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Is whiskey your choice of poison? Then, check out the list of whiskey tattoo designs we curated just for your work of body art.

whiskey tattoo ideas
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At the time of pouring a drink, some people prefer whiskey over any other liquor.

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage that is made from the fermented mash of grain. There are different types of whiskeys that can match an individual’s taste pallet, like, Irish whiskies, scotch, bourbon, and single malt, and some whiskeys even have different flavors to offer.

There are different varieties of whiskey which is available for every mood and taste. The taste of whiskeys can vary from smoky flavor to cinnamon flavor. Whiskey is believed to have health benefits that are linked to lowering certain risks of heart diseases because of the plant-based antioxidants present in it. Be it a party on Friday nights or some alone time on your usual Monday to ease your stress, if your choice of drink is always whiskey, then we have the perfect list of the best whiskey tattoos that would look awesome on your skin.

Whiskey And Skull tattoo

whiskey and skull tattoo
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This tattoo features a glass of whiskey with a skull inside it. The tattoo artist did an amazing job on the shading. You can notice that there is a subtle crack on the skull. With the use of fine lines, the artist created the ripples of the water. There is a shadow of the skull as well as the glass in this tattoo. The artist wanted to give this tattoo a fun vibe as well by carving a smile with teeth on the skull, which makes the skull look like it is happy. You can also notice that there are three circles tattooed on the side of the skull, which represent the bubbles. You can try out this funky tattoo and have a great experience with it.

Whiskey And Ice Tattoo

whiskey and ice tattoo
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This tattoo features a glass of whiskey and two cubes of ice. The color of the whiskey is perfectly blended in this tattoo with the colored ink. The tattooist did an incredible job with this tattoo. The effect on the glass and the ice is in a unique style to make it look similar to a sketch. The artist also used white ink to mark certain features of the tattoo. The shadow of the glass is also tattoed to give the tattoo a fine detailing. If you prefer whiskey on the rocks, then your search for the perfect tattoo is over and you should definitely think of getting this one on your body.

Camping Whiskey Bottle Tatoo

camping whiskey bottle tatoo
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This colorful tattoo is a total catch. This tattoo features a bourbon whiskey bottle with scenery inside it, capturing the perfect mood and memories of camping. The artist did marvelous work with this tattoo. It features a moonlit night under the mountains and a tent with a river flowing beside it. There are also two flowers drawn at the side of the bottle to give it a more aesthetic look. Inside the top of the bottle, with the perfect colored ink, the artist tattooed the whiskey.

With the black shading, the artist represented the night sky and a full moon. The use of white ink on the mountains represents the snow. The artist also used fine lines to bring out the unevenness of the mountains. The tattoo also features pine trees and a yellow color tent right beside it. The green ink is added to the grass to mix it with nature. This tattoo is the one for you if camping and whiskey are your favorite things.

Colored Whiskey Tattoo

colored whiskey tattoo
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This tattoo uses a lot of colors to highlight certain features. The style used by the artist makes gives the tattoo a certain retro vibe. This tattoo features the famous whiskey cocktail named Old Fashion. The tattoo features the cocktail in the glass with a slice of orange and a red cherry inside it, with ice. The tattoo is given a funky look by making the drink splash out of the glass. The word “splash” is also written on the top of the tattoo in purple ink and there is an abstract green border added to it too.

The artist also gave minute detailing with the distinctive shadings in the tattoo with different colors, like black, green, blue, and purple. There is also an orange by the side of the glass and the peel is coming down in a spiral. This is an ideal tattoo for you if you want to preserve your love for the Old Fashion cocktails.

Whiskey And Girl Tattoo

whiskey and girl tattoo
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If your preferred whiskey is Jameson, then this tattoo is the one for you. The tattoo features a glass of Jameson whiskey with a girl leaning on it. The artist created bubbles in the whiskey with three circles in it. To distinguish the whiskey inside the glass, the tattoo artist incorporated the brand “Jameson” on the top of the glass. The girl in the tattoo has multiple doodles on her brings out the beauty of this tattoo more. The shading of the tattoo is also noteworthy. There are certain features in this tattoo that just stands out and would look beautiful on your skin.

Whiskey And Snake Tattoo

whiskey and snake tattoo
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This colorful tattoo features a snake inside a whiskey glass. The artist used blue ink to bring out the color of glass in this tattoo. The use of white ink is also seen to highlight certain features in this tattoo. The snake has two colors in this tattoo, one is purple, which is the original color of its skin, and the other half is whiskey color. The whiskey color of the snake represents that the snake is half dipped in the glass of whiskey. The artist used pink ink for the eyes and tongue of the snake and yellow ink for the teeth. The inside of the mouth and body are inked with green color to make the snake pop out. If you want a tattoo that is fun to look at then you can consider getting this one done.

Whiskey And Flowers Tattoo

whiskey and flowers tattoo
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This beautiful tattoo features a glass of whiskey with ice cubes and a red cherry inside it, with a twisted orange peel by the side of the glass. There are two flowers at the bottom of the glass to give the tattoo an aesthetic appeal. The artist used orange, red, green, black, and white ink in this tattoo. If you notice, the color of the flowers is quite unique. One flower has red petals but the center of the flower is kept in monochrome, while the other flower has monochrome petals but the center is colored red, which balances out the flowers and it also looks synchronized. The green ink is used subtly for the leaves. If you want a tattoo with an aesthetic appeal then this tattoo is definitely the one you can try out.

Minimalistic Whiskey Glass Tattoo

minimalistic whiskey glass tattoo
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This tattoo is the epitome of minimalism. It features a glass of whiskey with ice in monochrome, but what makes this tattoo unique is the shape of the ice. The artist used a piece of circular ice instead of normal ice cubes in this tattoo to give the tattoo a classy look. This is a classic glass of whiskey on the rocks. The shading and the highlights in this tattoo are very beautiful to bring out the features of this simple yet elegant tattoo. The use of white ink makes the ice looks more like a crystal and the glass looks realistic. The shading of the whiskey in the glass makes the ice inside the whiskey subtly stand out as well. If minimalism is your style statement, then this tattoo would look great on your skin.

Whiskey Glasses Tattoo

whiskey glasses tattoo
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This monochrome tattoo features two glasses of whiskey. Both of the glasses are tilted, but one of the glasses is more titled than the other. You can notice that since the glass is tilted, a cube of ice is popping out of the glass, while the other glass is just filled with whiskey. The artist used black ink to represent the whiskey in the glasses. You can also notice three drops of whiskey spilled on the top of the glass. Both of the glasses have a blank curve at the end of them, giving an edge to the tattoo as well as the whiskey inside it. This tattoo portrays the emotion of “cheers” with glasses. This tattoo can totally be an ice breaker and you can definitely try it out this tattoo.

Monochrome Sketch Whiskey Tattoo

monochrome sketch whiskey tattoo
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This tattoo features a glass of whiskey and ice cubes but the specialty of this tattoo is the style used by the artist. The shading of this tattoo makes it look like a sketch. The artist perfectly used the blend of white and black ink to bring the best out of this monochrome tattoo. The use of shading on the ice makes it look outstanding along with the subtle shading of the whiskey. The white ink not only highlights the features of this tattoo but helps give it a perfect balance to make it look like a sketch. If you want a tattoo that will look more like art on your body, then your search is over, because this tattoo is definitely the perfect portrayal of art.

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