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Are you a huge fan of the fantasy series ‘Wheel of Time’ written by Robert Jordan? Then you should check out these awesome ‘Wheel of Time’ tattoo ideas!

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The ‘Wheel of Time’ is an epic fantasy story that has been transporting readers to a realm of the fantastical imaginary for years.

Robert Jordan’s books were initially meant to span only six books but ended up creating a huge saga with fourteen books. Robert Jordan’s immense storytelling capacity has impressed readers all over the world who appreciate the detailed world built by the books.

At its very core, like all other fantasy books, the ‘Wheel of Time’ is also about the defeat of evil by good and the search for that one good person who can defeat evil. Therefore, the Aes Sedai in the books seeks out the dragon reborn who can wield enough power to defeat the Dark One and bring peace to life. Rand al’Thor, the protagonist, is aided in his journey with the help of the Aes Sedai like Moiraine Damodred. From there on, the series expands further with mystical elements and magic captivating many readers and making them fans of the series.

Therefore, if you are a huge fan of the ‘Wheel of Time’ series, you may want to consider looking at some legendary tattoos based on the book.

Simple And Minimal ‘Wheel Of Time’ Tattoos For Fans

simple and minimal 'wheel of time' tattoos for fans
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The basic premise of the series revolves around finding the dragon reborn who would defeat the ‘Dark One’. The readers along with the Aes Sedai who hold ‘One Power’, wonder where they can find that being who can fight the last battle for them. This is how the main characters set off on a magical journey that will change the course of their lives.

If you are someone who likes the idea of a simple or minimal tattoo, then you can definitely look at these amazing ‘Wheel of Time’ tattoos like in the picture above. You can put these tattoos on your arm, shoulder, wrist, chest, or even legs.

Vividly Colorful Tattoo Designs For ‘Wheel Of Time’ Fans

vividly colorful tattoo designs for 'wheel of time' fans
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neat heroes community blood serpent deeply magic

The world of this book series is deeply colorful and full of magic as heroes fight with demons to establish good over evil. So if you are a member of the fan community and choose to get a tattoo based on this book, you can definitely ask your tattoo artist to provide their services with bright and colorful ink. A colorful tattoo might cost more and take more time to finish, but it will be extremely eye-catching wherever you go.

Beautiful ‘Wheel Of Time’ Tattoos Inspired By The Symbols From The Books

beautiful 'wheel of time' tattoos inspired by the symbols from the books
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The fan community of the ‘Wheel of Time’ series has been captivated by the stunning images that the author has painted. They imagine an awesome world with a serpent at the wheel, a raven, battles full of blood and with heroes like Rand Al’Thor trying to come to terms with his destiny. If these symbols or images from the books happen to impress you as well, you can easily note these down and get an awesome tattoo based on the same. This will express to the world how much you love the high fantasy series written by Robert Jordan.

Stunning ‘Wheel Of Time’ Tattoo To Cover Your Entire Back

stunning 'wheel of time' tattoo to cover your entire back
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Robert Jordan’s books have garnered many fans throughout the world because of Robert Jordan’s immense capability to weave a world of magic and war that affects human life. This epic fantasy story has been transporting readers who have been deeply immersed in this world. If you happen to be one such reader, you should go ahead and get a tattoo based on a sign or symbol from the book like the ouroboros, dice, sword, or even dragon. Like in the photo above, you can also choose to get a huge and complex tattoo that will cover your entire back.

Amazing Arm Tattoo Designs Inspired By The ‘Wheel Of Time’

amazing arm tattoo designs inspired by the 'wheel of time'
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There can be a number of ‘Wheel of Time’ related tattoos depending on the symbol or part of the series you want to portray. You can portray the Aes Sedai through your tattoo or the shiny dagger wielded by Rand al’Thor or even the banner of honor they fly during battles. Consequently, if you are looking for a suitable place to get the tattoo, you should get a ‘Wheel of Time’ arm tattoo like the wearer in the picture has gotten.

Fantastic Tattoo Ideas For Ouroboros from The ‘Wheel Of Time’

fantastic tattoo ideas for ouroboros from the 'wheel of time'
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The serpent eating another serpent has become an important symbol of the series. This serpent is the Ouroboros, inspired from Viking mythology, that shows the cyclical nature of time that the characters follow as they set out on an exhilarating course or journey to defeat the ‘Dark One’. Thus, if you want a tattoo that will reference the beginning of this awesome series that spans across ages, why not choose an Ouroboros tattoo?

If you are looking for more legendary tattoos, then check out these amazing Ouroboros tattoo ideas!

Awesome Half-Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For High Fantasy Fiction Fans

awesome half-sleeve tattoo ideas for high fantasy fiction fans
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Different fantasy movie shows, books or tv series have their own fandom. Similarly, the ‘Wheel of Time’ also has its own fandom comprising of people who love the characters and the main idea behind the show. Robert Jordan’s writing has also been leaving memories with many readers as they enjoy these books. So if you are looking for a wonderful tattoo idea based on these books, you can choose to get a half-sleeve tattoo like the wearer in the picture. Rather than choosing one continuous design, you can get the different symbols tattooed to create a wonderful combination of tattoos.

If you love reading or watching high fantasy stories, then you will also appreciate these stunning ‘Game of Thrones’ tattoo ideas.

‘Wheel Of Time’ Tattoos With Quotes From The Book Series

'wheel of time' tattoos with quotes from the book series
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The book series is full of iconic quotes that have enthralled children and adults over ages. Most readers will remember the quote “The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills…” as one of the most important quotes from the book. The characters in the series also teach us about honor, the nature of ‘One Power’ and about the opposition between the Red Ajah and Blue Ajah. Amidst all this, they also search for the dragon reborn. Therefore, if you want people to see how much you love this series, you should look at more options of tattoos with quotes from the books.

Elegant ‘Wheel Of Time’ Tattoo Designs With The Symbol Of The Marked Sword

elegant 'wheel of time' tattoo designs with the symbol of the marked sword
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The ‘Wheel of Time’ has a unique setting where time turns in two opposite directions but time feels like it is in the past and the future simultaneously. Within this complicated world where time turns normally but time feels differently, the protagonist Rand al’Thor has the responsibility to defeat the forces of evil. He does so with the help of his raven-marked sword that his father Tam al’Thor had given him. Hence, if you are confused about which symbol from the books to get a tattoo of, you should choose the sword. You can also choose the symbol of the serpent eating itself or that of the shiny dagger.

Ideas For ‘Wheel Of Time’ Tattoos That Can Be Placed Anywhere

ideas for 'wheel of time' tattoos that can be placed anywhere
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Not all tattoos can be suitable for all parts of our body as it depends on the placement of the tattoo and where it looks good. However, you don’t have to worry about that with a ‘Wheel of Time’ symbol tattoo as it can be placed anywhere you like. Like in the picture above, the wearer has gotten a stunning ‘Wheel of Time’ tattoo on their leg right above their foot.

Our tattoos are meant to express our likes, interests, and preferences. Thus, a lot of us like to get tattoos of our favorite book series, movies or TV shows that we feel has affected our lives or has had a big impact on them. If you have felt the same about the ‘Wheel of Time’ books then go ahead and finally take that leap to get a cool tattoo based on it!

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