattoo with darker colors where the ink splatters on the entire tattoo. The tattoo looks like a painting at first glance, and you can tell it’s watercolor because the bold colors blend into each other to form a gradient with blurred edges. The artist has done a good job with the watercolor style, allowing such a simple tattoo to stand out.

Sorting Hat Tattoo In Watercolor Style

sorting hat tattoo in watercolor style
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In the Harry Potter movies and books, the Sorting Hat is an incredibly magical object. In this design, the sorting hat, a stack of literature, and a steaming cup of coffee are all set against a watercolor tattoo background. This is a brilliant idea because all three things in the tattoo design are brown and would otherwise be unappealingly monotonous. The three elements here are inked only in black and white, while the watercolour background is pink and blue. The colors mix flawlessly into one another, in this tattoo, giving it a colorful effect. In addition, the tattoo’s margins are spattered in big and small patches, giving the impression that the pigment was dropped onto the skin. It looks wonderful under direct sunlight. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you can consider this colourful, eye catching watercolor tattoo design.

Ballerina Watercolor Tattoos

ballerina watercolor tattoos
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It is possible to blend huge watercolor parts with delicate, hand-drawn contours, just take a look at this tattoo design. The dancer’s body is outline only in black ink and she appears to be wearing a sparkling, green dress. The dancer is poised with arms outstretch, standing one on toe. She is standing in the middle of a lovely, pink flower. Her grace is on display as she delicately balances on top of an enormous hibiscus blossom. The use of the watercolor technique only enhances this by incorporating yet another aesthetic design element into the composition. One thing that makes this particular piece unique is that the artist made the color pigments appear to glitter on both the dancer’s costume and the flower’s petals. If you get the tattoo outline wet, it nearly seems like the design is also watercolor rather than a strong outline around the entire abstract design.

Watercolor Style Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo

watercolor style butterfly sleeve tattoo
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Watercolor tattoos are known for their ability to masterfully merge many shades of bright colors, resulting in brilliant and bold artwork. Style and design options vary, and you may personalize your body art by picking and choosing whatever pieces you wish to use. But the butterflies in this tattoo design are there to fill in the rest of a much larger sleeve tattoo that spans the entire upper arm. The butterflies were added to enhance the look of a previous tattoo that featured a bouquet. In a 2D pattern, the outlines of the butterflies were drawn in solid black ink. The tattoo artist added bright purple blotches to the butterflies’ wings to give them a vintage beauty as if the black outlines had been stamped there. This tiny tattoo can be inked on the ankles, wrists, or collarbones as an individual design.

Red Mushroom Watercolor Tattoos

red mushroom watercolor tattoos
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In many cultures, a mushroom is a symbol of nature, strength, and a sign of long life, protection, and good fortune. The artist created the mushroom with fragile lines in this particular design, giving it the appearance of an accurate sketch. In addition to the patterns and specks of solid black outlines used to shade the mushroom, the final product includes some highlights. This is a one-of-a-kind style since the outlines aren’t ideally linked, and the edges are left ragged. Light shades of red ink have been dripped onto the mushroom’s cap and into the mushroom’s head. Such techniques give it a cloudy appearance. Just for fun, a few drops are visible dropping from the mushroom’s cap. This eye-catching mushroom tattoo design is completed with red hearts and an extra red outline.

Pet Portrait Tattoo In Watercolor Style

pet portrait tattoo in watercolor style
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People who have lost a pet may wish to consider getting a tattoo in their pet’s honor. Also, it’s an excellent option for animal lovers who want to wear a tattoo of their favorite animal. It’s a proper one-of-a-kind tattoo because it incorporates both portrait and animal tattoos, as well as watercolor. The watercolor-style background serves as a backdrop for the black-ink-only illustrations of dogs. The background colors are pink and blue overlapping to create a stunning work of art. Watercolor style can give your ink a more abstract appearance, allowing you to be more creative with it. It also lets you express your individuality by choosing which colors to use and how to combine them. The bottom line is this: your skin is your canvas, and don’t be scared to go large and bright if you want to make a style statement.

Watercolor Tattoo Of A Blossoming Azalea

watercolor tattoo of a blossoming azalea
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A watercolor flower tattoo is a trendy choice of tattoo designs, especially when it comes to women. They can be small in size, and can be placed anywhere on the body. Here, the tattoo is of an Azalea flower that blossoms for several weeks during mid-spring in Korea. This flower tattoo does not have an outline, adding to its delicate, realistic look. Only a few expert tattoo artists can blend pink and light purple hues for the flower’s petals this way on the skin. This watercolor flower tattoo design sits on top of the wrist and has butterflies made using the black outline that is drinking the nectar from the flower.

Portrait Watercolor Tattoo

portrait watercolor tattoo
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The main feature of a watercolor tattoo is that the designs and colors can be blended easily together with the same watercolor painting effect, without any elements overshadowing the other. A delicate watercolor tattoo is a wonderful way to tell a story with multiple elements and designs, as shown here. A significant portion of the tattoo has a portrait of a woman whose makeup hints at a watercolor effect. The blue hair of the woman turns into the ocean, with a whale below it drinking from the cup. The woman, the whale, and the cup have been drawn using black ink so that the tattoo does not look too loud. Another noticeable thing in this tattoo is that the tattoo artist has added a touch of white inside the blue, making it look like a galaxy tattoo.

Watercolor tats may be a bit more expensive than traditional tattoos due to the creativity, detail and skill required of the artists. Let’s look at some more examples of watercolor tattoos that may inspire you to get yours too.

  1. Dragonfly tattoo
  2. Sunflower tattoo
  3. Watercolor rose tattoo
  4. Mermaid tattoo
  5. Flower watercolor tattoo

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