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Have you always wanted to get a white rose tattoo? We have some fantastic tattoo ideas that you have to check out.

white rose tattoo
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Did you know that white roses are called the “bride’s flower” because of their popularity in traditional weddings?

White roses represent purity and innocence. They also represent new beginnings and make a perfect present for someone getting married or starting a new journey.

Over time, white roses have become a symbol of love, but unlike red roses that represent passionate and sensual love, white roses represent innocent and committed love. They can also mean death.

Getting a white rose tattoo is a great idea and can have different meanings depending upon individual perception. A white rose tattoo can be a great way to express your feelings through body art. If you’ve wanted to get a white rose tattoo or are planning to get one as a tribute to someone you love, we have ten great white rose tattoo ideas you’re love depending upon your style.

Click on the link below to reveal the cool rose tattoo designs pictures. Another favourite is the purple rose which means eternal true love. You can have a more significant piece in memory of your losing your husband or your partner.

Some of the most popular designs are traditional rose tattoo, rose neck tattoo, rose forearm tattoo, rose shoulder tattoo, or dead rose tattoo.

Golden White Rose Tattoo

golden white rose tattoo
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This delicate white realistic rose tattoo is a piece of artwork. The artist has beautifully designed a white rose without even using much of the colour. This cool golden tattoo has intricate details with careful shading that makes it stand out.

A golden rose can have various meanings. For some people, it can signify new beginnings like first love or sad emotions like lost love.

But you want to keep a few things in mind that golden ink fades away really quickly, and an intricate tattoo like this would cost you a fortune. After fading, the ink would look dull, and the tattoo would not stand out as much. A tattoo like this would be great for someone who has a big event coming or can afford to get regular appointments with the artist to touch up the tattoo. This tattoo would look great on your shoulder.

You can opt for a smaller, daintier version that would look great on your wrist or lower leg. To view more of the tattoo artist’s work, click on the link above or check out the tag mentioned below the link.

White Rose Outline Tattoo

white rose outline tattoo
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This delicate white rose tattoo is a fantastic choice for someone who has been looking forward to getting a giant tattoo but at the same time doesn’t want anything too bold or colourful. This tattoo artwork is exquisite and would look great with all your outfits.

The simple white outline almost makes it look heavenly, although you must know that working with white ink can be pretty tricky, as white ink is etched deep into the skin, it gets mixed up with skin tones and doesn’t stand out as much.

Getting a white outline tattoo can be a good choice for people with pale skin tones as the white pigment would not be toned down by the colour of the skin, whereas it can appear a dull beige colour on deeper skin tones. Avoid getting a hand poke tattoo etched into your skin in white colour and prefer a machine-made tattoo like the one in the picture, as hand poke tattoos would fade more quickly.

This tattoo would look great on your back, as shown in the post above, on the back of your upper arm or your leg. To view similar tattoos by the artist, click on the link above, and do not forget to drop some encouraging comments.

Black And White Rose Tattoo Sleeve

black and white rose tattoo sleeve
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This cool flower tattoo with a large design of two fully bloomed flowers and leaves is a great tattoo choice if you’re looking forward to getting a tattoo sleeve. This black inked tattoo would last you a lifetime without fading. The delicate flower details make it aesthetically pleasing.

White roses have a history of being associated with purity and true love and are much more soothing on the eyes than red roses.

A red rose tattoo etched into your skin can be a tribute to someone lost in life, someone beloved, or it could be to honour someone you truly love. The artist has carefully used white and grey tones to add depth to the tattoo, and it is turned into a top design.

We would suggest getting this tattoo on either your arm like in the picture, or it would also look great on your leg if you can’t have a visible tattoo due to your profession. To look at similar great tattoos done by the same tattoo artist, click on the link above.

Small Colorless White Rose Tattoo On Leg

small colorless white rose tattoo on leg
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This cool treat rose tattoo is an excellent choice for someone who wants to get a tattoo done but is confined by work or professional restrictions. This tiny tattoo can be a great way to express yourself and is undoubtedly an attractive tattoo choice.

This simple black outline tattoo has such intricate details that make it even more visually aesthetic. The detailed leaves, the petals, thorns, and the natural beauty of the branch add to its meaning. We would suggest getting this tattoo on your wrist, behind the leg like in the post mentioned above, behind the ear, or on the side of your abdomen. To view such cool black and white rose tattoo or thorns tattoo by the same tattoo artist, click on the tag above.

