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Are you looking to get one of the most popular and most tattooed two symbols of wings on yourself? We have a list for you to refer to and get inspired by.

Wing Tattoo
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In recent decades, wing tattoos have become popular.

There are many different ways to customize wing tattoos, from the most basic to the most complex patterns. Due to the wide variety of possible tattoo design meanings for wings, this design appeals to people of different gender identities and ethnic origins.

Wings can be drawn in a variety of ways, depending on the artist. Wings are a worldwide symbol of liberty because they represent breaking free from shackles or bonds that bind. As one of the most common tattoo meanings, wings are an excellent method to convey this message. The meaning of this wing tattoo is perfect if you want to break free from everything that has been holding you back for a long time or if you want to feel freer in your life.

Flying is something humans cannot do. Hence the wing or wings become a sign of hope for something greater than ourselves. With a tattoo of angel wings, people are often saying they’re trying something new so they can look back on their lives and feel proud of what they’ve achieved. The back is a common location for these tattoos, as those with wings also have them there. Conventional feathered wings typically have a span equal to or more than one’s shoulders. Tattoos of wings can be found in several locations on the body, including the neck, hips, arms, and back. All the things in a wings tattoo have many meanings and symbols for religious freedom.

Coverup Wings Tattoo Design

Coverup Wings Tattoo Design
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Some people want to cover some scars or a lousy tattoo done on the spur of the moment and later come to regret it. Tattoos are something that will be with you for the rest of your life. Consequently, you always recommend giving yourself plenty of time to consider and decide on the tattoo design you want to get done. Several tattoo artists offer services for covering up an existing tattoo, and some can even cover up scars on the body in such circumstances. The same thing can be seen here, where the person who has the tattoo is attempting to cover up an existing tattoo that appears to be a name with another tattoo. The design of a wing tattoo is a perfect match for the area it covers. The tattoo artist has even demonstrated the exact procedure for how the wing tattoo design would be applied to conceal the name.

Angel Wings Tattoo Design

Angel Wings Tattoo Design
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The wings that people like getting tattoos are usually of eagles, hawks, butterflies, mythical characters. Out of these, Angel wing tattoos are the most popular designs. Some may get an angel tattoo of how they are depicted in movies or books.

However, some people who have a deeper faith in religion may get an angel wings tattoo according to the description in the bible. The tattoo here is of a seraphim angel. This medium-sized tattoo would be a good tattoo option for the back near the nape of the neck. The shading and the detailing on this tattoo are outstanding and add uniqueness to the beauty of its design.

Abstract Wings Tattoo Design

Abstract Wings Tattoo Design
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Even if watercolour tattoos have their downside, they are still very eye-catching and attractive. Watercolour tattooing is a technique that lacks solid outlines, and very light shades of different colours are blended to offer the effect of a watercolour painting.

Here, the tattoo made on the shoulder has two separate and stunning wings. The left wing seems to be of a giant bird-like eagle. And in the wing, the tattoo artist had made a starry night sky with a full moon. The other half of the tattoo is a batwing with an ocean view under a bright sunny sky. The best part about this tattoo is that only the colour blue and its different shades have been used to add colour to this tattoo. The colours have been blended so well together, which provides the tattoo with a realistic feel.

Butterfly Wings Tattoo

Butterfly Wings Tattoo
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Almost everyone loves tattoos. Almost everyone loves tattoos. Some people choose to express themselves and their stories using tattoos. Sleeve tattoos are a great option for such designs as you can add them anywhere on your arm. They can be of different sizes, and the best part is that you can keep adding additional elements to the initial tattoo whenever you want.

The complete tattoo here covers the entire back and has been made using black ink only. This full-sized tattoo is of the wings of a giant butterfly. The feathers on the wings are dense and have been made with extreme detail. The correct shading and the lack of colours give this tattoo a unique feel. This particular design can be tattooed not only on the arms but on the calves as well.

