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Winter is coming, and that means that it is officially “cuffing season.” If you’re looking to have a great time with a new beau, then you have to have some fun winter date ideas. While it’s harder to come up with ideas for things to do in the cold weather, we sought out help on your behalf. Experts from the loveaholics dating site have prepared a list of 10 hot ideas for a romantic date in winter

When it gets colder outside, people have more of a desire to be in a relationship. That is why the early part of winter is also known as “cuffing season.” People want to have someone to bring home for the holidays, and they’ll want to have someone to snuggle within the cold winter months. These are the two primary reasons that people want to have a partner during this time. With that in mind, you have to think about the different ways that you’re going to impress your partner and keep them enamored with you throughout this time.

Unusual ideas for a date in winter

Keeping you and your partner busy throughout the cold months can be hard. However, with these unusual date ideas, you and your partner will be highly entertained. Also, you’ll find that these events are designed to bring you closer together!

Make your winter video story

10 best winter date ideas in 2021 curated mint
10 best winter date ideas in 2021 | Curated Mint 11

We are listing this first because you should always remember the journeys you go on. Take a lot of pictures throughout your different dates and then piece them together throughout the winter. By the end, you’ll have a lovely montage of events to look back upon fondly and remember the past.

Festive shopping

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10 best winter date ideas in 2021 | Curated Mint 12

A major reason that people get together during the winter is so they can spend time with someone for the holidays. Best of all, that means you have someone that is interested in festive shopping just like you! You and your partner can get together for some fun, festive shopping to pick up gifts for your families and each other!

Board games

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10 best winter date ideas in 2021 | Curated Mint 13

The cold winter months are going to see you spending most of your time indoors. While it might seem old-fashioned, you can only watch so much so many movies. So, it’s a good idea to find some board games that the two of you can enjoy together! Get basic ones or games with complex rules!

Solve riddles on the quest

Solving riddles on the quest is just another way of saying play some nice video games together. There are thousands of games you can play as a team, so find one and start learning how to be the best at it!

Drinking mulled wine in nature

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10 best winter date ideas in 2021 | Curated Mint 14

Usually, mulled wine means a drink that will warm you in winter and tune in to a warm, sincere mood of a loved one (if you are planning a date).

However, it can be consumed at any time of the year. The atmosphere of warmth and romance has not yet been canceled. It is customary to drink mulled wine in small sips from glasses and transparent mugs, enjoying the quiet atmosphere.

Cooking classes

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10 best winter date ideas in 2021 | Curated Mint 15

The cold months are a great time for you to learn how to cook a delicious meal. Learn to bake, make soups, and prepare for a great meal with your date. This can help you be a more complete and attractive partner, too!

Go out on ice

The ice is only out for a small part of the year, so you will have to enjoy it while you can. Get some ice skates and head to the nearest rink to have some fun. It might take some time to get used to sliding around on the ice, but you’ll get better as time goes on. Just don’t slip and drag your partner down with you!

Coffee date

Coffee is one of the best drinks that you can have when there is some bone-chilling cold in the air. Take your partner out to a cozy coffee shop and spend some time getting to know one another. You can even buy some nice confections if you want to fill up on sweets!

Make something at home together

The holiday season requires a lot of gift-giving. However, if you’re not in the mood to buy everyone something, then you should make something instead. Personalized gifts can be a fun experience, and it will give you and your date something to do. Plan out a few potential gifts and start making them!

Go to the gym

Everyone has something they need to work on in the winter months. A lot of people tend to get away from their physical training regimens throughout the winter. That’s why it’s a good plan to take your partner and do some training together in the gym or at home. Get your muscles and your mind ready!

There are many different ways that you can spend the winter with your partner. Whether you have been together for a long time or you just recently partook in cuffing season, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of ways to stay entertained. Some of these ideas are not altogether unusual in the sense that people don’t do them too often. They’re unusual in that people would do them with a newer partner. With that in mind, it’s never a bad time to start having new kinds of fun with your romantic partners, even if it is doing something as simple as going shopping for presents for your families.

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