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Are you looking for some cool wishbone tattoos? Your wish is granted. Here are beautiful wishbone tattoo designs to check out.

wishbone tattoo
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Wishbone tattoos signify being in charge of your own luck and fortune.

A wishbone is a common game played at the Thanksgiving dinner table among family and friends. But ancient Etruscans believed it to be more than just a game.

Ancient Etruscans believed birds were a symbol of good luck and great fortune for the future. They thought that the bones of birds had mythical power in them. Like the famous genie in the bottle concept, they would stroke the bone for good fortune. The bone eventually worked out to be a wish-granting bone over time. From birds to a second chance, the idea behind wishbones changed a lot. In recent years, during Thanksgiving time, the wishbone is honoured in a fun way for its magical wishing powers. In modern times, wishbone meaning tattoo designs have become quite popular to ink on the body as it recreates the old folklore tale. Let us check out some of the best wishbone tattoo designs here.

Neo-Traditional Wishbone Tattoo

neo-traditional wishbone tattoo
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Wishbone tattoos are like good luck charms tattooed on your skin. There are many wishbone tattoo designs that you can choose from. Here the tattoo design has a colored wishbone with purple flowers and green leaves surrounding it. A wishbone is a magical bone meant to bring good luck in life. The flowers here are depicted in a dark purple with green leaves. The green shade of the wishbone adds to its magical wishing power that you can carry with you. This tattoo is inked on the ankle and can be replicated on the wrist as well.

Classic Traditional Wishbone Tattoo

classic traditional wishbone tattoo
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Nothing beats a traditional wishbone tattoo with a floral design. Here there is a beautiful flower between the two-pronged fork shape. This wishbone tattoo of good fortune and wishful thinking is done in a straightforward procedure. The wishbone is inked in a simple black outline and some shading, whereas the flowers and leaves are drawn in bright colours.

Among the many different designs, floral wishbone tattoo designs are quite popular among women, as it adds a feminine touch to the symbol of good luck.

Simple Wishbone Tattoo

simple wishbone tattoo
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This particular tattoo shows a broken wishbone tattoo. The broken wishbone has a completely different meaning when compared to the unbroken wishbone. In ancient Italy, the wishbone is broken into two, and the one who ends up the bigger piece has their wish granted. If the both the wishbones break apart in the same length and size, then both wishes were granted. This little wishbone tattoo is drawn in a simple black lines and dot work. You can place this minimal design anywhere on the body, like the wrist, ankle or arm.

Tiny Wishbone Tattoo Designs

tiny wishbone tattoo designs
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This small wishbone tattoo will attract attention (and luck), wherever you go. The tattoo is inked behind the ears. A small black line depicts the pronged wishbone. If you are looking for a small, minimalist wishbone tattoo, you can consider this one. This is no flashy piece, but it will look charming on your skin, as an individual tattoo or part of a bigger sleeve tattoo.

Minimalist Wishbone Tattoo

minimalist wishbone tattoo
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If you prefer having a simple wishbone to portray your optimism for a bright future, wishbone tattoos like this would be perfect. This tattoo looks like a sketch outline of a wishbone, placed on the ankle. It has a bit of a rustic charm in its simple design. Wishbones tattoos, like this, have become popular in many cultures across the world.

Broken Wishbone Tattoo

broken wishbone tattoo
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Here is another broken wishbone tattoo inked behind the upper arm. The wishbone is broken on the left side, while right side is intact. You can get a broken wishbone tattoo, like this one, and dedicate to close friend one or loved one. It shows that you want their wishes to be granted and hope they are blessed with positivity.

Wishbone Tattoos With Vine

wishbone tattoos with vine
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This black and grey wishbone tattoo has vines wrapped around the bone. The vines are draped only on one leg of the wishbone. The vine is filled in solid black, while the wishbone has a black outline and dot shading. You can combine this wishbone tattoo with the name of a loved one or a meaningful date in your life, as seen in this image.

Skeleton Wishbone Tattoo

skeleton wishbone tattoo
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This wishful hand tattoo is inked on the sternum. In this tattoo, there are two hands breaking the wishbone. On the left is a sekeleton hand, while the right hand looks feminine with long nails. It portrays the wishbone breaking practiced in American culture. The hand that grabs the larger piece wins has their wish granted. You can place this tattoo on the back or arm as well.

Wishbone Tattoo With Candles

wishbone tattoo with candles
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If you are looking for ways to personalise your wishbone tattoo, then this design might inspire you. One wishbone leg is a strand of leaves and flowers with a candle burning beneath it. In this tattoo, the candles at the bottom showcase all the hard work that led to a bright future. If you believe in creating your own luck and destiny, you can consider a design like this one.

Fine Line Broken Wishbone Tattoo

fine line broken wishbone tattoo
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This wishbone tattoo has the bone broken on both sides of the leg. Since the broken bones are both of the same size, it symbolizes that both people will have their wish come true. There are small fine lines highlighting the breaking points of the bone on both sides.

Some of the most tattooed symbols are dragons, butterflies, wings, and wishbones. Here are some more suggestions for Wishbone tattoos that you can check:

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