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Have you always been a fan of Jhené Aiko’s songs and wanted to get tattoos like her? Check out this list of the most demanded WAYS tattoo designs.

ways tattoo
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There are various ways a person can express their inner feelings through tattoos.

As the world keeps moving forward, advancing to a better future, the human mind is retracting to its darkest place. Mental health issues were often avoided in the past, but now, with the advancement of medical science and society’s acceptance, these issues are getting highlighted and discussed.

Smiling is a beautiful gesture that is far more precious than anything in this world. People who go through mental trauma often tend to forget how to smile. Chronic depression is one of the many reasons why a certain someone has stopped smiling. It is also the most ignored and less noticeable mental health issue of all. Many are suffering from it, few are acknowledging it, and a handful of them are actually seeking professional help to fight against it. Depression and trauma are the most discussed and debated in the media. Many songs have come forth educating people about this silent disease’s deadly effects.

Jhené Aiko is one of such singers whose songs went viral because of their relatable lyrics. W.A.Y.S. is such a heart-touching song that resonates with many depression survivors or with those who are going through an episode. It is not easy to smile when you are sad all the time every day. This song cheers up those who struggle to find comfort from others. Aiko got herself tattooed the phrase “Why Aren’t You Smiling” on her hand in the memory of her late brother, who asked her this question often before his death. This prompted her followers to get the same tattoo as hers and this is a list of the best W.A.Y.S. Tattoos ever.

Red And Black W.A.Y.S. Tattoo

red and black w.a.y.s. tattoo
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This tattoo on the outer forearm attracts attention to itself with its red butterflies flying all around the W.A.Y.S. design. The tattoo artists must have paid great attention to giving the butterfly wings the proper shape and details.

Butterflies are symbolic of change and transition. The song W.A.Y.S. glitters with optimism and it pushes the listener to fight against their mental blockage. It is difficult to move forward once you have been through the hellhole life throws at you. Even if it is not for your sake, your friends and family might want you to get back on your feet and move on with a smile. So if you are going through a tough phase in life but want to march ahead, leaving the past behind, you may like this Tattoo Design.

Cute W.A.Y.S. Tattoo On Hand

cute w.a.y.s. tattoo on hand
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A smiley face brings a warm smile to everyone’s face. This smile-shaped tattoo of W.A.Y.S. on the inner forearm looks so cute you might giggle upon seeing it. The tattoo has two tiny dots as eyes and the question, “Why Aren’t You Smiling” as a smiling mouth, both done in black tattoo ink.

Smiley emojis or emoticons are very popular among the current generation. A smiley can make anyone ease up a little. When it is hard to find reasons to smile, you often seek the help of external forces. A smiley face here is an irony. The phrase “why aren’t you smiling?” prompts a depressed person to cheer up a bit. It is a symbol of positivity that is often the best medicine for people who have faced the worst in life.

Beautiful W.A.Y.S Tattoo On Leg

beautiful w.a.y.s tattoo on leg
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Aesthetics is a must requirement when it comes to body art or any creative gig. This W.A.Y.S. tattoo in red ink is aesthetic as well as meaningful. It looks pretty on the leg of the tattoo wearer.

The red color is often associated with courage, love, or joy. This tattoo is inked in red to signify such deep meanings. Love is what brings people from their trauma, courage forces them to battle against their anxiety and depression, and lastly, joy is what motivates them to move further. If you choose such symbolism of colors on your tattoo, you might want to go to your favorite tattoo artist soon.

Small W.A.Y.S. Tattoo On Palm

small w.a.y.s. tattoo on palm
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Have you ever got a tattoo on your palm? Then you are missing out on such a unique place to get inked. This palm tattoo of W.A.Y.S. is brilliantly drawn in red ink, making it clearly noticeable yet secretive.

Not many people opt to get inked on their palms. It’s an unusual body part that is rarely chosen for tattoos. The fact that it fades quickly adds to its rare occurrence. The hand is the most used body part of the human body. The palm of the hand tends to do more work and thus, the tattoo there fades very soon. As a result, people do not really go for it. This tattoo in red will eventually fade, but it looks very cute. If you desire an unusual Tattoo Design, this one is just the right choice for you.