Demon Wings Tattoo Design

Demon Wings Tattoo Design
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Like how some people like to get angels and wings, some prefer a wings tattoo extending towards the arms. This design is something you would generally see on a biker jacket, but it may have its meaning. Wings could also mean the love for flying or rising above something holding you back. This tattoo covers the entire upper back and extends towards the arms.

The wings slightly wrap themselves around the arms as if their arms can flap and turn to actual wings. The detailing and negative space work on the wings are very eye-catching and complement the intricate detailing in this tattoo design. If this design is something that speaks to you, indeed, consider it as an option.

Bird Wing Tattoos On The Upper Back

Bird Wing Tattoos On The Upper Back
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An owl is an excellent choice for a meaningful tattoo design because it symbolizes partnership, loyalty, and travel, among other things. The procedure for creating the owl tattoo could be explained in detail by the tattoo artist. As a starting point for the original tattoo, a rough outline was created. It is possible to see the two symmetrical geese flying next to each other while flying.

The expanse of the wing is done beautifully here. The large bird is depicted in flight, and the birds’ wings have been drawn to illustrate this. Tattoos of this medium to large size can also be drawn on the back of the body. A larger tattoo of this size allows the tattoo artist to include more details and look even better.

Sword, Compass, And Wings Tattoo

Sword, Compass, And Wings Tattoo
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Tattoos of angel wings will always be popular as it has many different meanings. Many people get such a design tattooed for luck and protection from a guardian angel they believe in. The same can be seen in this tattoo, where many different elements can be seen. The wings of the angel have been made with very light shading. This, along with the rough edges, makes the wing look strong yet delicate.

Over the wings, there is a sharp and pointed sword along with a compass in the middle. The compass and sword are done in detail, which makes it stand out easily. A fallen angel tattoo with broken wings is also a good idea.

Watercolor Wing Tattoo Design

Watercolor Wing Tattoo Design
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We’ve already seen how beautiful and eye-catching watercolour wing tattoos can be on the skin. The watercolour tattoo effect is prevalent and can turn a simple and great tattoo into something beautiful and lively. This cool effect can be given to your existing wing tattoos as well. The tattoo here seems to have fairy or angel wings as they have a very delicate and natural style due to the fine line drawing in this tattoo.

The single black wing has splashes of bright multi-colours near the edges of the wing in this detailed tattoo. An angel wings tattoo symbolizes a guardian angel or a loved one protecting you or your strong belief in heaven. Getting a memorial tattoo can be a life-changing event for many and has many symbolic meanings.

Religious Wings Tattoo

Religious Wings Tattoo
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The back is the best place to get angel wings tattoos. Since it is a bigger area in the body, you can get great designs and more details. This way, you will get many options to consider for a wings tattoo. The tattoo here has angel wings made on each side of the back with a religious quote written vertically. The wings are wide open and have long feathers. The wearer of the tattoo also added a quote to complete the angel wings tattoo.

The significant meaning behind the quote “your wings were ready, but my was not” can be a dedication to a loved one who has passed away and now is a guardian angel that has been inked on the back. If a bold back tattoo is what you are looking for, this would be a great option. Plus, you can add a different quote according to your style.

Minimalistic Wings Tattoo Symbol

Minimalistic Wings Tattoo Symbol
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Just because the design is widespread and many details can be added does not mean it needs to. Tattoo designs with clean edges and outlines are very simple, and generally, small shapes are known as minimalistic tattoos. The main concept of minimalism means less is more. In the same way, we can see a simple but cool design of angel wings tattoos. The outlines are thick and bold and lack too many detailings. The design has been kept simple by using only black ink. Such wing tattoos can look good anywhere on the body. This would look great if inked near the collarbones.

If you are wondering how much does wing tattoo cost on shoulders and back, then having an open and fair discussion with the tattoo artist is an excellent way to start as it will depend on their charges, the size you are looking for, and also the number of sessions it will take.

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