White Rose Tattoo On Wrist

white rose tattoo on wrist
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This geometrical small rose tattoo is an excellent option for someone who wants a white tattoo that appears different from the traditional rose tattoos but still carries its essence of beauty and elegance. The grey shading along with the white beads mimicking the morning dew is a tremendous artistic detail. This tattoo can be an excellent cover-up for any of your previous tattoos.

The completely bloomed rose with perfectly detailed leaves with the artistic shadow work would be a perfect conversation starter at any party. The tattoo would look great almost anywhere on your body and is a great cover-up tattoo. To view more tattoo designs by the artist, click on the link mentioned above.

Withering White Rose Tattoo On Forearm

withering white rose tattoo on forearm
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Although white roses symbolize blooming love and purity, and beauty, withering white roses signify quite the opposite. Withering white roses can mean lost love or a relationship that has lost its essence over time. This tattoo can symbolize a lost love or grief over a lost beloved person.

The intricate grey detailing and the closely drawn pattern make it look like cool chaos. This tattoo will be a great cover-up option if you have any previous tattoo you would like to cover. We would suggest getting this tattoo on your forearm, shoulder, hip, thigh, or calf. To view more such unique tattoo designs done by the artist, click on the link above.

White Rose Tattoo With Chains Tattoo

white rose tattoo with chains tattoo
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This cool tattoo of a white rose between chains is a perfect way to express the boundaries of love and how someone can feel trapped in a relationship with lots of innocent love and attachment. This black inked hand poke tattoo is an excellent option for someone who wants an expressive tattoo.

A detailed tattoo like this one would cost a lot of money as it would require a lot of intricate detailing, and shadowing is a true example of body art that would require long hours of hard work. We suggest getting this tattoo in places with ample space, like your arm, leg, or hip. To see more such designs from the tattoo artist, click on the link above.

White Ink Rose Tattoo Sleeve

white ink rose tattoo sleeve
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This aesthetic white realistic rose sleeve tattoo is an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing tattoo with excellent design and time-consuming details. The artist’s shadow work is praiseworthy and would demand a lot of hard work and time to make. The artist has beautifully drawn white roses, without even using any white ink, with the help of shadows.

This tattoo would look great on the following part of your body – arm or your leg, depending upon your taste. You can even add some colour to the tattoo if you want. To look at more cool tattoos done by the same talented artist, click on the link above or check out the Instagram as mentioned earlier tag.

Simple White Ink Tattoo On Shoulder

simple white ink tattoo on shoulder
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This small rose white ink tattoo is an excellent option if you’re looking for a tattoo that would express you without drawing too much attention to your tattoo. As we mentioned earlier, white ink tattoos by themselves may not be great options for people of colour, as after some time, they may become blurry and look like stretch marks. But if you have faith in the skills of your tattoo artist and want to get a white tattoo, we would suggest getting the tattoo on your wrist, shoulder, ankle, or the back of your neck. To view more tattoo ideas from the tattoo artist, click on the link above.

Colourful White Rose And Moon Tattoo With Bead Details

colourful white rose and moon tattoo with bead details
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This cool watercolour tattoo is an excellent choice for someone who wants a colourful tattoo instead of choosing the traditional route of getting a black ink tattoo. This fantastic tattoo with fabulous white roses and the bright moon in the background is beautifully painted with shades of blue and purple and delicate bead detailing. The purple colour adds a bit of charm and newness to the tattoo.

This tattoo would look great on more extensive parts of your body like your thigh, hip, and shoulder. A purple rose tattoo means eternal true love and is made as a dedication to a departed partner or lover. To view more fantastic tattoo designs by the tattoo artist, click on the link above.

A flower has some hidden meaning about death or beauty for everyone. The white rose tattoo meaning has much interpretation and has a significant impact on the person who wants one. Other rose tattoo ideas include:

  • Realistic rose tattoo black and white
  • Black white rose tattoo
  • art Red white, and blue rose tattoo
  • Traditional rose tattoo black and white
  • Rose hand tattoo in purple colour
  • Small rose tattoos with Butterfly tattoo
  • Rose ankle tattoo Rose hip tattoo or Rose sleeve tattoo
  • Tribal rose tattoo art
  • Tiny rose tattoo on hip bone
  • A beautiful flower and thorns tattoo
  • Dead rose tattoo with thorns
  • Rose forearm tattoo
  • Rose shoulder tattoo with the larger design based on the life
  • Rose neck tattoo with pink petals

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