Red W.A.Y.S. Tattoo With Black Butterflies

red w.a.y.s. tattoo with black butterflies
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This one is a similar tattoo of W.A.YS. on the forearm, yet the colors used here are reversed. The letters are in red and the butterflies in black. It looks astounding on the hand and many will admire the beautiful butterflies.

Many tattoo lovers look for this type of “Why Aren’t You Smiling” Tattoo Design. W.A.Y.S. tattoos are generally demanded by Gen Z, but it is also not unusual in middle-aged people. As mental health issues have no age or gender, this tattoo resonates with everyone of all ages and races.

Biblical W.A.Y.S. Tattoo

biblical w.a.y.s. tattoo
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If you are a spiritual person, you may love this W.A.Y.S. tattoo on the wrist as it has a biblical note to it. The letters are carefully inked on the skin and a reference to the Psalm 34:5 is made, cleverly linking both messages with a string.

If you have read your Bible right, you might know this “Those who look to him are radiant;
 their faces are never covered with shame.” from Psalm 34:5. Here “him” is the Lord, the Almighty. He wipes your fears and makes you stronger to face them. Along with this biblical reference, this W.A.Y.S. tattoo bears a more impactful significance than any other tattoo on this list. If your soul speaks spirituality and you believe devotedly in God’s guidance, you may now use this design to get a new tattoo.

Unique W.A.Y.S. Tattoo On Wrist

unique w.a.y.s. tattoo on wrist
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It is a typical W.A.Y.S. tattoo on the wrist. It has a little heart beside it. And it is inked with black tattoo ink.

The inner wrist tattoo is considered to emanate spiritual energy and strength. It may look painful to get tattoos on the inner wrist, but it surprisingly is less painful than on ribs and feet. But it looks really appealing for both men and women. It is a quite great choice for those who are new to getting tattoos and cannot choose which one to go for.

Symbolic W.A.Y.S. Tattoo

symbolic w.a.y.s. tattoo
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This next tattoo is really exceptional on the list. The tattoo shows the life of a Monarch butterfly, from a caterpillar to its life as a butterfly. The letters of W.A.Y.S. are written below. This tattoo is done with such expertise and perfection that anyone would die to get it on their body.

The monarch butterfly is symbolic of approaching change and transformation. They are a lucky charm. As the tattoo shows the metamorphosis of the butterfly, it indicates the opportunity to transition into a better self, a new being. Leaving the past behind, discarding the dark feelings, one should always accept the fleeting gift called Life. Life and its brevity are inevitable and whoever believes so can get this tattoo.

Floral W.A.Y.S. Sleeve Tattoo

floral w.a.y.s. sleeve tattoo
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This is a charming sleeve tattoo often desired by women. The floral tattoo looks splendid on the person’s hand. The tattoo artist has paid attention to minuscule details and drawn little roses skilfully. One could easily notice the red roses but would look harder to find the letters of W.A.Y.S. elegantly scattered on the stem of the rose plant.

Roses are almost always attributed as a sign of unconditional love and passion. It also alludes to courage and fierceness. Here the roses apply to both. One who has been through combat between life, love, and death would require the strength and courage to move past their trauma. They would also need the warmth of love to resolve their trust issues. W.A.Y.S. is a song that motivates the listener, spreads hope and love, and is also a symbolic weapon against depression and stress. If you are someone who often seeks hope from artistic creations, this tattoo will remind you of all the motivational forces you have ever found.

Inspiring W.A.Y.S. Tattoo

inspiring w.a.y.s. tattoo
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This tattoo is directly quoted from the W.A.Y.S. song by Jhene Aiko, who wrote this song reminiscing her late brother. The calligraphy of this tattoo is mindblowing and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It is inked on the inner arm.

Aiko’s song came out to be very sympathetic and effective to her followers. Many even started following her after listening to the W.A.Y.S. song. Its lyrics are motivational and inspire a person to lift from their sorrows and deal with their day-to-day stress. It is a fine example design of Aiko’s tattoo of W.A.Y.S.

W.A.Y.S. tattoos are universally celebrated as a means to surpass the hardships of life. Each tattoo tells a different story, a story often overlooked by the naked eye. Often, the simplest tattoos have the most symbolic connotations to them. A W.A.Y.S. tattoo is like that.

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